no caffeine until she’s 4


I don’t exactly know why I turned the camera on, but most of my family was at our place in Venice last weekend – my brother Kent and Tessa were talking about something, and my sister was teaching Lulu how to make espresso shots. Dunno, I think sometimes these little impromptu, nonsensical snippets can be better than filming the obvious.

0 thoughts on “no caffeine until she’s 4

  1. herman

    We spend a considerable amount of time keeping our 16 mo old girl away from the stove &c, so it’s refreshing to see this.
    But I’d never do it.

  2. Tanya

    That little girl has style! (or shall I say, that little girl’s MAMA has style!) Love the necklace on Lulubeans! :)

  3. janet regisj

    definately the most important…………..memories go like a shot………..we only live in the present moment…….if you do not believe me then define “real” as a memory or a future xxx

  4. Anne

    Me too. (Re: liking impromptu video snippets of everyday life.)
    Your sister is a wonderful, patient auntie. I bet Lucy adores her.
    Like Tanya, I love L’s pendant. What is it and where did she get it?
    Lulubeans: Style icon. :-)

  5. michelle

    Thanks for the necklace kudos- it’s mine, and I wear it most days of the week! Lulu found it where I’d taken it off to sleep the night before and donned it before I woke. It’s very becoming on her.
    And I miss her something fierce.


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