let’s you and me bounce


Tessa woke up last night suddenly realizing something, and she’s absolutely right:


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  1. Anne

    Particularly appropriate since Phelps has had ADHD (hyperactivity type) since childhood. I always thought Tigger was the prototype for ADHD. :)

  2. SMS

    Too funny! On a side note I did not know about the ADHD and Phelps. Since my pediatrician keeps trying to convince me my 4 year old son has this disorder it is really encouraging to me to see very successful people who have this. A topic for another day….:)

  3. Sean M

    Am I the only one who thinks that SI cover makes it look like he’s wearing some tacky halter top, as opposed to the glorious medal adornment that it is? Probably.

  4. Killian

    Nope, sean, looks like tacky halter top to me, too–new meaning to “money shot”. . .
    and the comparison of Phelps to Eli completely ruined a friend’s experience of the swimming events because of her hatred for Mr. Manning. . .

  5. LFMD

    NO, NO, NO. My MD homeboy Michael is far too handsome to be compared to Tigger. NO!
    BTW, he just bought a home in Fells Point, not far from The Insurance Job. . . so I will be on the look out.

  6. LFMD

    I just googled the magazine cover. It does not look like a tank top people! The man has won SO MUCH gold that it was the only logical way to display them all. The Spitz cover looks low budget by comparison.
    I heart him. He is adorable!

  7. neva

    This makes sense. Tigger was always my favorite.
    Don’t you love his humility and all around “good guy” ness. I don’t think I could stand for this much press on some arrogant jerk.

  8. kjf

    hey LFMD. as a baltimorean i also heart michael phelps but he does need some serious dental work. did you see in todays paper that the rumor is he is going to buy the baltimore aquatic team facilities and make an olympic training center there. i live in canton, very close to fells point so i am sure he will be sighted often in our lively nightlife venues here!

  9. Matt

    “I don’t think I could stand for this much press on some arrogant jerk.”
    Usain Bolt sure can run, but I think he’s fitting this bill all too well.
    I was happy to cheer for some fellow Iowa natives in these games (Shawn Johnson, Lolo Jones, and five others). What an unfortunate conclusion for Jones yesterday.

  10. LFMD

    KJF – I work in Canton – in the First Mariner Building! Unfortunately, I desert Canton for the burbs and my family before traffic even builds up at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. I LOVE CANTON. Oh, to be a young Canton hipster. . . I would definitely be looking for him at the nightlife venues! Sigh. . .
    Underbite aside, I adore him. He seems like such a NICE GUY and he is HOT. I may be a 40 year old suburban mom, but I can still appreciate HOTNESS.
    KJF: please do me a favor and let me know where and when you see MP in the weeks to come, OK? I would be eternally grateful!


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