and your oh-so-nutty chocolate covering


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FINALLY the Newspaper of Record has printed a story I can get behind: the awesomeness of the Jelly Belly. I have been a connoisseur of these little guys since high school, and it’s about time they got the respect they are due. In that light, I’d like to list my favorite tiny little candies, in no particular order:

1. Jelly Bellies – with emphasis on Sizzling Cinnamon, Root Beer and green apple

2. Cherry Coke Sour gummies

3. SweetTarts – the blue ones

4. Jolly Rancher fruit gummies – all flavors, especially grape

5. Peanut M&Ms – the yellow ones

6. “Real Fruit” gummies, berry flavor

7. Haribo gummi bears, all except “clear” ones

8. Sprees – the purple and green ones

9. Starbucks Dark Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

10. ¡Los Tamales Calientes!

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  1. Killian

    yay Hot tamales! I have been sooo sad ever since Pepper’s moved down the street because they DID NOT TAKE THE TAMALE dispenser with them. Augh. At one point during the actual move I went to someone behind the bar and volunteered to move/carry the thing myself, but they told me it was already gone. Gone? How can a gumball machine that offers Hot Tamales for 25cents, the BEST dessert after a fabulous slice, be GONE???
    sigh. . .

  2. Anne

    Peanut-butter M&Ms. Hard to find sometimes, but worth the search. Like crack, but legal.
    Vanilla saltwater taffy. I ate a whole bag a few weeks ago. ::belch::

  3. jersey

    why do you feel the need to color discriminate against all the other sweet tarts, peanut m&m’s and sprees? the least you could have done was pick the best kinds (clearly the grape sweet tarts, the green m&m’s and the red sprees). my favorite was reeses peanut butter cups, until my middle child developed a serious peanut allergy. only 13 years until he goes to college and i can start eating them again.

  4. eric g.

    Hey, Ian,
    The Ferrara Pan Candy Company, makers of Lemonheads and Atomic Fireballs, is less than a mile from my house. It emits some wondrous smells at different times of the day.
    Off topic, I think I saw Leefer for a split second in a McDonald’s commercial! And he’s doing some sort of dance move. In a business suit. Perhaps I hallucinated this. But I don’t think so.

  5. emma

    We would do well sharing a pack of Sprees. I could have all the orange and reds and happily hand over the green and purple ones. We would have a problem fighting over the one blue SweetTart that usually comes in a roll.
    Don’t forget those wonderful creme-filled caramels, I think called Goetes or something like that. I used to walk to the Circus Room every night from Alderman freshman year for some of those paid for on my meal card.

  6. LFMD

    Emma – I loved the Circus Room! I am sure it is long gone now, but I was there every day when I lived in Manly and later at Cobb.

  7. Julie

    The Circus Room never made a profit???? I used to walk over from Spencer, sometimes daily, for all kinds of things – Diet Coke (vending machines in dorm were Pepsi only), magazines, chocolate fix, you name it! And the prices were not on the cheap end by any stretch.
    My favorite candy – red and purple Skittles and cherry and watermelon Jolly Rogers.

  8. jif

    LFMD – no babies yet! but my protein levels are “too high” and i have an appt to check things out at the hospital on monday… where i may stay til they come out – will be sure to keep you posted – thanks for asking!!
    Does anyone remember “space taste”? Now THAT was some liquid-gel crack. And something I miss here in Germany – NIBS. We only have black salty licorice. Damn, I miss Nibs….

  9. Father Tim

    Circus Peanuts (the orange, fake kind, not the ones you buy at an actual circus) rule. I’m now picking some up on the way home.

  10. Ian

    I find it hard to believe the Circus Room never turned a profit, especially circa the late ’80s, when every single person on North Campus had to get rid of all the money left on their meal plan card at the end of each semester. Typically, during exams, you’d see people lining up in there buying 40 bottles of Cheerwine and 800 pens, just so the money didn’t go to waste.

  11. eric g.

    I dated a woman briefly my freshman year. We parted ways and I never really thought about her again until my senior year, when I saw a note in the DTH that she’d been arrested for shoplifting about $1.50 worth of candy from the Circus Room. (I had broken up with her mainly due to her shoplifting habit…)

  12. LFMD

    Just checking in for babies. Jif – my brother and his wife are expecting their first baby RIGHT NOW too. My first little nephew! She has been having contractions since Tuesday and is 2 cm. dialated . . . they thought she broke her water this morning, went to the hospital, but were sent home. She called it her “walk of shame.”
    I read that Angelina wants OUT of the hospital and wants to be induced NOW, but the French doctors are not agreeable. Something about Monday being Bastille Day, and the doctors don’t want their holiday interrupted. Hee hee! She will be induced on Tuesday supposedly.
    Emma – the Insurance Job is not worth its weight in Goetze candies! You can order them direct!
    When I lived in Cobb, I once saw a girl leaving the Circus Room with some friends. She had a big roll of chocolate chip cookie dough in her hand, the top was torn open, and she was eating directly from the roll! God I loved that place!
    Hang in there Jif.

  13. gina

    Ah, yes — the study break at the Circus Room. We walked over from Ruffin quite regularly (when we didn’t get ice cream from the basement of Lenoir Hall). Add some peanut M&M’s and a TAB and I was set to study!

  14. k

    I think in my lifetime, only thus far of course, I have eaten enough Jelly Bellys to fill 2 mack trucks. I consider them most sublime.


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