witch burns, film at 11


At this point, John McCain, Sarah Palin and the cretinous Republican anal pustules that enable their endless vitriol need to fucking stop. Right now. Ever since Palin’s effluvious post-convention “bounce” evaporated, their behavior has been cowardly, unhinged, and deeply un-American. Someone has to sit them down and tell them to FUCK OFF for the good of the country.

I’m all for a good political catfight if the exchange of ideas – however heated it might be – ends up helping the country make an informed decision. But the McPain campaign is indulging in the kind of hate-filled, not-even-bothering-to-be-subtle rhetoric that might turn their wingnut base into an orgy of ecstatic rage, but makes the rest of the country want to take a shower. A high tide raises all ships, but conversely, a campaign like McCain’s drags all of us into the festering pit of despair.

Barack Obama has, for most intents and purposes, won this election. Only two things can stop it now: the unthinkable, and mass voter registration purges across the country. In past contests, candidates facing an seemingly-inevitable loss have gone down gracefully – think Bob Dole in 1996, Mondale in 1984. Not McCain and Palin, however. They are the retreating Huns who lose the battle, but want to make sure they leave blankets infected with smallpox strewn across the countryside.


from your friends in West Plains, MO

Their ugliness is everywhere, from Cindy McCain’s shrill bullshit to Sarah Palin’s constant assertion that Obama is no better than a terrorist. And their rallies have become breeding grounds for the worst kind of knuckle-dragging fuckwads this side of a Klan rally. There are lots of videos out there, but this one really encapsulates their ugly, bigoted, snarl delivered behind fucked-up teeth. These are the motherfuckers who cut you off on the freeway, and then give you the finger as they speed home to beat their kids.

Am I a classist? I suppose so, I don’t really care. This brand of American is wholly reprehensible – they’re not just embarrassing for conservatives, they’re embarrassing for all of us. Being poor, misinformed or desperate does NOT excuse ANY OF US from the tenets of basic human decency. Just as rich people are not allowed to buy their way out of morality, poor people don’t get an exemption for their hate.

But all of this ugliness belies a vastly more sinister undercurrent; McCain and Palin are working their devoted followers into an unrepentantly dangerous lather. By freely using the word “terrorist” (by themselves and from audience members), tolerating shouts of “kill him!” at their rallies, and delivering utterly racist soundbites about Obama “diminishing the prestige of the United States presidency”, they are inspiring the worst people in America to the kind of fury that begets lone gunmen and ragtag basement militias.

If you think I’m overreacting, try asking some of the older blog readers here, the ones that remember things I don’t, about the summer of 1968, or November 1963. We’ve got a black man about to be President, and his rivals, knowing full well they are about to lose, are purposely riling up their thugs for revenge, whether it’s this month or at some point in the next few years. Even if you think the threat is remote, the behavior of the Republican ticket is close to irresponsibly criminal.

I was talking to someone who had a great idea: if Barack Obama is elected, Sarah Palin should be forced to be on his secret service detail for all public events. That way she can truly know what it is to be the wolf and not the chopper pilot, and doggone it, it might not be so fucking funny anymore.