and then the ghost dumpster delivers his witty catchphrase


Okay, that’s a good start for this pitch: a down-and-seemingly-out Presidential candidate is not only facing an election year drubbing because of a toxic incumbent, but he just got shellacked by a fabulous political convention held by the other side.

A hurricane forms in the Gulf – eerily on the exact same date as another hurricane did three years ago, a storm that exposed the current Administration as a bunch of witless, cruel morons. And as luck would have it, this new hurricane is due to make landfall the day HIS convention starts.

What to do? Something bizarre. Something unimaginable. Time to throw away the playbook and scream out an audible.

The solution gobsmacks him: pick a young, bizarrely-inexperienced woman for vice president who looks like the girl wearing glasses in Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” video. She’s against abortion even in cases of rape, she was a member of a party that wanted Alaska to secede from the Union, she’s a climate-change-denier, and she’s ALL WOMAN.

Stuns the political world.

But here’s the second act wrinkle: rumors are floating around that her 4-month-old child might not be hers. The rumors say it’s a child belonging to her underage daughter – after all, the daughter had “mono” for 6-8 months during the same time. Plus, when our woman’s “water broke”, she was in Texas… and had time to hop a plane to Seattle, then got on another plane to a tiny hospital in Alaska with very few witnesses?

Oh, it just seems so crazy. But the rumor is gathering steam. There’s only one thing for it: a TRUTH even MORE BIZARRE than the rumor. “Actually,” the VP pick says, her daughter is “ALREADY PREGNANT.” She’s five months long, conveniently one month longer than her baby’s current age.

Hypocrisy? Abstinence-only show to be bullshit? Sure, but they can weather it. In fact, it might even help. Maybe it revives the old guy’s campaign.

But here’s where our pitch gets good. It’s something I call the TMF – the Triple Mindfuck. Good political and psychological thrillers always have a twist at the end, but the great ones have two.

The daughter’s pregnancy isn’t real… but she continues the pantomime. She disappears from public view – again – occasionally resurfacing to show a larger belly under an undisclosed number of sweaters.

Another baby, given up for adoption just before the daughter’s fake due date, is found. She emerges on Christmas Day from the hospital with the new baby, marries her boyfriend, and the family – and country – is intact.

Think about it… the mother pretends to carry a baby that isn’t hers in order to cover for the daughter. The daughter pretends to carry a baby that isn’t hers in order to cover for the mother. It’s Shakespeare, but since it ends with babies and marriage, that makes it a comedy!

Whaddya think?

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  1. ken

    More than the girl from the Adam Ant video, I think Sarah Palin looks like a less sexy, Republican Tina Fey. If such a creature could exist.

  2. Matt

    If there was one line I thought Ian would never cross, it’s this one. Trading in vile, cruel conspiracy theories about a teenage daughter of one of the candidates? Ian wants to try scoring political points by furthering the false* rumor that Sarah Palin’s disabled son is not really her own, but born to her then-16-year old daughter’s, and they’re all lying about it? Congratulations, Ian. Feel proud.

  3. dean

    Ian: if McCain wins the election it’ll be because the Great Undecideds will wince at such vile diatribes. Job well done.

  4. Jody

    Turning an abstinence-loving right wing family embarassment into a case of family values worship is unfathomably brilliant. Or throw in making it a privacy issue as well… doubly brilliant. And pro-life; this pulled every McCain fence sitter right on over. I tell ya Ian, these people are very good.
    With those obvious points in mind; Dean, Matt, I interpret that Ian is screen writing today, not giving actual opinionated political discourse. Let’s have fun with this thing…

  5. Sharon

    There’s plenty to question about the choice of Sarah Palin without having to delve into all the conspiracy theories about her kids. She’s in favor of teaching creationism in schools. There’s the troopergate business and her apparent one-time interest in Alaska’s secession. All these factors to me call into question her judgement and readiness to be in national elected office.
    As an imperfect mom, I try really hard not to question or judge other peoples choices. However, I wonder how she could have accepted this nomination knowing that it would make her poor 17-year old daughter into tabloid fodder right alongside JamieLynn Spears et al. Although our political views are miles apart and I would never vote for her, initial reports made her sound like kind of a cool person. Now, she just seems a pathetic pawn in a game she doesn’t really get.

  6. Sean

    This story, if left alone, could build great in-roads with people who are actually concerned about raising religious families and fighting for a more moral and Christian world and who might be willing to vote for a Democrat.
    This story, being celebrated and slobbered over, mocked and ridiculed, is going to drive people away from the Democratic party en masse. Obama himself is the product of a teen mother, and he has said he would fire anyone who questions the maternity of any of Palin’s kids, and has demanded that his campaign leave the kids alone.
    I understand what you’re doing here, but when your enemy is digging themselves a hole, don’t ask to borrow the shovel.

  7. scruggs

    I agree the Dems should leave the issue alone to avoid losing some undecideds. However, the original rumor was fantastically interesting. I had mono and was not absent from school for the 5 or so months the daughter was gone.
    I think she is a cross b/w Tina Fey and Mariska Hargitay.

  8. karin

    I said the same thing (less poetically) to my husband yesterday!!
    Hopefully, Palin will just be a distant memory come Christmas-time anyway.

  9. Terri

    Candidates’ children should be off-limits in campaigns. Bill Bennett applauded Barack Obama on CNN yesterday for making it absolutely clear that that is his position on the matter. Hopefully, that will be enough keep folks from saying that he/his campaign is behind the rumors, but I doubt it.

  10. jill

    While I think the original rumor was actually a little too sensationalistic to believe, I think the timing of this announcement was designed to be politically advantageous to Palin and McCain, and I don’t approve. The day she made this announcement was the same day that she hired a lawyer for Troopergate, and also a day completely dominated by hurrican coverage. It’s meant to deflect attention from her own scandal involving abuse of power, and it worked. I’ve heard nothing about Troopergate on the television news, a few minutes on Bristol’s pregnancy (including the Republicans denouncing the Democrats for being so cruel, never mind how they would have eviscerated a Democratic candidate for the same), and the rest is all about Gustav. You would think after the purge of the US Attorneys under the Bush Administration, we might be hearing at least a little something about Palin dismissing someone who wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law, and about the fact that in her first month as mayor of Wasilla, she fired the police chief and the library director–the police chief for supporting her opponent in the campaign, and the library director for telling her that she would not be comfortable censoring books in the library.

  11. caveman

    I generally lean to the right but in no way, shape or form do I think this woman is ready to be President of the United States of America.

  12. jersey

    zzzzzz – it’s all a moot point.
    mccain isn’t winning, and it has nothing to do with palin.
    but i think ian should pitch this to abc for an afterschool special.
    two days until the start of the nfl season.
    Thank God – GO GIANTS!

  13. Sean

    The only thing worth noting here is that in Palin’s announcement, she said she was proud of her daughter’s choice to keep the baby. Mind-boggling, really, when you consider that if she and McCain had their way, there would be no choice to make. And this is the fundamental misunderstanding in the anti-choice mindset, one can be against abortion and still pro-choice. One can decide that having an abortion is a bad decision, and still be pro-choice.
    Jews who keep kosher don’t try to stop cheeseburgers from being eaten, vegetarians don’t try to kill meat-providers. One can’t admire a choice that one hopes to eliminate. In order to be anti-choice, you have to not only believe something, you have to believe that nobody else is entitled to a different opinion.

  14. tregen

    Teens will be teens, regardless.
    Moms will be moms, regardless.
    No one is perfect and mistakes are made by all.
    My point, leave this one alone. Biggest mistake Dems could make at this point is to have Palin drop out of the race and for McCain to pick JC Watts or Colin Powell or anyone else.
    Dems beating the horse on this one is a huge turn off to everyone other than hard core Obamaites…it’s sick.
    I’m with Anne on this one…K.I.S.S.

  15. Rebecca

    Amen, Sean. That’s exactly what struck me too: she’s proud of her daughter for making a choice she doesn’t want MY daughter to have.
    Maybe Palin will reconsider her abstinence-only sex education stance? And if Bristol and the boy are getting married, then why the hell aren’t they doing it now just to prove the point? Maybe Bush will let them get married on November 1st in the Rose Garden. Wouldn’t that make for a great final few days of the campaign.

  16. Piglet

    I am shocked–SHOCKED–at the insinuation that the VP choice of John McCain, a former prisoner of war, would be anything less than PERFECT! It’s outrageous! Ehy do you hate the troops?

  17. Ian

    Oh people… Matt and Dean… THIS WAS A WORK OF FICTION. I was pretending to pitch the idea as a script.
    But you guys are awfully cute when you show righteous indignation.

  18. CM

    “Candidates’ children should be off-limits in campaigns.”
    Yeah, Terri, but this is about the candidate’s GRANDchild. So…meh!!!

  19. caveman

    Lyle – very good point. My love of beer endures. I was saving those lines for the upcoming Xtcian Donnybrook 2008 ™, coming this October – great seats still available.

  20. dk93

    The daughter issue aside, is anyone else as cynical as I am about the Republicans’ intent to actually have this woman be the Vice President? For some reason, I feel the old bait and switch coming if, heaven help us, McCain gets in the White House. It just feels like they chose her to pander to the disenfranchised Hilary voters, and once she’s outlived her usefulness in that capacity she’ll cite “family commitments” and step down.
    Sadly, it’s the only way the whole choice makes any sense to me.

  21. Zel M.

    So much to chime in on here…
    Ian: A long weekend, hurricanes and conventions and who knows what else going on in your life and this is the best you can come up with? If you want to recycle blogosphere crap as some brilliant work of fiction, here’s one for you:
    A child is born somewhere in the dark reaches of the world. He is educated in radical Muslim madrassas and conveniently dropped into Hawaii to live with his “grandparents” at age 15, with a doctored birth certificate. He starts college at a podunk school in California, then is magically whisked away to the Ivy League where he is trained in the ways of the American elite. He enters into a relationship with an American radical whose dissertation is so combustible it has to be embargoed. Now, armed with a wife and an Ivy League education for a cover story, our protagonist heads to a large midwestern city with a reputation for dirty partisan politics and graft. He learns the backroom dealings, gets hooked up with a radical race-baiting minister as a top advisor and a sleazy slumlord as his chief fundraiser, and launches into a political career.
    Through a miraculous, incredibly lucky chain of events, he is launched into national office after a lurid sex scandal claims the career of his opponent. Then, in a Manchurian Candidate-like rise to power, this political neophyte launches a presidential campaign. He faces down his rival, someone who was once considered the smartest woman in America and a better than even-money candidate to win the presidency. Her campaign operatives, once considered one of the country’s most brilliant political machines, flub and founder through the primaries, giving our protagonist a slim primary victory, although it is given the impression of a landslide.
    All along the way, however, signs are that our protagonist is a sleeper agent, and he is poised to be activated. He was quietly sworn into office using the Quran instead of the Bible. He stubbornly refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin (until someone tells him it is politically expedient to do so). He refuses to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem. In a telling slip, he mentions that there are 57 American states, when in actuality there are 57 Islamic states in the world.
    I haven’t figured out how it ends yet; I’m still working on it. And before you slam me, it’s just a work of fiction. Don’t get all self-righteous or anything…

  22. Zel M.

    I’m still trying to figure out the TMF for my story – maybe our protagonist wins the presidency, but is figuring out that he is the Manchurian Candidate and is going to blow the cover on the whole thing. Osama bin Laden, our protagoinist’s handler, cannot let that happen, and orchestrates a terrorist attack on the inauguration, killing our protagonist, his VP, the speaker of the house, and half of the Supreme Court. By law, the Consitution says that 4th in line to the presidency (after the Pres, VP, and House speaker) is the Senate President Pro Tem, who just two weeks before was simply the junior senator from New York…
    Cut to the final scene, where the new president, her husband, and daughter are sitting in a cafe. Some Journey song is playing in the background. A grizzled, Arabic man sits down in their booth. It is clearly bin Laden. He removes his turban, peels off the fake beard, and bin Laden is revealed to be… James Carville! All four share a hearty laugh and a sense of relief that no one knows their terrible secret.

  23. KTS

    Brilliant! Wonderful second twist. It explains why the VP pick didn’t just produce her medical records to dispel the rumor. Touché.

  24. Zel M.

    And two last comments to the mix:
    1. I thought Palin was rocking the vibe of the stripper teacher from Varsity Blues.
    Seriously, we are about one more good scandal here from moving the VP debate to the Jerry Springer Show…
    2. Sean wrote:
    “Jews who keep kosher don’t try to stop cheeseburgers from being eaten, vegetarians don’t try to kill meat-providers. One can’t admire a choice that one hopes to eliminate.”
    Yep, keep that one in mind for your next visit to a Second Amendment rally or NRA convention. I choose not to own a firearm, so am I to be praised for that by those who oppose the Second Amendment, even though my right to possess one is guaranteed by the Constitution? I do not own a gun, but have no quarrel with the Consitutional allowance for it, so by your logic does that make me pro-gun or anti-gun? It’s a slippery slope, don’t ya know?

  25. Neva

    I thought it was funny Ian. Wouldn’t think it was funny or appropriate on the cover of a major newpaper or written by Obama but from you, as a potential screenplay, funny.
    They are right though, the candidates’ families should be off limits. What is not off limits though are the issues and I feel that her gender may be shading those issues. Important for women to see past her XX status and remember that she represents the conservative right in her viewpoint. Even if it comes from a woman a progun, antienvironment, pro life viewpoint is not any easier to swallow.
    I’m happy for her family if they are happy. If they can truly welcome any child into their fold no matter what circumstances, well that is admirable. I do not, however, think that every family should be judged immoral if they do not do the same and indeed think they should have a choice in the matter.
    I would honestly be able to swallow the pro life argument a lot better if it came with a genuine concern for the quality of life of the children who are born. When an adamant prolifer shows me that they not only want to ensure all fertilized ova are brought to life but they want to ensure they have good health care and education, then I might consider their argument as more than just a holier than thou “I know what’s best and you don’t” point of view.
    Having a baby with Down’s syndrome or as a teen Mom is a whole heck of a lot easier in a family with good support, financial resources and access to care. In a country where special education is inadequately funded and health care is not adequately provided to all children you may be able to call yourself “pro life” but you cannot say you are “pro child”.

  26. GFWD

    Your argument sounded a lot taller on the radio, but alas today is a sad day for you, me and DH:
    Jerry Reed died today.

  27. Bennett Marco

    Zel, I love your phrase “Manchurian Candidate”! That’s really catchy! It sounds like it would be a great title for a movie about Obama! Except maybe it could be about an American serviceman captured in a war in Asia and brainwashed by his captors into being an agent for them! I think you should just keep talking about the “Manchurian Candidate” in the race without saying any more and people will know you are talking about Obama!

  28. Zel M.

    Wait a minute – are you guys serious? Do you all really not know this story of questioning Palin’s and her daughter’s baby credentials has been floating around on the internets since Friday? Do you really think this is some humorous drivel concocted by Ian?
    Only the part after the TMF(tm) is even vaguely original – and not terribly funny. But it makes for great SpringerTV(tm)!

  29. Schultz

    I expected better from both Ian and Zel.
    Both missed the mark entirely- there is no mention of Dick Cheney anywhere. Given that most of the dominant issues in the world today are Cheney’s fault (global warming, AIDS, Mad Cow disease, etc), I suggest you both try again.

  30. Neva

    Zel – we know about the rumours. Go back and read Ian’s post. He explains the whole thing and then explains his “pitch” for the ending of the story being one more mindblowing twist. You gotta admit, this whole thing is pretty shocking – first the picking of Palin – a woman with a highly unusual story (she just had a baby is April! How many people are even back to work by now much less being named VP candidate), then two days later there’s the pregnant daughter, etc. etc. Even the truth seems a bit odd, but I remember Northern Exposure..

  31. kp

    Rather than a pitch for a screenplay, I read it and imagined it being told as more of a joke ala “The Aristocrats”.
    I’m not sure yet what the answer to the “What do you call yourselves?” part of the joke would be, but either way, I laughed.

  32. Zel M.

    “Raymond Shaw, uh, I mean, Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life who will bring about change we can believe in.”
    Yeah, that’s almost exactly what I think of it.

  33. Zel M.

    Neva – maybe I read too much (or too little) into it, given the fact that it was simply the logical extension of the blog craziness of the weekend, so much so that BO hisself had to put the squelch on it. I did not find it particularly clever or humorous, which is what I usually expect from Ian.
    Schultz – touche!

  34. GFWD

    Do any of the smart women on this site feel that the Republican VP choice is a slap in the face at your intelligence? Assuming you are a woman or hermaphrodite (funny inside joke that just made my friend spit up his/her drink all over itself) who was for Hillary, doesn’t it bother you that the Republicans feel they can win you over with another female candidate, as though that was the only reason Hillary had your vote in the first place?
    I rank it up there with trying to placate black folks who implored the President to replace Thurgood Marshall’s chair. Want a black Supreme? Sure, here’s Clarence Thomas. [insert maniacal chuckle].
    If you’re a die-hard Hillary supporter and you’re tempted by Tina Fey, then what is the attraction other than her gender?
    As for Tina Fey’s daughter, I agree that families and children should be off limits always. It matters not whether your kid is serving in Iraq or got knocked up. If you open the door to tout the accomplishments of the one child, the door remains open for others to inspect the circumstances of the other child’s choices leading up to the pregnancy.
    The evangelicals applaud Tina Fey’s daughter for bringing her a grand child, despite the fact she’s still in high school and not married. Would they feel the same if the daughter were a little black girl living in the Cabrini Green projects? Or would that other little pregnant girl then be the poster child for all that is wrong . . . and Democratic?
    Is all life sacred as long as you have a child, as Neva notes, in circumstances that can support the child financially and emotionally? Or is some life less sacred if a child is born into squalor and welfare? It seems on one hand, the child is a blessing and, in the other, it’s a product of poor education and poor choices.
    Obama took the high road. Moreover, it looks like he’s told his minions to do the same without any wink-winking. If the Republicans try to campaign off of it, however, the daughter should become a fair game pawn. Meaning, if they agree to hide her for the next 60+ days, then the Dems should lay off, too. No pictures of the daughter with her mom decorating a nursery, etc. If, however, they parade her around and do Juno-in-Juneau (classic) type features about her, then she should be fair game. Same with her son fighting in the war. You can’t have it both ways.

  35. Schultz

    I agree GFWD.
    So what should we do with all those People and US magazines with Obama and family plastered all over the cover?

  36. Zel M.

    “The evangelicals applaud Tina Fey’s daughter for bringing her a grand child, despite the fact she’s still in high school and not married. Would they feel the same if the daughter were a little black girl living in the Cabrini Green projects? Or would that other little pregnant girl then be the poster child for all that is wrong . . . and Democratic?”
    Amen. This is spin at its finest. To turn a teen pregnancy and birth out of wedlock into a triumph of Republican family values is a trick worthy of comparison to the greatest trick the devil ever pulled (a little shout-out back at GWFD)…

  37. Matt

    Sure, and any resemblence to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is purely coincidental… Please, you are taking part in the spreading of a vicious false rumor about a teenaged girl and a baby with Downs Syndrome. Classy. Whether you are trying to have fun with it or not is irrelevant. Forget the fact that it’s going to backfire, it’s sleazy and mean. Or maybe teenagers of Republicans don’t have feelings like you and yours.

  38. Matt

    Sure, and any resemblence to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is purely coincidental… Please, you are taking part in the spreading of a vicious false rumor about a teenaged girl and a baby with Downs Syndrome. Classy. Whether you are trying to have fun with it or not is irrelevant. Forget the fact that it’s going to backfire, it’s sleazy and mean. Or maybe teenagers of Republicans don’t have feelings like you and yours.
    [GFWD is usually better… The son in the Army is NOT a child.]

  39. Sean

    Zell, I continue to be a strong defender of the second amendment, for precisely the reason you state. Anyone who wants to own a gun should have one, it’s totally stupid that people want to ban a tool. It’s actually totally anti-intellectual.
    That being said, if you own a gun, don’t expect to bring it in to my house, and don’t expect me to ever use on on anybody. I have a five iron by the bed, and in case there isn’t enough room to swing it, I have my two year old’s five iron that’s about as long as an umbrella, but that’s the extent of the arsenal I’m gonna allow.
    I know, I know… it’s so *frustrating* when the person you disagree with won’t argue with the totally irrelevant point you’re making.

  40. Caroline

    GFWD: As an intelligent woman who may not be a great writer, um, yeah, it’s an insulting choice. Whether he meant it this way or not, it seems to scream (*to me*) that McCain thinks woman are extremely simplistic, and I guess downright dumb. I could go on and on but I don’t feel like being attacked by anyone, one of the main reasons I don’t work in politics. I’m more verbal than a writer so I’m never ‘heard’ the way I had meant to be anyway. You had a great post – kudos. Everyone else can fight it out.

  41. GFWD

    Matt, she didn’t give birth to the son in the Army? He’s not a child of her loin? I wasn’t trying to play semantics with the age of her son. The point, to paraphrase Zel’s about the slippery slope, is where do you draw the line?
    If Palin’s daughter were an 18-year-old pregnant, unwed teenager (yet technically the age of majority) is it a different conversation? Or should the gloves be taken off because she’s a girl? I don’t know, based on your words, whether the qualifier is SON or ARMY or WAR. Hell, at 17 years old, she’s in her 18th year! I believe you can join the Army at 18. So what’s the difference?
    Slippery sloping, indeed.
    Schultz, perhaps it’s also a slippery slope, but I think it’s one thing to have two identically-styled fluff pieces on the different candidates for each party. Meet the Obamas. Meet the Bidens. Meet the McCains. Meet the Palins. All with fluff pieces that talk about their favorite ice cream, favorite movies and where they went to school.
    It’s another to take something one’s own party doesn’t outwardly support and spin it for political gain. That’s what I see with Jamie Lynn Palin in the most recent news cycle. It is NOT what I see when I read PEOPLE on the can and learn how Obama left Harvard and met Michelle after she caught his eye.
    But, without even a hint of sarcasm, I may be splitting partisan hairs . . . and, as always, I could be wrong.
    Here’s the fundamental problem I have with the spin being voiced from the Republican party in the wake of this Juno-esque revelation. If you would have asked most GOP folks to a person last week whether they would be excited to hear about a candidate with a teenaged child who was unwed and pregnant, I would expect that most would not be too thrilled.
    So, when it comes out that their new candidate has that EXACT baggage, they don’t fess up to their frustration, but instead start spinning yarns like Keyser Soze? Hell, I can’t wait to hear the report from some good ol boy in the midwest talk about the friend in his barbership quartet in Skokie, Illinois whose mother gave birth to him when she was 17 and how much of an American heroine she was, just like Palin’s daughter.
    I’d much rather hear them say, “Well, that kind of sucks and flies in the face of what we preach, but her daughter’s got nothing to do with this election.” I know it’s normal to get defensive and circle the wagons, but you lose credibility when you don’t acknowledge the bad. And I know that Republicans–as a group–like catching people who don’t acknowledge the truth. Ain’t that true, Slick Willie? Why then get sanctimonious about it, express no remorse, and pretend like Palin’s daughter followed the exact script they wanted. That’s B.S. and it makes me a little tone deaf to anything that follows.

  42. Caroline

    OK, people are going to jump down my throat but…
    What do people think about Palin getting pregnant after being in office for about 6 months?
    I wouldn’t do it because I would want my constituents to think I was focused on my job… she already had 4…
    OK, fire away. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get torn up over this. Ian, I don’t know how you do it.

  43. Schultz

    GFWD- I hear ya. And yes, if you asked me that question two weeks ago, I would have honestly told you I wasn’t that thrilled about it.
    They are playing with the cards they were dealt. And who exactly is talking about this? I can assure you it is not the republicans- it is the media. If the Republicans don’t answer questions- they are ducking the issue. If they do – they are sinister spin doctors. Which is it? It’s a no win situation. Despite your own candidates pleas- the media is going all out to crucify this girl and her family.
    So I ask – what choice do the Palins have at this point? What is the right thing for them to do in your mind?
    I think it is somewhat refreshing to have real people with real issues running for office- not the stale, picture perfect, automatons that usually populate the elections (on both sides).
    You raise some excellent points. But you seem to discount and dismiss the very class of people that could possibly turn this election in favor of the Republicans- the “Unintelligent Women” and the good ole boy Midwesterners and Southerners affectionately known here as “The Angry White Man”.
    So I truly think this race just got a lot closer. And Caroline- I have no problem with Palin getting pregnant. I can certainly relate to a family with young children better than a lifelong politician like Biden.
    Bash away!!
    Unintelligent Angry White Man

  44. Neva

    Doubt anyone is still listening but I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I watched the convention tonight and listened to all the media goings-on around Palin.
    This whole thing is pretty remarkable really. What McCain, the maverick that he is, has done by naming her is that he forced the least progressive people in this country to back a woman in a position of power. I didn’t think I’d ever live to see that actually. I don’t agree with her politics and will not vote for her but I have to admit that I think this was a necessary step for women in this country. When the likes of Newt and Falwell are cheering on a woman to be (very potentially) the president of our country, something has shifted. I could never, ever imagine Hillary as our president. For better or worse, she embodied too much of the emasculating feminist that every Republican (and many Democrat voting men whether they admit it or not) hates. I always thought the only way a woman could be president would be to be conservative. The first one has to be palatable to the conservative right, but as they get used to the idea of a woman in power, more and more shifts might happen such that someone else, possibly not quite as conservative, will rise up and soon it won’t seem so odd to consider a woman president, even one that isn’t pro life and anti equal rights!?
    Maybe I’m just trying to be positive but perhaps this is a necessary evil?
    And Caroline – I hear ya. I can’t even imagine being pregnant at 39 with my small part time job so I can’t imagine it, but I try to remember not to judge her any differently than I would a man in her role and we wouldn’t be asking that question of Barack had Michelle had a baby 4 months ago, right? The stranger thing to me to see is the likes of James Dodson (the women should stay home with their babies guy) supporting her!

  45. caroline

    Neva – I think you have a good point, and one I have chewed on for some time, as much as I dislike it. I hear you, too, on your point about Barack but my response is this: 1) it really is different for a mom, what with the breast-feeding and physicality of pregnancy, delivery and post-partum recovery, so I just disagree; 2) Barack threw his hat in the ring right around when Palin became governor, so if Michelle had gotten pregnant on the same timeline as Palin I would have found that pretty questionable, too.

  46. Neva

    I seriously doubt she did any breastfeeding. Supposedly, she went back to work on day 3 postpartum despite the fact that he was born preterm. Down’s babies are usually difficult to feed and I imagine he had a baby nurse and other family taking care of him. Gotta wonder if this lady doesn’t believe in birth control?
    Whole thing sounds totally crazy to me and would garner lots of negative criticism from Dobson and others were she a Democrat I do believe.
    Would I do it, no. Is it ideal for the kid, no. But can somebody make this choice, sure. Does speak my point about the strange focus on birthing the child as the only decider of the moral choice as a parent.

  47. wottop

    Republicans jumping up and down about what is and is not out-of-bounds. Are you fucking serious?
    The Republican party has mastered the grass-roots email/blog rumor campaign. They don’t have to take ownership, they just push it downhill and watch it go.
    I also love the constant insinuation that a Muslim candidate would only ever be interested in destroying the country. So far, all presidents have been Christian-ish [as am I]. Some have done well and some have not.
    Maybe the added twists will you all put on Desparate Housewives and Manchurian Candidate can help them sell. If they can bring back 90210, they can recycle anything.

  48. Claudia

    Just read this post now, after reading the posts and comments from the succeeding few days.
    Did you really commit this post to print???


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