caterpillar in a hurry


Yes, I’m sure if you read my last blog (and cared) you’d think I was creating a nightmare for my daughter’s Halloween, and I have to say, I wasn’t too sure myself. However, I think the costumes turned out okay for a bunch of wire, sheer fabric, spray paint, hinges and headbands:


I’ve always taken Halloween very seriously (as documented) but sometimes if something doesn’t exist, you just want to make it. I wanted to be a Carolina blue butterfly, and the closest match was this morpho Helena:


…and I tried to turn Tessa into the Luna Moth that some of you commenters identified on my farmhouse door back in June, for which I thank you very much:


And after Adventures in Glue-gunning, I finished the get-ups with five minutes to spare – then we immediately hit the “walk streets” in Venice:


with our friend Monica

Advice to those making butterfly costumes at home (which, by my estimation, is about 2,347,558 of you): Lucy’s monarch had two separate wings on hinges, meaning they flapped when she walked, and she could pull them in when it was crowded. Tessa and I lacked the hinge option, and therefore created a swath of destruction everywhere we went.


Did you know the difference between moths and butterflies? Moths rest with their wings spread out (like on a screen door) and butterflies fold theirs in. Also, moths have fuzzy antennae, and butterflies have long antennae with a little bulb at the end.

*long silence*

Okay, so we’re a little nervous about the election. Gotta do something with that energy, right?