charlie, i’m really ever so not well


Last night I watched Intervention on A&E, and when the daughter confronted her dad in the actual intervention scene, I started blubbering. Then I watched a bio of Mr. Rogers, and started blubbering again. Then, this morning, Lucy and I snuck in an episode of Charlie and Lola, and when the kids went playing inside a Van Gogh painting – as the thick clouds came to life and the trees started to swirl – I kinda had to stop myself again. Yeah yeah, I’m working on it.

Today’s CODE WORD: what television now, or in the past, consistently brought you to tears?

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  1. LFMD

    “The Baby Dance”, directed by Jodie Foster reduced me to tears over and over again. Stockard Channing and Laura Dern and that Peter guy whose last name escapes me (Reigert? He was on Animal House!) were so wonderful. And, the last scene with the nameless baby crying in the hospital nursery had me in buckets. Ugh! The heart-wrenching drama of that show!

  2. Anne

    Did you forget to take your Celexa? (lol — To some extent the SSRIs flatten me out emotionally)
    As for television: It’s usually documentaries that get me, and spots on news-magazine shows like 60 Minutes. The Randy Pausch documentary on — ABC? — that was re-run with updates right after he died a few weeks ago brought the waterworks, for sure.

  3. jersey

    just this week….
    (1) watching a-rod leave 7 runners on base against the sox last night
    (2) learning that osi umenyiora is out for the season with a knee injury
    (3) watching season 1 of “how i met your mother” on dvd – that show is really, really funny.

  4. scruggs

    Maybe because they are still fresh in my head, but the medal ceremonies at the Olympics ALWAYS get to me…no matter the country. I think of all the training and dedication that goes into what it takes to win a medal. I think of the pride one must feel as all eyes are on you and you watch your country’s flag go up and your anthem play, because of what you did. And, now that I have kids, I think of how proud the parent(s) must be to watch their kid up there. I got teary every time I saw Phelps’ mom cry!
    Well, all medal ceremonies except for men’s bball this year. :-)

  5. Deb

    From the past, but even today: “Little House on the Prairie”. I watched it when I was old enough to understand it, but young enough to think of them as real people, as opposed to actors. Michael Landon (similar to Robert Reed) seemed completely invested in being the real patriarch of the cast/family, and I bought every scene he was in. The kids were good, but it was the adults, I think, that made it so real (in particular Landon and the woman who played Carolyn Ingalls). Their tragedies and triumphs kill(ed) me in the face every time. And the pilot, where Laura runs away up the mountain so she can get close enough to God to ask him to trade her for her little brother who’d just died…..I’m gonna lose it just thinking about it.

  6. LFMD

    I agree with Scruggs. I was bawling with Debbie Phelps each time!
    I actually cried last night watching Hillary Clinton’s speech. In a good way. When she said that her mom was born before women could vote, and her daughter was able to vote for Hillary for President, I got all choked up and bawled.
    Truthfully, last night made me wish that Hillary was our candidate.
    I even cried watching Bill Clinton cry when his wife spoke. And I don’t even like Bill Clinton!

  7. GFWD

    I cried in the ABC family movie, The Ricky Bell Story.
    Get choked up in West Wing episodes.
    Get choked up in the behind the scenes documentaries of the athletes during the Olympics when you realize just how much of their lives are spent toiling in relative obscurity–and that’s for the privileged Americans. It’s even worse for the third world countries.
    Funniest line in Hillary’s speech was “sisterhood of the traveling pant suits.” Maybe it’s one of her oldies, but it was delivered well and made me laugh.

  8. Salem's Little Sister

    I’m with Deb. Little House got me every time from the mountain one to the one where her horse Bunny got caught in the barbed wire. It was too much then and too much now! My recent cry shows are Brother’s and Sister’s and LOST. When Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter . . . I was ready to go after him and when Jin got blown up and Sun screamed her guts out, I was crying just as hard. I love shows that make me cry. It’s cleansing.

  9. wyatt

    Me, too, for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and maybe Pimp My Ride in that genre. Seeing a #14-seed win in the NCAA tourney, or UNC winning in kameron come close. Yesterday, hearing my Republican mayor, Jim Whitaker of Fairbanks AK, speak at the Democratic National Convention brought a moment where hope beat cynicism.

  10. Julie

    I admit it – I get wrapped up in TV/movies and totally get into the suspension of disbelief. So, I cry really easily. But consistently, any episode on Animal Planet where they are rescuing the mistreated animals, the movie “Beaches,” and oddly enough the TV show “Brothers & Sisters” (both on the cry for tears and cry b/c I’m sometimes laughing so hard). Heck, I even choke up a little bit at the kids movie (yes it is animated) “Cars” at the very end!

  11. Alan

    Mid-afternoon reruns of the Bill Murray movie “Scrooged” but I have to be really hungover and need to finish my Xmas shopping for it to have that effect.

  12. CM

    If you were a woman, we’d all suspect your Aunt Flo was paying a visit.
    Anyway, all television these days makes me cry because of how bad it is, due to the reality shows that involve has-been actors dancing with each other, living in a house, romancing each other, competing, etc…not much room for decent shows anymore.

  13. CM

    I also recently saw the video (on cnn, but the story was reported on tv) of the guy in Texas pleading with the cop to let him take his sick dog to the vet, and the cop telling him he could get another dog, and I wanted to scream. Luckily the chief condemned how it was handled. Clearly the guy was distraught, as was his girlfriend.

  14. Carolyn

    Quantum Leap. Especially the series finale. Oh, and the one titled “MIA” when Al tries to steer Sam to stop some lawyer jerk from courting his navy nurse wife while his 60’s self is a POW in Vietnam. Sam is guided by Al to essentially cock block dates and convince the wife (Beth) that Al is still alive. Sam doesn’t know that Beth is Al’s wife – that would be the accident. The part where Al’s future self hologram dances with 60’s Beth to “Georgia on my Mind” breaks my heart everytime.
    I wrote the network an impassioned letter when the show ended Spring of ’93. I was junior in high school and was just about to meet my high school sweetheart.

  15. Joanna

    The Incredible Hulk. As a child, I always got tearful at the end, when the piano music plays and David Banner walks into the distance, condemned to a life of loneliness.

  16. kjf

    speaking of intervention – did you see the one with allison who was addicted to inhalants. classic television. the best episode of intervention ever.
    and as for crying it has to be the final episode of 6 feet under and (this one will show my age) that episode of lassie when she got lost and finally comes home to timmy!!!

  17. jif

    you have to see this
    its a deutsche telecom commercial and i cry literally EVERY time i see it… in fact, i once cried describing it to someone. And its not just baby hormones (ps THANK you to everyone for the well wishes, they made me cry too).
    I am also a BIG olympic crier…
    and if i admit to crying during episodes of oprah, will you love me less?
    oh and little house on the prairie – albert’s drug addiction, mary lost her sight….kleenex!

  18. caveman

    When I watch replays of the 1982 NCAA Championship I break down, especially after Worthy’s steal when Jimmy Black basically collapses (squats down) then pumps his fists. I get chills just typing it….lot of dust in my office right now.
    There was also a lot of dust in my family room after Nastia Liukin finished her floor routine.

  19. Caroline

    OMG Jiffer, I saw that dude sing on Oprah and they showed the whole background on him before that America’s Got Talent episode. I cried like a baby! He was so awesome!!! And he was so shy and had no confidence and then rocked the house. Fav-u-lous! And Oprah makes me cry all the time. I’m a power tool and I admit it!!!!

  20. chip

    More movies than TV shows.
    It’s a Wonderful Life even though I’ve seen it literally 30 times……”My brother, the richest man in town”
    Hoosiers when they win the championship
    Apollo 13 when they show the party at the Lovell house and everyone is watching Neil Armstrong step out of the lunar module onto the surface of the moon.
    Love Actually when they show the screen split at the very end.

  21. Jody

    Not TV, but there is a short film called “The Spirit of Norway” at the Norway (duh) pavillion at EPCOT. This really gets to me for some reason. I’m not sure it would have the same impact if available online, so I must apologize in advance.

  22. Sean M

    Oooo, Love Actually. Good one Chip. Several scenes there that get me, but the biggest one is where the guy shows up at Keira Knightley’s door, plays the music so her boyfriend thinks that it’s carollers, and tells her he loves her.
    This one:
    Oh, and Billy Elliot too. I’ll cry at the trailer to that.

  23. karin

    Pretty much every Intervention – the pain on that show is so intense and the intervention itself is like a big old emotional purge. Gets me every time.
    Six Feet Under finale had me bawling in bed – hubby didn’t even know what to do with me!

  24. eric g.

    The episode of “Homicide: Life on the Street” where the detectives are told that they can’t wear dress blue uniforms to Detective Crosetti’s funeral because he committed suicide, but Detective Pembleton (Andre Braugher) shows up on the steps of the precinct as the funeral procession passes in his dress blue uniform, cap, and white gloves. He salutes as the casket passes, I cry. Every time.

  25. ken

    It’s always Chicago Cubs related stuff. Like the Ron Santo documentary “This Old Cub” and anytime they show old newsreels during rain delays. We Cubs fans have suffered for so long, we get weepy at just about anything, especially Ronny and his ridiculous journey to Baseball’s Hall of Fame, which hasn’t ended yet but should end soon.
    Let’s face it, this is their year, so there will be much blubbering late October after we beat the Angels in the World Series. Talk to me then.

  26. FreshPaul

    more than I care to admit on “The Wire”.
    One of the most pronounced was when Randy keeps asking Ellis Carver (as Sgt Carter walks away from him down the hall), “you gonna be there for me, right? you gonna look out for me, Sgt Carter? Right?” et cetera…
    kills me. every time.

  27. Curtis

    At the risk of bandwagon jumping, I have to echo the sentiment for the finale of “Six Feet Under.” It was a perfect conclusion on so many levels, and executed incredibly well.
    A couple of sports-related choices: As a seven-year-old, I cried while watching “Brian’s Song.” In addition, a lot of guys get choked up when Ray Kinsella plays catch with his dead father at the end of “Field of Dreams.” Commonly pent-up psychological baggage tends to get released by that scene.

  28. emma

    Y’all can laugh at me and make an L on your forehead with your finger and your thumb, but I tear up all the time watching the Biggest Loser. When those people have done so well and lost so much weight and go back to their families completely changed – it gets to me every time.
    And I got to say it to, that last episode of six feet under was absolutely amazing.

  29. Stephanie

    That Sara McLachlan commercial about helping animals (with her song “In the Arms of the Angels” playing in the background) KILLS me. I refuse to watch it ever again.


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