so much depends


At a dinner party, you’re asked to make a selection from somebody’s very odd collection of single-malt scotch. Whether you know anything about it or not, which one do you choose?


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  1. GFWD

    The bottle made out of clay that is the least flashy and looks like a carpenter in biblical times would have made it. Choose that bottle and you will have chosen wisely.

  2. Bud

    I don’t know anything about Scotch (despite being Scots), but I choose Bunnahabhain, or as Laurie called it, “the one with the sea animal on the label”.
    It just sort of says “drink me” to me.

  3. Anne

    Haha — I didn’t see that “Editor’s Choice” one until I just read CM’s reply. I guess I’d have to go with that one, given it’s my profession.
    Bottoms up!

  4. Scott

    Probably the murray mcDavid, since it is empty. That’s probably a good sign.
    After that, the 30 year Duncan.

  5. Piglet

    The black label one, fifth from the right. What do I win?
    I reserve the right to take the cork out of the empty one next to it and sniff it.

  6. Ian

    All of you have chosen wisely, most of all Mr. flaco – the Brora 30yo may well be the best whisky currently on the planet, and the distillery has been closed for 26 years.
    The Dun Bheagan Laphroaig 13 is very interesting – typical crazy Laphroaig, but matured in a sherry cask (instead of bourbon) making it much sweeter and less phenolic.
    Piglet chose my sentimental favorite, the Banff. More on that some other time.
    Those who chose the Rosebank must be asked: which one? The Rosebank 25 is supposed to be wonderful, but the Connoisseur’s Choice 1989 was a disaster. Kent’s right, though – any Rosebank is precious since they closed in 1993.
    I’m dying to try the Bunnahabhain 37-year-old, good call on the packaging. Apparently the Bunnas are aging extremely well, and not getting all oaky.
    This is only a smidgeon of my lot… love to do this for real some time…

  7. wyatt

    i thought “Connoisseur’s Choice” was some Gaelic Costco store brand; my Rosebank is adjacent to the Pert mEllon. regardless, i read way, WAY too much into the original riddle, and will spend the rest of this cyber-tasting on the porch, near the keg.

  8. scotty b

    Maybe the Parkers. I love the printed on a home computer label (at least in this picture). Are those nerf balls?

  9. Ian

    Scotty, the Parker’s is a Port Ellen that got a 96 in Jim Murray’s book. I’d like to scare up another one so that we can open this one without guilt.


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