pulling mussels


Aw hell – enough of my yakkin’! How about some pics for my sister Michelle’s birthday today?


from my mom’s scrapbook – July 1972


our school in London, circa ’77 – Michelle is middle left, removing jacket


Michelle and I discuss Salisbury, England – circa 1980


detail from family portrait, 1987 – ROCK!


with Tessa at Manhattan drug store, 2003


obliterating “Goodbye Stranger” w/me, Annie and Tessa at 2006 Jartacular


with Lulubeans on her 2nd birthday

0 thoughts on “pulling mussels

  1. CM

    Oh, pulling mussels from Michele…I get it….(groan) You haven’t tormented her with that all her life, have you?

  2. salem's Little Sister

    Happy Birthday Michelle!! I had such a great time getting to know you at Jartacular this year. Have your best year ever!!

  3. Seth

    Hey, happy birfday Michelle! The store was all out of those Sheldon fireman greeting cards you like so much.

  4. cullen

    Feliz cumpleanos Ian’s sis. To think, British lasses like Amy Winehouse were once innocent, playful gals a la pic number 1 of Michelle and her chums. You won’t find Michelle on youtube smokin’ crack, not even on her b-day.

  5. Matt

    In the second photo it looks like the girl in the black stockings with her shoes off is hovering. Was Michelle attending Hogwarts?

  6. GFWD

    I like the first photo. My wife snapped a similar shot of my son in my younger daughter’s pack-n-play.
    Happy birthday, Michelle.
    And thanks, CM, for getting today’s title. I would have otherwise been singing that song all day.
    If that’s not Hogwarts, Matt, perhaps that little girl is David Blaine’s sister.

  7. cullen

    The girl to the far right is clearly hovering and about to lose the jump rope, the Hogwarts’ equivalent of ‘dropping a ski’. Birthday girl appears to be next to jump out of her shoes, following the lead of the central apprentice. Special Jedi talents indeed.
    “..and many more!” (someone has to sing that 7th)

  8. michelle

    Hey, thanks, everyone! I had a fantastic birthday, I think due to the plethora of birthday wishes. And I *wish* I’d gone to Hogwarts, but maybe there are opportunities for higher learning in the wizarding world?


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