barstow, CA 2,554 mi.



Hey doodz! Anybody road-trippin’ or leavin’ the country this summer?

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  1. ken

    Making our annual pilgrimage to Mercer, Wisconsin later this summer. Home of supper clubs, Northwoods bars and family cabins. A place where you can buy a round of drinks and get change back from a $10. Can’t wait, I wish I could spend a month there.

  2. Anne

    High ga$ price$ = no road tripping, alas.
    Except: our trip next month to Syracuse to take our “baby daughter” (sob) to her freshman year of college. Break out the Kleenex; Mom will be a waterworks for this one!

  3. scruggs

    Yeah, kid! We are road-trippin’ from Charlotte to CT later next week; 700 miles of fun each way, but this is always the time of year we feel validated for having a minivan. We are going to head into NYC some to say goodbye to Yankee Stadium and go out for my BIL’s birthday. Restaurant suggestions, anyone?
    On the way back, we’re going to spend the weekend in DC.
    Safe travels!
    Hey, Lyle, one of my roommates from UNC moved to Bangkok last year for work (Unilever). Though, I think she’s moving to Singapore in 6 months.

  4. Bozoette Mary

    Only a little — couple trips to Ocean City Md for the annual beach fix and ocean staredown. In September, though, heading up to Baraboo Wi for the 40th anniversary reunion of Clown College. Yup!

  5. kevin from NC

    We’re in CO right now. Did a fabulous drive from Copper Mtn to Independence Pass yesterday. The scenery was spectacular. Went to my first ever rodeo last night. All of the cowboys and girls wore pink and he horses were adorned in pink as well. It was a heaping slice of Americana.
    Also going to New Orleans at the end of the month for the Satchmo Fest to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have our favorite room with a balcony on Frenchman Street. It should be hot and sticky…YUM!!!!

  6. Matt

    Just got back from a family reunion in Minneapolis over the 4th, but no more trips planned for this summer. Every fall the wife and I go hiking/leaf peeping in VT or NH, except this year we’re going to Norway. Heard it was pretty grand in places. Still researching the details.
    Lyle, I accept your offer! Very kind. Though I’m not too enthused about the election. For me it’s a choice between someone who’s basically a decent guy but has politics I disagree with nearly entirely, and a guy whose politics I can mostly stomach, but has serious character flaws. I don’t expect MD to be in play anyway, so I may vote for a non-contender.

  7. cullen

    Two weeks upcoming at OIB (Brunswick Co.), NC and Sandbridge, VA—some of the beary best beach baby. ‘Road-tripping’ might be romanticizing the dizzy driving details, especially with kids, but dig it nonetheless!!
    Happy vacations all!

  8. mcf

    already had awesome wild dunes week with dear friends. next stop: ireland and england latter piece of august. it is our first time taking two small ones across the pond — we shall see how it goes. (smile)
    happy family time, all!!

  9. Claudia

    Ian, how do you feel about that stuffed puppy in the background? At first, we thought it was great…until we realized that it’s more sensitive to touch than a preemie with eczema. Ours never shuts up, and when it says, “Hug me!” I just want to kick it. Hard.

  10. CM

    Look at Lucy! Kids certainly have more to do in the car today. When I was a little girl, we didn’t have no fancy schmancy ‘puters. We got a magnet set in a plastic case from some local five-and-dime…and we LIKED it!!
    Anyway, the hubby and I drove to Burlington, Vermont over July 4 weekend. Visited the Ben & Jerry factory, saw a minor league baseball game, and walked to the lakefront. It was a fun three days. Pictures of cows, farms, hills, etc. are on my blog, if anyone cares to see.
    We’ll probably drive around New England in fall to see the leaves.

  11. cate

    does moving (back) to brooklyn count? or conventioneering? if anyone’s in the media tent in denver or minneapolis — scuze me, st. paul — swing by and say hello!

  12. GFWD

    We’ve got that damn dog, too. If, IF you are lucky enough to turn it off, it jumps back to life when you set it back down on the ground. You need a harness like the one Tom Cruise had in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and even then you’ve got to pray that a dribble of sweat doesn’t fall from your nose or else you have to start all over.

  13. Matt

    Lyle, I thought the Big Mango was some joint around DC, but now it dawns on me you meant Thailand. Haven’t been there since the early 90s (Pattaya/Phuket) and probably won’t make it back anytime soon. Oh well, I still mean to crash an Xtcian blog party some day (under a pseudonym!).
    I may not like (or vote for) McCain — the way a person treats his family says more about his true self than anything he does professionally — but if one of the two are going to be nominating judges/justices and leading our foreign policy, I guess I’d rather it be him.

  14. kaz

    wow, i love hearing about other peoples’ comings and goings…we roadtripped from boston to maine for our annual july 4th celebration of my mom’s birthday. and i returned to LA only to turn around again to begin shuttling back and forth every two weeks to austin for work. i’m excited, though, that this week, i strong-armed our travel gal to let me stay at the san jose hotel. a bit of heaven while working too many hours a day.
    end of the summer, i’m back to fiji for my last stint with the sustainable tourism project. and i’m hoping we’ll have raised the money for the school from the baby zaishu sales at, so that i can present that to the school as part of the two year anniversary festivities. thanks again, ian and tessa – and lucy! – for supporting me with that.
    safe travels to all!!

  15. wyatt

    made it from SC to AK in 6.5 days, a personal best. turns out, gas is expensive in the Yukon. fairbanks feels like home. eat wild salmon, people.


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