school’s out forever


Since this is one of those Friday weekends when no rational American can possibly let their mind wander to where the water runs deep, I’ll just say this: most of my entire family is gathering in LA this weekend, and that includes my elusive brother Kent and his wife Melissa (my favorite babysitter from 1976-80).

One reason, besides the need for familial succor, is that my band THE STRIKE is playing at Molly Malone’s at 9pm tonight, so if you’re feeling in the mood for some high-harmony, sweetly ironic but not snarky melodious dance pop, well, you should come and drink Toasted Almonds with us.


0 thoughts on “school’s out forever

  1. Anne

    I second what that person above me said. ha ha
    But seriously: When are we East Coasters going to get a chance to see the Strike live? Huh?


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