eighty-eight keys, one door


Quick update to say our meeting was, um, kinda awesome. We’re still a little neophytic at this, so sometimes we don’t know what really happens at these things despite actually being there. Sometimes I really wish I could write in full detail about our job…

My bum-bum is going to hurt from sitting for 11 hours. I waved at about 730 of you from 35K feet; I assume you saw me.

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  1. jif

    Congratulations on the meeting! can’t wait to hear more about the fruits of your labor when you can finally share a bit more..
    and about taking the summer off, i am going to be sitting at home with two newborns and my MOM so could we please have at least a semi-regular installment of xtcian? even if its just photos with witty captions? ESPECIALLY photos with witty captions!
    and speaking of photos – i WANT jartacular photos… you didn’t really post any last year, and very few italian vacation photos… PHOTOS!!! PHOTOS!!! says the lady with the big belly in the corner!

  2. Neva

    Congrats on the great meeting. Can’t wait until I can “see your name in lights”.
    Didn’t get to respond yesterday but wanted to add that I would miss this blog greatly. Makes me think and laugh and generally expands my mind in lots of great ways.
    I am changing practice to a little more of a solo practice model this summer so will be busy. Website on the url above. I will need this blog to decompress as I move forward into this adventure.

  3. Bud

    Way to go, Ian & Tessa!
    I didn’t actually see you, but I did feel a wee disturbance in the force, as if the spirits were doing the wave….

  4. Anne

    Great news!
    I’m still scanning the Rhode Island skies… guess I missed y’all.
    And, what Neva said about your blog.
    And, what Bud said about “a disturbance in the Force.”

  5. cluverc

    “Fruits of labor”…*chortle*..coming from Jif that made me laugh out loud! I cannot wait to meet the fruits of her labor..:-)
    Ok, on to more serious subjects: a) I doubt the fly-over included Germany, where Jif and I reside BUT congratulations on the meeting!! We are all anticipating the news (even us strong, silent, blog-reader types) and b) DITTO what everyone else has said – I will be moving back stateside for yet more grad school after seven years in Europe and what better help to help me acclimatize to the rough waters that await than a little xtcian…at least every now and again!
    And Anne…I, for one will be sure to fly over Rhode Island, waving to you and our alma mater below!

  6. Chris M

    Sweet! You are on the cusp. I think most of us are confident that we will get all the juicy details after one of your creations gets picked up.


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