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On deadline for a few script pitches, so today will be a CODE WORD question: What is your FAVORITE part of your own body, and also your LEAST FAVORITE?

You can be anonymous, as always.

But I got great tits, just sayin’.

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  1. Killian

    WOW–this was a writing assignment for a theatre/dance piece that I did through Carolina Union Activities Board about 15 years ago. And I hated my stomach then (still do) but loved my thighs (absolutely loathe them now)–wrists? neck? eyes? basically, parts that do not change size no matter how much the rest of me does. Ok. sounds like a bad morning. . .
    Good Luck with script pitches! Were you heartened or dis-by the shows that won Emmies–does it bode well for the deliciousness you are gong to serve up to your {extreemely patient} public? :-D
    EEE-yan, EEE-yan EEE, yan!!

  2. Anne

    This is actually a very tough question for me! I’ll be 57 in November, and there are fewer and fewer parts of the ol’ bod for me to like, honestly. Either it’s not working so well or it’s fat. I have big feet and hands, arthritic knees, aching hips, and a weird new ring of upper abdominal fat that is making me crazy. (Menopause… gotta love it.)
    Since my face has held up pretty well, all things considered, I’m going with that as my favorite. Least favorite? How much time you got? :-)

  3. Salem's Little Sister

    I would have to say my new favorite are my now shapely calves. All of the marathon training has really changed the shape of my legs and I actually have muscle definition. I’ve always had skinny, chicken legs. I recently thought I had a tumor in my calf, but then discovered it was a muscle.
    My least favorite part is currently my right knee pit which is causing me a great deal of pain. And my muffin top. Always the muffin top which I erroneously believed I could melt away with running.

  4. The Other Lee

    I love being tall, it is wonderful. I hate my love handles, if I didn’t have those I would be happy with my body.

  5. LFMD

    What kind of obsessive question is this?
    Here are my answers:
    My favorite are:
    my hair – it is red and curly and the little bit of gray I have is not very noticeable. I think the gray is kind of cool.
    my skin – pretty much blemish and wrinkle free.
    My least favorite:
    I am fat! Ugh. I am at my pregnancy weight, but I am not with child. I am exercising in a half-hearted fashion, which does no good. I look like I am filled with water. I simply need to exercise MORE and eat BETTER, but for a variety of lazy reasons, I have not.

  6. Josie

    I have a love/hate relationship with my legs. When I am at a good weight, or — truthfully speaking — slightly below that good weight, they are strong, muscular and shapely looking.
    When my body/mind decides a “slightly below good” weight is too hard to maintain, or when I gain a few extra holiday pounds as a near-middle-aged body is wont to do, then the extra weight deposits directly to my legs, and they look like tree trunks in short order.

  7. FreshPaul

    least favourite:
    my sinuses, currently being ravaged by fornicating ragweed.
    most favourite:
    my hands, because opposable thumbs enable me in myriad ways.
    Also, tho the question wasn’t posed to me, I’ll say that the circle is indeed unbroken with the Emmys shafting The Wire for the 5th (and final) straight year.
    The game is the game, it seems.

  8. CM

    Yay! Script pitches!!! Good luck.
    “What kind of obsessive question is this?”
    LFMD, you made me laugh.
    I like my arms cuz they’re thin. I dislike my legs cuz they’re not all that shapely. Sometimes, you just ain’t got it.

  9. Triangleheel

    This is easy-
    I HATE my Huffy Tire belly and love handles.
    I LIKE my, well… manhood. Fess up guys- this is first on the list!

  10. Annie H.

    Fave: my eyes–they remind me of my pops, and granddad too!
    Least fave: my skin, which, of a cooler season, tends towards a freakish combo of pale, freckled, and mottled hues. I’d rather sport a more or less uniform tone–I envy folks whose skin is nice & even-toned year-round, all over. Nothing against YOUR skin, of course, Ian dear! I love freckles on others but mine are more like ragged, gasping, almost-freckles.

  11. Sean M

    I cant really say that I have a fave part, though I can say that I’ve been doing a hardcore bootcamp-style workout for the last few months and am happier with my body in general than I’ve ever been in my life.
    Least fave? My fingernails. I’m a nail biter and, well, they’re kinda gross most of the time.

  12. Claudia

    I honestly have no idea anymore. Since giving birth to twins, my body has completely changed. I’m not consistently upset about it, either–just sort of wistful, although I’d kill to be able to wear a pencil skirt. I used to have a lovely bum.
    I guess I still have nice hair. It’s a shame that I always wear it pulled back so that it doesn’t get in my way.

  13. Lee

    I’m with you, Claudia. Sometimes I see pictures of myself and I don’t look at all like I think I do. I think I don’t even see myself in the mirror any more- I must be good at denial!

  14. C

    FAVE: I have tits ’till Tuesday. Perfect, full, firm, and completely natural creamy white DD’s. They think they are 22 and bounce and jiggle accordingly.
    LEAST FAVE: My nails. Thin, fragile. I have to keep them as shortened square ovals.

  15. Julie

    I like my eyes and my nose. Blue eyes are seemingly rare these days. With my boys’ colorings the same as Lucy’s (which is even rarer – I’ve been told that red(ish) hair and blue eyes will be practically non-existent in 50 or so years), I look more often now. There are definitely lots of crows feet given all the squinting over the years, but I really like the baby blues.
    I hate my chin, or lack thereof. I wish it were more prominent. It constantly disappears in pictures, so I’m always slighly jutting it out to give me a semblance of one.

  16. GFWD

    Ian, I think your submitters should send in pictures of their favorite parts. We could start with, um–I don’t know–how about “C”. And then we could work our way back to Greg’s gall bladder.

  17. jje

    I can’t believe I’m gonna post this, but it’s the end of the day and maybe no one will ever see it. LOL!
    I am keeping a human being not just alive, but thriving solely with the power of milk that my very own body is creating on a constant basis. It’s all me, baby – his sweet pudgy belly and chunky monkey thighs are all me. And it’s my second time doing it. (And I’ll admit I’m a card carrying member of the Freaky Toddler Nursing Club – did it until C was 22 months, though it was just a couple times a day at that point.) So yeah, I kinda think my boobs rock the free world.
    On the other hand, did I mention it’s my second time doing it? They’re kinda paying the price…sigh. A mommy makeover might be in the cards one day.
    Until then, I’m banking on those seven extra IQ points making it all worthwhile in the long run. :-)

  18. Caroline

    I have very pretty eyes but I feel like a tool saying that. The shape is nice but mostly they are a very unusual shade of blue-green, sort of a teal/sea-green. I will say that I hate when people say my eyes are blue since I consider them green. Yup, I’m a tool.
    My arms are spindly and weird. I lift weights but to no avail. They are like breadsticks. I’m afraid when I am old they will be flabby.

  19. eric g.

    I’m always told I have nice eyelashes. Not sure why, but that’s what people (okay, women) have told me.
    My feet are my least favorite body parts. They’re not attractive. At all.
    Interesting question. Good luck with the scripts!


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