brought some corn for popping



We’re taking the week off to dream of Christmas. You should take the week off too! See you next Monday…

0 thoughts on “brought some corn for popping

  1. CM

    Can you talk to my boss? ;)
    Have a terrific holiday weekend – your family and all of youse out there commenting and all of youse otherwise. (I’m in Joisey so it’s ok to say that.) Be careful out there too! It’s 13 degrees here right now, by the way. When I got up three hours ago it was…13 as well.

  2. GFWD

    Merry Christmas, Ian, Tessa and Lucy. And everyone else who checks in here regularly. This is always the first website I hit every morning–except during fantasy football season–and I’m rarely disappointed in the content or lively debate. Looking forward to more of the same in ’09.


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