you got your pisces in my capricorn


Big MeetingĀ® tomorrow, so I only have time for this: Happy May Birthday to Salem (today), Chip (Sunday), my awesome wife (last Friday), my brother Sean (last Sunday), Uncle Dennis (yesterday), li’l Hank Drucker (three on the 28th) and yours truly on the 26th.

Space below reserved for all shit-talking to Tauri and Geminis.

0 thoughts on “you got your pisces in my capricorn

  1. definitely not caveman

    I heard a rumor that it is caveman’s birthday as well, maybe we should all chip in and buy him some hooping videos?

  2. jersey

    i can confirm it is caveman’s birthday – i heard all he wants for his birthday this year is for ellington and lawson to return to chapel hill.

  3. CM

    Happy birthday to all!
    Good luck on the Big Meeting, and I hope to see some sort of TV or movie out of it…there is next to nothing to watch right now.

  4. Anne

    Token Scorpio here.
    Happy birthday to all the Williams clan members celebrating this month. There must be something about May. (Or there was something about late summer?!) Half my family are May-babies, too.

  5. wyatt

    scruggs– our boy is also turning 5 on May 31. his thing du jour is pirates; i think we’ll pass out swords as party favors.

  6. chip

    thanks for the kind wishes…
    bud will you be at the jartacular…i will have your wedding present a good ninth months late

  7. cullen

    Happy Birthday all you taurii and twins. Mine’s the 17th o’ May and I’m as horny a bull as ever, if not lost sometimes out in the field. Speaking of which, heads up if you’re throwin’ farm Jarts or anywhere near the local Little Leaguers (I’ve recently been reminded.)Happy in advance MEME-orial Daze and be ye well all denizens herein.
    The Jartacular is taking on a Woodstockian legend status. Where’s the website? Parking can’t be a problem.


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