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Hey, this may be a stupid question, but do all of you know who your Congressional representative is, or even what congressional district you live in? It’s easy enough for us: the awesome Kirsten Gillibrand beat John Sweeney (y’know, the arsehole who coordinated the Republican goon mobs that flummoxed the recount in Florida 2000, while finding time to go to frat parties in his fifties and by the way – according to a 911 call – was beating his wife) in New York 20th district last time around. She’s become quite a sensation, as I’ll detail later in October.

But because I’m an out-of-touch elitist, we also “live” in two other places: an apartment in Brooklyn that we sublet to a pirate named Jack, and our house in Venice, CA that we rent. Apparently the Park Slope place is in New York’s 11th district, first represented by the scalawag Beriah Palmer in 1803, the ruthless William Randolph Hearst in 1903, and now helmed by the affable Yvette Parker.

Hearst was a Democrat. How crazy is that?


shaded area: CA-36; non-shaded: CA-30

Finding out our district here in LA was a little harder – the map seems to imply that our bedroom is in California’s 30th district, and Lucy’s bedroom is in California’s 36th district. That means Lucy’s congressional representative is Jane Harman, who once ran for Governator back in the crazy late ’90s.

Jane Harman is married to Sidney Harman, the founder of harman/kardon Inc., coincidentally the maker of our home stereo, which Lucy likes quite a lot, especially when we watch the Tar Heels with stereo sound.

Somehow, after this research, I have a more steadfast handle on my situation.

How about you? Know your district? Like your rep? Planning on doing something about it?

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  1. Anne

    This one is easy, because in tiny Rho Disland we have only two Congressional districts. Pretty much if you’re on one side of the bay or the other determines which district you’re in. [takes out megaphone:] Jim Langevin, he’s our man! Langevin is the guy in a wheelchair. (Only one in Congress? I don’t know.) While I don’t agree with Langevin on every issue, I generally support him and feel he is a thoughtful rep who does his homework. One peculiarity of RI politics is that while our local and state politicians can be, ummm, less than stellar at times, we tend to elect decent people to the Senate and the House. (Claiborne Pell, John Chafee, John Pastore, Claudine Schneider, Jack Reed, to name a few)

  2. FreshPaul

    the 13th NC district is an odd one, making sort of a staple (or choad wicket, if you roll that way) shape from Greensboro, up along the border counties with VA, and down through the eastern triangle.
    We live at the very southeastern tip of the district in downtown Raleigh, where 3 districts have a confluence (the 2nd and 4th also). The Honourable Brad Miller has been our man here since the district was founded at the last reapportionment (suck on that, Utah).
    I tend to jive with about 90% of what Miller has to say and like how he’s quickly made himself known in the House as a rational and intelligent voice for reason in general and NC in specific. I’m pretty sure he’s not even running a campaign to speak of this go around; he doesn’t need to.

  3. LFMD

    I had a bit of an awakening this weekend. My parents visited for the first time in months. You’ll remember that my dad had a aortic abdominal aneurysm that nearly killed him in March(he is weak but well now — able to walk and talk and kind of back to his old self. Yay Dad!) Anyway, over breakfast, my dad, the life-long, teachers’ union Democrat says, “I am thinking of voting for McCain.” I nearly rended my clothes! I demanded to know what kind of medication he was on because he clearly was not making sense. My mom had the same reaction, telling me during a private moment that she is going to mention this reversal of common sense to dad’s cardiologist, as evidence that “something is not completely right.” Poor Dad! I could not talk sensibly about McCain, even with my beloved Dad whom I nearly lost forever.
    I got online to ensure that my polling place was correct (we moved nearly 2 years ago and there was a problem last time I voted). I logged onto barackobama.com (a very interested website) and signed up for volunteering opportunities. My “YES WE CAN” shirt should be arriving shortly, and I plan to wear it every day around my little town. I also signed up Mom and Dad to receive daily emails from Barack, explaining all his positions.
    This election is just too important, especially when smart people like my dad are on the fence. I am done wasting time watching crap like “The Hills” — I am going to do what I can do in the short time left.
    Yes, I know my reps. Thanks for checking.

  4. Killian

    Well, that was a learning experience! NC District 4, David Price, Dem. I will now move on to finding out “whether I like him or not” and/or am ‘planning to do something about it.”
    Love blogs with homework! :-D

  5. Jill

    PA 8th District. Patrick Murphy (whose button I am wearing right now.) I like him well enough. He’s not perfect. He’s a blue dog Democrat, which I don’t always appreciate, but he was one of the only PA politicians to come out in support of Obama during the primaries, which was a bold move. He is pretty well-liked in the area. Definitely better than the alternative!

  6. FreshPaul

    “You are right Paul- Brad Miller is so good he runs unopposed.”
    I wasn’t saying he was unopposed, only that he has yet to mount any sort of visible campaign 5 weeks before the election.
    Maybe the GOP is trying to find someone even more objectionable than the human pimple Vernon Robinson that they ran against him last time…perhaps the dearth of more vile candidates is why a visible opposition to Rep Miller hasn’t been seen yet either.

  7. Josie

    I am still in denial that I live in rabidly Republican North Florida. I have my head stuck in the sand over local politics. Seriously, R is the only game in town here. Read our local paper, and it is quite apparent!
    Anyway, I have been waiting for you to get local to plug my favorite FL based congressional candidate. Doug Tudor (D) is running for FL-12 against Adam Putnam (R), who at the ripe old age of 34 (only just) has run unopposed in his district since 2000. A son of big agribusiness, Putnam is a multi-millionaire by birthright and has a war chest that is deep and intrinsically tied to the big business interests which operate in his District.
    Things have changed. As that District has become more suburban middle class (as highly populated exurbs of Orlando and Tampa), Putnam’s policies are increasingly contrary to the best interests of District’s actual residents/voters. Yet, he remains in office, running unopposed, and voting with Bush 98.7% of the time.
    Doug Tudor is a progressive candidate with a populist bent who is running a grassroots campaign to overturn Putnam and actually represent the hard working people of his District.
    A career military man, who was until retirement, very close to the center of influence that has been running our misadventures in the Middle East, Doug believes that we have no business in what is now Iraq’s Civil War. His positions on everything, from civil liberties, education, choice, taxes and the environment fall squarely on the progressive side of the spectrum.
    He is a favorite of pundit Howie Klein (www.DownWithTyranny.com), who has singled Doug out as “one to watch” in this upcoming election.
    The big issue, as with any underdog, is funding a campaign which will allow him the name recognition he needs to succeed. His District is now approximately 52% registered Democrats, but even these professed Dems won’t vote for someone they know nothing about.
    If you wish to be part of a national movement to unseat Republicans everywhere (a true mandate!), a small donation to his campaign via the ActBlue link on his website — http://www.teamtudor.org — will help the cause and, at the same time, hand a stunning blow to the favored son of the Republican future.
    We are running up to this election fast and this is a critical time to burn what lies in the coffers in an effort to let the voters know there is a choice this year!
    Despite the fact that I do not live in his District, nor did I when I was “Tampan,” I am personally invested in Doug’s election, and feel strongly about his sincere desire to work for the people of his District. He is the antithesis of Party Line Putnam, and you all know we dont need more of that in Washington….

  8. kevin from NC

    13th District in NC.. Brad Miller. For the most part he is a good guy.. The pubs put out the rumor he was gay during the last election although he was married. Since the election, he and his spouse have separated. Was there truth to it after all? Only Clay Aiken knows for sure!!!
    There are some crazy congressional districts in NC. If anyone looked at them from another state they would have to think of gerrymandering.

  9. campbell

    I can’t ever remember the number of my district, but I sure do know who my rep is: Sue “God spoke to me through my toaster” Myrick. Heaven help us. I don’t know whether he has a chance in the world, but Harry Taylor is running against her and I’ve got my fingers crossed.
    Just a few streets from our house is another district that needs changing: textile heir incumbent Robin Hayes vs. social studies teacher Larry Kissell, who lost to Hayes by about 300 votes in 2006. Go Harry and Larry!

  10. wyatt

    Alaska has a total of one district/rep, and the job is held by the inspiring Don Young. He demolished his opponent in the primary by more than 300 votes.

  11. Schultz

    Paul- you are correct. I forgot about Vernon Robinson. As a registered Republican, I can honestly say they Robinson represents the absolute worst of the right wing. I am so glad he is off the Winston-Salem City Council.

  12. Julie

    7th District in VA, which has been in the current format since only 1993. The original 3rd district was government-ordered to split to “better represent the demographics.” I’m not totally clear on how effective that has been. Anyway, we are represented by Eric Cantor (R). He is immensely popular (early vetting process linked him to a VP choice by McCain) and runs largely unopposed (the D in this year’s election is the relatively unknown Anita Hartke). In my opinion, the more important race is the Senate race between Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore.

  13. Piglet

    I have had such a schoolboy crush on Gillibrand ever since she kicked John “Bluto” Sweeney’s ass last time around. She’s Buffy the Republican Slayer!
    My Representative is Pete “The Faz” DeFazio. He’s not as good looking as Gillibrand, but he’s already making speeches in Congress and out denouncing the bankster bailout. I’m usually very proud of him.
    The Faz is also unopposed this year, so my energy is going to get Jeff Merkley elected to the US Senate. If Merkley makes it, then between him, The Faz, and Ron Wyden, I’ll feel well and wisely represented in the US Legislature. Hope you are the same.

  14. craighill

    9th district NC – sue myrick
    she’s been nothing short of fantastic for charlotte and the amazing economic growth we’ve experienced in the last 13 years. as one of the most conservative members of the house, she’s clearly not going to be well liked on this open minded blog, but she’s been great for our city and that’s why she generally gets 70% of the vote.

  15. FreshPaul

    the problem with Rep Myrick, by all accounts, isn’t her ideology, but that she’s a colossal bitch.
    I don’t mean that she’s a bitch who’s also a very big lady; I mean to articulate that she’s a bitch of a most colossal degree.
    I hear this from the following:
    a handful of D’s I know on Capitol Hill
    a handful of R’s I know on Capitol Hill
    My mother, who worked for the dept of vets affairs for a long time and had to deal with her and her office as part of her job. My mom’s as unpartisan as they come and would never call someone a colossal bitch, but that was her take on Myrick. (she also thought Howie Coble was a certified moron too, for what it’s worth).
    But, for the rest of you in the western Piedmont, this raises a greater question: who’s the more gaping asshole, Myrick or McHenry?
    I say McHenry…at least Myrick has somewhat earned (?) the right to act like she does.

  16. craighill

    i’ve heard that too about myrick but it doesn’t really bother me. i suppose for the same reasons the new yorkers elected hillary.

  17. Mark C.

    Eric Cantor – R
    VA – 7th
    Absolute political hack in the worse sense (loudly defended DeLay right before the end)
    I live in a Republican district, but would love to be represented by an actual conservative rather than his guy.

  18. Triangleheel

    I am also in Rep. David Price’s district, and have been so since 2001 when I moved back to the Triangle. I was also a support of his when WE (Ian was there also)were at UNC in the late 80’s. I even met him once when I donated a flag to the University for its 200th Anniversary.
    I like it quite a bit. The real kicker is that most of these guys run unopposed and have a 90% re-election clip going. How do we get that gig?

  19. Bud

    Thanks for making me look it up….
    As a newcomer to NJ-6th, I’ve got a lot to learn. My Rep is Frank Pallone (D), who voted against the Iraq adventure and talks some excellent talk on this issues. Senator Lautenberg (D) is seeking his 5th term.
    NJ politics is a strange beast. At the national level, our elected officials seem outstanding. Local officials are more suspect (in my mind at least) of corruption (etc). This is probably due to a large number of highly-publicized scandals just over the past couple of years.
    One example: I live next to New Brunswick. Citizens petitioned for a ballot initiative to change the city council from completely at-large to ward based. City council has been fighting it tooth and nail with everything from push polls to possible judicial interference. Here’s the latest:

  20. mwhpdxOR

    Earl Blumenauer. Oregon Distrct # 2. The guy will win hands down in this – the bluest county in America!!!
    Multnomah County Oregon: Kerry 71%-Bush 25%- Nader- 4%.
    Earl is the head of the — get this one:
    Congressional Bicycle Alliance.
    The guy wears a bow tie and rides his bike everywhere he goes. Portland loves this guy and he has always opposed the Iraq War.

  21. chip

    My rep is Todd Tiahrt. He’s a conservative Republican. I live in Wichita so I’m sure he’ll win. I’m equally sure I’ll vote against him. he does fit the district…he used to work for Boeing (Wichita’s big industry is aircraft) and he’s a conservative, evangelical Christian.
    I loved my old rep, David Price, when I lived in Durham…he fit the district….Morehead scholar at UNC, prof at Duke…real policy wonk.
    In both cases, regrettably, the districts are organized so that one party (‘Pubs in wichita, democrats in Triangle) have a huge built-in advantage. I wish my House races were competitive…I think it would check some of the extremism on both sides.


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