caterpillar in a hurry


Yes, I’m sure if you read my last blog (and cared) you’d think I was creating a nightmare for my daughter’s Halloween, and I have to say, I wasn’t too sure myself. However, I think the costumes turned out okay for a bunch of wire, sheer fabric, spray paint, hinges and headbands:


I’ve always taken Halloween very seriously (as documented) but sometimes if something doesn’t exist, you just want to make it. I wanted to be a Carolina blue butterfly, and the closest match was this morpho Helena:


…and I tried to turn Tessa into the Luna Moth that some of you commenters identified on my farmhouse door back in June, for which I thank you very much:


And after Adventures in Glue-gunning, I finished the get-ups with five minutes to spare – then we immediately hit the “walk streets” in Venice:


with our friend Monica

Advice to those making butterfly costumes at home (which, by my estimation, is about 2,347,558 of you): Lucy’s monarch had two separate wings on hinges, meaning they flapped when she walked, and she could pull them in when it was crowded. Tessa and I lacked the hinge option, and therefore created a swath of destruction everywhere we went.


Did you know the difference between moths and butterflies? Moths rest with their wings spread out (like on a screen door) and butterflies fold theirs in. Also, moths have fuzzy antennae, and butterflies have long antennae with a little bulb at the end.

*long silence*

Okay, so we’re a little nervous about the election. Gotta do something with that energy, right?

14 thoughts on “caterpillar in a hurry

  1. Anne

    Ian, seriously: Lucy’s monarch costume is AMAZING. Less creative parents can now slink into the shadows… or hide the receipts from Target and WalMart where they bought their kids’ getups off the racks/shelves. :-)
    You all look great. I totally missed Halloween this year because we were in the capital of ORANGE — Syracuse — for parents weekend. We bought ourselves a few Reese’s cups to make up for the lack of loot at home.

  2. kevin from NC

    Ian, that is a fine family shot and you guys look great! Lucy’s hair is beautiful!!
    Nervous about the election too. Obama is in Charlotte today… NC has gotten lots of attention in the presidential election with Obama, McCain, Palin and Michelle here in the final week.
    What is gonna happen w/ Prop 8?

  3. jif

    not to repeat what’s already been stated but dammmnnnnnn, you lookin’ supa fly!! and i don’t mean the wings – looking fit and fabulous and your ladies look gorgeous -as usual – but could it be that they look even more gorgeous? i think so! or maybe it’s just that i am missing you guys… i miss you guys!!!
    btw, i am at my moms in VA right now and we are planning our living room tailgate party for the Redskins Monday night game tonight. My stepdad is a coach so we are of course cheering for the Skins… HOWEVER, apparently, -for the last 40 or so years, if the Redskins WIN the game on the weekend/Monday night BEFORE an election, the Republican candidate wins the race. If the Skins LOSE, the Dems win…… So we may actually be rooting for Pittsburgh tonight… Sorry Skins fans…

  4. Claverack Weekender

    Nicely done. Fortunately my son wanted to be a doctor so I didn’t have to break out the glue gun. The best thing I saw Halloween night: my neighbor and his wife from three doors down brought their two kids out along with not one but two nannies. It must still be a bull market at their house…

  5. Mindy

    I’ve always been impressed with the descriptions of your DIY projects and your can do spirit, but this one tops them all! Lucy is one lucky little girl. All I can think to say is WOW! Um, so I really do love my husband and he’s a great dad, but, um, do you give lessons?

  6. littlerattyratratrat

    Lucy was super-adorable! Very excellent job on the costumes!
    In re: moths vs. butterflies. Wooly caterpillars is all moths, mostly. The famed wooly-bear is a tiger-moth larva. And moths get a bad rap…the whole night-flying thing. Kids don’t want to dress up as cute moths. Maybe we need a Moth-Appreciation Week.
    Afraid to be hopeful on the election, but it looks like the good guys might win, for a change.
    More worried about Prop 8, but I don’t live California, so not much I can do. We’ve got stem-cells and medical marijuana on the ballot here in Michigan, and both polling well, so maybe good news there too.

  7. Bozoette Mary

    What a gorgeous group of butterflies!
    And jif, don’t worry. That particular trend broke during the last election — the Redskins lost, and Bush was elected. So no worries!! Hail to the Redskins!

  8. Anne

    MCF: I like that question!
    A flutter of butterflies?
    An illumination of butterflies?
    A glimmer of butterflies?
    A scintillation of butterflies?
    and on and on I go…. :-)

  9. cullen

    Looks like a very creative Halloween. Precocious Lucy of the newly found(ed) Lepidopteran Party has my vote this fall.
    Happy Election Day (let’s all trust it’ll be happily blue and not boo-hoo).
    GoBama, and I don’t mean roll tide. :-)

  10. LFMD

    What a beautiful family! My daughter and her bug friend were very impressed with the costumes. Esp. the Luna Moth.
    Jif is in VA? Somehow I can’t imagine Jif in the US. . . in France, in Germany, in Afghanistan . . . YES, but not in VA. Too ordinary! Next she will be commenting from a cubicle! BTW, I am still hoping to hear the birth story. . . or get another gander at the twins. Names?
    I am so excited about the election that I can’t sleep at night. I wore my YES WE CAN shirt all over my little town today, to try to assess the politic sentiment. I got a few smiles and a dirty look from a guy in a truck with a McCain Country First bumper sticker. This is the most exciting election that I can remember. . . .
    Can I tell you why I am so happy? Because in all of my years as a Registered Democrat, Barack Obama is the first Democratic candidate that I truly, genuinely LIKE. I like him in the sense that I admire him, his values, his sensibility . . . I am PROUD of him. He cares. He inspires me!
    To think that we are about to elect the first African-American President (one named Barack Hussein Obama, no less!) makes me think that the lowest common denominator is not so low after all. And I was a damn pessimistic snob to think otherwise.
    Let’s hope he wins. The past few years and this economic implosion have left me so demoralized . . .

  11. CM

    What…nothing today? ;) OK, everyone, don’t get complacent – get out there and vote! And then practice what you preach. Give to the needy, help yer fellow man, etc….
    I want an update on Ms. Jif too, just from reading adventurous exploits in and out of maternity.

  12. julie

    Just to prove how anal I am, according to Wikipedia, a group of butterflies and/or moths are called a swarm or a rabble. I prefer the others that Anne mentioned.


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