hailing N.C.U.


Some Thoughts About Being in Chapel Hill for Ten Hours for the Kentucky Game

1. Drove through two blizzards to get here. Forget snow, I had barely seen rain for seven months. All those white flecks in the air, how magical!

2. Chapel Hill is colder than BALLZ. You remember that week when it crept into the low 20s, and you were like “what the fuck? I thought we were in the South?”? This is that week.

3. Kentucky can eat it. The last time I saw us play Kentucky in 1990, both schools had the same number of total wins since their programs had begun eighty years earlier (by the way, what were the astronomical chances of that happening?) and Pete Chilcutt threw an errant ball from the floor to Rick Fox for the last-second win, and the place erupted like I’d never heard, not even for the Dook games.

No such eruptions tonight, but it felt good to wipe away one more “total wins” from their column and add to ours. Their fans are the worst. Gillespie should have known he was entering a toxic situation in Lexington.

4. I can’t believe I drove this morning from the University of Kentucky to UNC, to see UK play UNC at UNC. That’s weird.

5. I never thought freshmen looked that young. When we became seniors, the girls would always remark about the frosh, and how young they seemed. To me, they always looked about right: that is, like uncooked dough. I looked like that too.

6. Sometimes you can tell the UNC fan base’s age just by color alone. The older people in the stands wear that Carolina Blue from the ’70s and ’80s that was actual deep sky blue:


whereas the younger students wear the new Carolina Blue which, to me, has a lot more lavender in it:


(you can guess my preference, but I’m a purist)

7. My nephew Sam took me to his suite on the fifth floor of Hinton James. I could still name about forty of you, and which suites you lived in circa 1986 (yes, you on the 4th, 9th and 10th floors). I went to my old Room 244, which is now 211A, and met the very nice dude living there now. He had a Carolina blue Epiphone guitar with Rameses on it. ROCK!!!

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  1. Andy

    Dude! I didn’t know you were there. Dave and I were in section 131. Oh well.
    Sounds like we are going to be down to 2 total post players until Psycho comes back. Ugh.

  2. wottop

    I was there in the late 80’s and yet I like the newer shade they use in the Nike stuff. I have that wind shirt, it just has bigger letters.

  3. Ruth

    Colors: Old leans towards teal don’t you think?, or at least fades that way over time, vs. the new “baby blue,” periwinkle shade.
    As for watching the game here in Portland, OR, The alums have taken over the BWW. They even got blue cups.

  4. Zel M.

    Thanks for reminding me of one of the more memorable events of my senior year at UNC. That comeback against Kentucky was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was simply electric. And you are right – that was the absolute loudest I had ever heard that place. I recorded the game on the VCR and came home to watch it again and again.
    My favorite thing about the night was that Kentucky was pretty much in control and we made a run to cut it to about 6 or 7 points and Pitino called a TO with about 6 minutes left. Coming out of the TO, the band broke into “Here Comes Carolina”, which at that time was never played unless the team was running on the floor. The crowd knew this was the makings of a patented UNC comeback, and when the band hit that BOMP…BOMP…BOMP… BOMP BOMP BOMP BOMP into “Here Comes Carolina” the place went wild knowing that figuratively here comes the Carolina comeback. For the next few years, they whipped that out whenever the team was down and it looked like a comeback was brewing. Nowadays they play it anytime, any situation to get the crowd to clap on the BOMP BOMPs.
    And the “what color is Carolina blue” debate rages on in our football uniforms. The unis are the periwinkle-type blue while the helmets (at the request of former coach John Bunting, who played in the 70s) are the deeper blue to refelct the color of the helmets back then.

  5. craighill

    zeller out for the season. like the blue with the lavender in it better for some reason. will be there this wknd pulling the football team through. sux we lost to maryland – talk about low rent fans…go heels!


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