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Hello everybody, and welcome to the Spring 2008 Personal Achievement Awards for the fine folks among us. Let’s not waste any time, shall we? The following have shown exceptional gumption and talent this spring:


Annie – Mademoiselle Humphreys and cohort Baxter have launched their website at where you can see what they’re all about, and, more importantly, pre-order their DVD. Check out the awesome pics, and I can’t say for sure, but I believe Annie is actually making the best hoops around now.

Jamie – iTunes finally has his major-label debut Timing is Everything available, along with my personal fave The Last Single Guy. Anyone out there who has listened to Block’s oeuvre knows how good he can be, and these albums crave reviews… care to write one?

In the meantime, an amazing (and controversial) video to his song “Sweet Potato Pie”:

see also Avenue A

my sister Michelle – Continuing on her quest for world dominance, Michelle was representin’ the 7-0-7 by talking up Napa Valley in the LA Times. Give it a look-see, see?

Kaz – Our sweet and wonderful Kaz has released an unimaginably intense and beautiful book: The Art of Wooing. We keep our copy in the bathroom, not (as I’m sure Kaz knows) out of disrespect, but because it’s so densely-packed with great visuals and ideas that I liked to spend a few minutes a day delving inside without overdosing: it’s a rich, rich cake. You can look at some pages online or go to bat for the home team and buy one!


Kudos also to my fraternity bros Ali (for the latest national Verizon commercial) and Fred (starring on the new hit show “In Plain Sight” on the USA Network). And feel free to add any of your own highlights, toot your own horn, in the comments section. No piece of info is too small, as even the tiniest victories are much savored.

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    I’ll start. I decided 2 months ago to join up with Team in Training and run in the City of Oaks half marathon in Raleigh this November. We are raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My goal was to raise $1500 and thanks to my wonderful friends and family, I have passed that amount and am collecting even more. My training is going great and I’m falling in love with running. I ran for an hour straight on Friday and although I’m slow, I “got er done!”
    So, Toot Toot for raising money and Toot Toot for running my booty off.
    Here is the link to my site if you guys want to donate money or just check out the program. It’s a great cause and a great organization.

  2. Neva

    Good for you SLS (and all you others Ian mentioned).
    I can’t say enough about TNT. I’m so excited that you are working with them. I did a triathlon with them last year – an incredible experience. I did not know they had added the Raleigh 1/2 to their races. What an awesome thing to do!
    For my part – I am seeing my first patients in my new practice tomorrow :)

  3. CM

    Congrats to all!
    Michele’s quote just makes me want to visit Napa even more…someday I will.
    Nothing to report from my end…a new novel is out with editors; maybe one of them will buy it. Sigh.

  4. xuxE

    wicked! as they say in new england where I am staying a few days with inlaws then returning to oaktopia KID-FREE for 2 WEEKS!! YEAH!!!
    I consider that an accomplishment…
    and then of course there is my big big film extravaganza!!! so far I’ve got the script in place, finished writing 4 songs for it and they rock even more than I expected, cast the most perfect and fabulous cult film actress and guru for just the exactly perfect role and cast the awesomest most perfect narrator, figured out how to do the damn animation sequence and got turned on to a team of brilliant choreographers I am so psyched to work with.
    of course these are like only a handful out of 15 bazllion that need to happen in the next few months, but I tell you, each step along the way feels like a such a huge achievement, it keeps getting closer and closer, so fucking exciting I can hardly sit still…
    oh and check this out- yesterday my husband performed this kick ass song I co-wrote at Pride for 1000’s of people but I had to miss it because I was on a plane. speaking of which did you see how big Pride was globally this year? really fucking incredible.

  5. xuxE

    oh I forgot probably the biggest thing of all I must share –
    I finally, after like a year, found out why most of the dvd’s I burn only work in my living room and practcally nowhere else! it’s the friggin +! never buy dvd+ even if your dvd burner works for both, always buy dvd -, because the – are accepted by most dvd players out there, the + will fuck you up and only play in a handful of dvd players. trust.

  6. cluverc

    Kudos to one Ms. Jif B for carrying around a happy twosome in that enormous, beautiful belly of hers. It cannot be easy to be pregnant in the summer, let alone with twins. To me she is a mighty hero warrior mama already and I am so proud to be rockin’ out with her tonight at Ben Folds. You should come by and rub her belly…

  7. Anne

    Um, well, I went to Atlantic City for the first (probably only!) time this past weekend, and in my maiden outing at the Blackjack table, I won $75 in three deals and quickly cashed out. Quit while you’re ahead, right?

  8. Tessa

    A kudos to our ever-inspiring congresswoman who gave birth to her second son last month and it still rocking the house!
    She is fighting a grim, unqualified gazillionaire opponent and she would love to close the third quarter strong against his personal spending. Oh, and the quarter closes tonight.
    Any and all donations would be glorious, particularly if they come in today! or call Ross at 718-344-8025.

  9. Sarah

    After 4 years of college, 5 years of grad school, and 2.5 years of a postdoctoral research fellowship, I finally have a real job!

  10. Greg T

    Last week I attended my first week of grad school (Darden school of business at UVA) and delivered a 3-minute presentation that moved much of my 63-person cohort to tears.

  11. kinnc

    We started our own company and I survived a microdiscectomy of my L5/S1 – all in the month of May. Company is thriving beyond expectation and I am back to driving, taking care of our 3 and well, slowly living life again.

  12. Annie

    Awww, thanks, Ion! I am barely functional after this weekend due to lack of sleep–our 2nd Annual Hoop Path Retreat, in which we hosted 80 fabulous hoopers from all over the country (and Canada) in teeny Carrboro! Your truly was in charge of all events and logistics–with the help of many invaluable tribemates–and though it was nonstop work it was also pure joy from beginning to end. I can’t believe it’s over…
    Our DVDs are finally here (thank god) and will be for sale on the website within 7-10 biz days.
    Bravo Block! Rock on! And Michelle! And Kaz!!

  13. kazoo

    indeed, big thanks for the shout out, ian!! as you know, it’s a hard row to hoe tooting one’s own horn…
    CONGRATS to everyone highlighted here…i haven’t hard the pleasure of meeting everyone, but ian certainly knows a good thing when he sees one. thank god i listened to him and tessa and picked up a hoop. annie, you’ll be proud to know were were out in my family backyard this evening, in boston, hooping it up with the next generation of brechers!
    and not to go on, but i’m also very proud of the sustainably-made, children’s chairs which were an international collaboration, the benefits of which are going to a school in fiji (and have also been tested out by dear lulu) available here:

  14. Tim

    Congrats, everyone.
    I finally finished taking the Architecture Registration Exam (or ARE), a grueling 9-part ordeal that can easily span several years, and am now a registered/licensed architect in the State of Alabama!


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