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Here’s the thing: all the other butterfly costumes sucked and she said she wanted to be a butterfly. We’ve been to all the sites, we’ve been to eBay, etc, and all the outfits were chintzy and too small… so I took it upon myself. I bought sheer fabric, thick-gauge wire, hinges, headbands, sewing needles and tomorrow comes the coloring. I’m trying to make a bit of this:


…out of this:


This I know: my daughter not going to buy a crappy butterfly costume, she’s going to wear the crappy monarch butterfly costume her Daddo made for her!

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  1. Freddie

    Nice job. Did that once when my kid wanted to be an owl. Turned out well but I had to put a stop to it when the next year he wanted to be a hippo.

  2. mcf

    sigh. pottery barn made a truly GORGEOUS orange and black monarch costume last year, that my daughter wore (age 3 at the time)… i didnt see any other butterfly remotely like it … but i am sure the handmade one will be simply fantastic! and even better for the blood sweat and tears! Happy ‘ween to all!

  3. littlerattyratratrat

    My 11-year-old decided he wanted to go this year as the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) from Doctor Who. No time for knitting; we hand-painted two scarves and then sewed them together…or that was the plan. Well, I’ll never win on Project Runway, but it was about time I had a tetanus booster anyway. Next year, he’ll get a mail-order costume and like it. :) Happy Halloween, everybody!

  4. Neva

    My creative 7 year old made her own costume out of things she found in the dress-up bin of our playroom – a wig made from a green pom pom, her own “rock star clothes” and fancy boots and viola – she is, to quote her, “an 80s pop star”. How she decided that’s what 80s pop stars look like, I have no idea, but gotta love the fact that I was in no way involved with the planning, shopping or buying this lovely recycled costume. A picture is on my facebook page should anyone want to see it.

  5. jje

    That is so adorable, Ian! What a great dad. :-)
    Connor changed his mind every.single.day. Ghost, pirate, bumble bee, race car driver, fireman, dinosaur. One day, he even said, “I think I’ll just be me.” Since we’re in the midst of the terrible threes (sigh), I silently added, “sure, because that’s absolutely appropriate for Halloween, my sweet little devil child.”
    We ended up going with One Step Ahead’s fireman costume, which he insisted on wearing to Trader Joe’s yesterday. It made for an interesting shopping experience.
    Graham is going to be a pumpkin, but he wore the funniest orange romper from Old Navy today (stealing a pic from some random stranger’s blog):

  6. janet

    looks nothing like it……but for trying ……..the admiral ? would give it 8 out of ten…………….you forgot a few colours !


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