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Well, it’s a good thing my moral environmental relativism is on overdrive, because we are doing something seemingly end-of-the-Roman-Empire in its gluttony: we’re flying to Los Angeles and back to NYC over the course of one day. I can’t say that’s a normal Wednesday, but we got a called to a meeting that, well, you just don’t say “no” to. You interrupt your Antarctic trek, leave lots of blubber for the huskies, and get your ass to Hollywood.

So look above you today, all blog readers, because I will fly over each and every one of you and tip my hat.

Which leads me to the CODE WORD question for the next two days: are you there? Are you around for the next few months? The summer is hell on blogs (rightly so) and I’d like to know if we’re all in this kayak together, or should we agree to meet again when the sun is not as beckoning?

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  1. Anne

    You’re flying over Rhode Island? (LOL — I don’t think so! unless your pilot gets lost.) But I’ll wave anyway.
    This mad dash to LA and back sounds exciting, and I wish you guys good luck with the meeting.
    As to the CWQ: I’m here. All summer. Working, taking a few days off here and there. Can’t afford to travel far by car (gas, ugh) and haven’t flown since 1991. (stop snickering) Fortunately we live basically *at* the beach, which makes staying home quite pleasant.
    Please grace us with a blog entry whenever you can.

  2. Salem's Little Sister

    I wouldn’t know how to start my day if it wasn’t reading the blog, whilst drinking a Diet Coke and eating my Balance Bar. I’d miss you too much. We’ll be thinking about you today! We miss you guys already and can’t wait for next year’s Jartacular!

  3. mcf

    best of luck today! i hope the flight back is FANTASTIC — filled with revelry reflecting a meeting gone well!

  4. CM

    I am wishing both of you great luck with this meeting!! Yay!!!
    I’m here and will be reading all summer long, but if you want the summer off, you deserve it.
    It’s good you’re coming back – the Manhattan Solstice is tomorrow night and Friday.

  5. kent

    enjoy your flight. With tickets to Europe pushing $1K and domestic flights becoming ever more expensive, I feel like we’re going to return to a more 19th Century concept of travel.
    Hell, what are all those people who live in suburbs 40 miles away from their work going to do when they can’t afford to pay $20+ a day to commute?

  6. Greg T.

    Your blog is the first thing I read on my phone each morning as I’m either getting ready for or on my way to work. I almost posted yesterday to complain about the challenge created by not having a blog entry to mull over on a Tuesday morning after a holiday but then decided to STFU and eat my cereal – after all, I’m getting far more than I’m paying for when I visit this site.
    Do what’s best for you and your’n. Justknow that if you scale back for the summer, you will be missed.
    I’ll be starting an executive MBA at UVA (Darden) this summer so all major vacation plans are all on hold until we figure what my study schedule and our finances can support.
    Good luck in the meeting!

  7. Scott

    I echo Thacker’s comments from above – except I’m not starting an MBA and I didn’t have cereal yesterday and I didn’t think about posting to complain. Hmmm.
    It seems I only echo 1) I’m around all summer more or less and 2) I’d miss the blog if it was on hiatus and 3) You should feel free to do whatever best suits you, but thanks for asking.

  8. GFWD

    Duh, we’re here and tired of you taking long holiday weekends! Smile. Get your ass to blogging and let us know if the meeting with Sorkin/Lucas/Weinstein/Spielberg, etc. went well.

  9. Annie

    Really, really missed everyone this weekend–I’m sad that we could not swing the “J-Tac” this year, but it makes me all the more determined to a) see y’all again this year and, b) make it next year. The sacrifice was made this time and, in terms of getting things done and not going crazy, it paid off.
    I’ll be around and hooked into the virtual world most of the summer–just as I have for the last–seven? !!!–years, I love reading your blog and look forward to whatever you can give us.

  10. kaz

    MERDE! that was for the meeting today!
    and that’s what i’ll be muttering each morning when i get up, open the browser to the bookmarks, and remember a moment too late that you’re not blogging this summer…please, no. don’t do it!
    but, of course, if you need to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to keep it fresh, do what you must. and let me know when you’re back in town for more than a few hours!!

  11. Suzie

    I believe for many of us, reading blogs IS a vacation, albeit a teeny tiny one. So we will be here if you are, but we will also come back if you take a break. Best o’ luck with the meet n greet!

  12. Rebecca

    If you must take the summer off, I would like it if you would assign your siblings and some constant commenters to be guest bloggers twice a week. Make a schedule and give them their assigned dates. Is that too much to ask?
    xuxE, are you still here? How about Michelle? I haven’t seen their names lately.
    As for my summer plans, I will be in OC until the month of August. Then I will be in NY for 2 weeks, and NC for 2 weeks. Gotta take the kids to see the relatives!
    Good luck with the meetings. And, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!

  13. Lee

    I do not envy you. Right now flying is just a beating (rude TSA personnel, rude airline personnel, rude passengers, nickel and diming airlines, etc etc).
    If you’re ever in Dallas I’d love to say hello, and I’m still dissapointed we didn’t have an xtcian meetup in San Antonio at the Final Four.

  14. Matt

    Blog reading is a nice interruption to the work day. Winter, summer, it doesn’t matter. Most readers will be here between 9 and 5.
    As for gas prices… until a practical alternative energy source is developed, we need to increase the domestic supply by opening up ANWR, drilling off-shore, building more refineries, etc.
    Best of luck on the business opportunity.

  15. xuxE

    hola! i’m around but less because…i’ve been spending every spare minute busy putting my new movie together!! literally just finished editing the script this weekend and now working on song recordings and casting. so that’s how i’ll be spending my summer, fall, winter, who knows how long in post production. it’s looking like about an hour and 15 minutes with dancing, farming, kids, robbery, mudfights, you name it, so it really is a going to be a huge project but also hella fun.

  16. Rebecca

    xuxE: Sounds awesome. You’ll have to post us all a link when you are finished. Mostly, I’m glad to know you’re okay!

  17. wyatt

    we’re moving back to AK this summer, so for some period of weeks my web time will be limited. but i hope you’ll carry on, as inspiration dictates. good luck with work. oh, you can get in big trouble for taking huskies to Antarctica these days; dog germs and a pristine environment, etc. etc.

  18. Lara

    I’ll be here and I read it every day. Although I don’t comment enough to make any demands on your time, I would certainly miss it if you took the whole summer off. And I’m certain you won’t want to miss the opportunity to comment about the ongoing nightmare that is the Democratic nomination process!

  19. jje

    Hope the meeting went well!
    With the exception of a week at the Outer Banks (and even then I’ll have my beloved iPhone with me), I’m here all summer and beyond. Our little boy is due in 10 weeks and I’m already scared to leave the house with a three year old and a baby in tow.
    So here’s my vote for an Ian-blogged summer!

  20. xuxE

    thanks! i will be try to stay up on the blog posse whenever posseble.
    someone should really do a re-cap though, or make a digest version for catching up periodically.

  21. tregen

    Is “break a leg” appropri(e? Probably not butbest of luck. Hanging in Laguna beach as usual. Drop in some tme.e

  22. dpdir

    My summer ended today with a 20 hour travel extravaganza to get home from a month in Italy. Work start on friday so… someone go to the beach and make me a sandcastle.
    Anne.. where in RI? thats where I grew up.

  23. Anne

    Hi dpdir:
    Just noticed your question, above.
    We live in Warwick (Oakland Beach, right overlooking the water, a short walk from Iggy’s Clamcakes and Chowdah). I work in Providence. Formerly we lived on the East Side, and also in Little Compton for 9 years. We get around! LOL Where are you from in RI?
    To everyone else: It’s difficult for non-RIers to imagine what a TINY community this state is. Basically you’re one degree of separation from almost anyone else in the state. See for elucidation. :-)


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