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So I can finally make it public on the blog: we sold a television show to an awesome major studio this month. It’s still a bit of a far cry to actually getting a show on the air, but it’s a fantastic career reaffirmation after a shake-up in 2006-07 that left me wondering why nobody thought we were brilliant. Turns out we were brilliant enough, we just didn’t have the right representation (but ain’t that true of all of us?)

We’ve partnered with some producers who put the “awe” in “awesome” and the next step is to craft a re-write of our script that is undeniably gripping enough to sell to one of the networks, or a cable channel. Obviously a show for CBS is going to be quite different than a show for AMC; networks have huge popularity and cable has huge freedom, and you tweak your show for each. But that’s all ahead of us.

Oddly enough, it’s a half-hour, and hitherto we’d only written hour-long light dramas or thrillers. I’m sure it vexes our agents to no end that we can’t be pigeonholed – being versatile is not necessarily a strength here – but this one sorta came out of the womb a comedy. Without going into any detail, it’s a single-camera show (like “My Name is Earl” or “Arrested Development”) that could be described as a good-spirited family comedy that asks big questions with occasionally Apatow-esque dialogue.

We’ll spend the next week or so in revision mode, and then take it out wide after that, and the rest is up to whim, conjecture, timing, casting and behind-the-scenes brokering that conjures up the old line about laws and sausages.

Immediately, though, the sale means that we’ll make the union minimum threshold for health insurance, which will ease an incredible burden over the next year. We’ve been on Cobra for a while, and, well, I don’t need to tell y’all what that’s like. The Writer’s Guild, like God, helps those who help themselves. Sometimes it’s the feeling of “being taken care of” that makes these goalposts so much sweeter.

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  1. Neva

    Awesome! I can’t wait it see it! Congrats to you both!
    I know I always harp on this but isn’t it interesting how much our work life revolves around getting/keeping/having health insurance. Sometimes I wonder if health insurance was not attached to employment what sorts of creative, community enriching jobs people, who are otherwise stuck in something they hate, would pursue.
    Luckily sounds like now you get the insurance and the job you wanted. I wish everyone was so lucky.

  2. LFMD

    THAT IS F-ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Forget “Apatow-esque.” Shortly, people will have a new reference to throw around, “BLAKE-WILLIAMS-ESQUE”!!!

  3. Salem's Little Sister

    Congratulations!! Finally the people in power are realizing that you guys are amazing. I’m so happy and proud for you both. As far as casting goes, if you ever need “not as nice as a mid-westerner but pleasant enough southern Aunt Katie” to make a cameo, I can clear my schedule.

  4. The Other Lee

    Congrats, this is awesome news and I really hope it makes it to the air because I can’t wait to see it.

  5. kjf

    bravo ian and tessa! my daughter is also a writer out there so i know how major this is for you. congratulations!!!!

  6. cluverc

    Happy, happy in Hamburg! Congratulations to you both! Now that I am moving back stateside I might actually get to see your show! So excited..

  7. CM

    I can’t wait to see it (or something else you create) on the air!! Soon, I hope, considering that most of what’s on these days is like, Brady Bunch actors in rehab, or whatever.

  8. Bud

    It’s “Ghost Chimp, MD,” isn’t it?
    I hope you used my idea about him being a vampire from the future, sent back in time to save mankind. Did I tell you that would seal the deal, or didn’t I?
    This is so cool. I really hope it’s “Ghost Chimp, MD.”
    Well, even if it isn’t — CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. Jim

    Suh-weeeet! Hope the rewrite and pilot process goes well and hope to see the fruits of that labor in beautiful hi-def later this year.

  10. oliver

    Mazel tov! You guys put your share of the “awe” in “awesome” your awesome selves. Brilliance to spare, I’m sure.


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