women are from venus, men are from uranus


I hope you folks don’t mind that I’m just posting pictures for a few days – I’m in the process of:

– building a woodshed

– renovating a horse stable into a tiny ballet studio and kiddie fun hut (Lucy’s Xmas present)

– building a flue system 30 feet out the top of the barn

– mentally organizing a movie script by chapters in my head

…and you’d be surprised how those things render you opinionless to all else in the world. However, due to the conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus on Monday night, I thought you might like to see how it looked on top of our hill at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit.


click for bigger

0 thoughts on “women are from venus, men are from uranus

  1. LFMD

    Damn, you are awesome! You really make the most of your time. Just be sure to post photos of your projects when you have completed them.

  2. CM

    I love that! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with those of us in the city who didn’t really get the most of it.
    Good luck with the movie script. Maybe this is the one!!

  3. Caroline

    We were in Argentina (in fact I just got back this AM, ugh) and the planets were super visible the whole time we were there. It was rad!
    BTW, everyone should go to Argentina if they can. It’s beyond awesome. My pictures are SICK!


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