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Before we move on to more fascinating territory, have any of you messed around with Maybe there are better ones out there, but if you go to the home page and type in your address, you’ll get entire pages of your home’s worth, what other homes are for sale (and how much) in your area, and these cool “bird’s-eye view” shots of the neighborhood.

I just did every American house I ever lived in, which is a lot: San Jose, Cedar Rapids (2), Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chapel Hill (7), Manhattan (2), Brooklyn (2), Columbia County, Venice, Hollywood, Monrovia, New Orleans and Carrboro. Somehow, seeing all these places under the clinical light of real estate made it an interesting journey. Find out anything cool about your house?


got traumatized in this playground


lost virginity here


I got married on this hill!

0 thoughts on “aeromotional tour

  1. Anony

    It says my rent-controlled apartment would be worth $398,000 as a condo. Geez, I’m staying anonymous so my landlawd doesn’t see this.

  2. dean

    Not very accurate in my case. Has my home’s value about right, but if incorrectn regarding square footage, # of BR/BA, etc.
    Otherwise . . a cool site

  3. erica

    It does make me wonder if there is not some poor hapless Pi Phi out there applying the “got traumatized in this playground” caption to the Lodge photo…

  4. tah

    looks like they are pulling most of the info from MLS – i moved in my current home fairly recently and some of the comments in “edit home information” are verbatim from MLS so it’s only as accurate as the listing agent or builder :) i do like the heat map stuff – helpful to find markets that are accelerating in value if you want to find investment opps

  5. eric g.

    Hmm…the Lodge is listed as a 3-bedroom worth $1.2 million. A steal. 223 McCauley Street (across street from purple house) isn’t listed. Maybe they took mercy and knocked it down…


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