i know i’ll be a law someday



We just came to D.C. to do a little sightseein’, but hell, there’s a billion people here – what gives?

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  1. cullen

    That there’s the office of the new not-so-top secret, sub-Cabinet but still lazy-susan level position created for the OBAMA administration.
    SHE’s not a plain Jane Valerie ‘Plain’, but the TCLBI, “Tickly-BEAUty”, or “Transient Center of Light & Bright” glass-half-full ideas: to be staffed by a kiddie-gardened (or younger) beacon o’ hope like your LUcy, my high-minded 5 yr. old EMily, or other carefully vetted pre-tween…
    Happy Inauguration Day (Happy is Dad)!!

  2. Rebecca

    Have a wonderful time, and please share all your photos and insights with those of us not lucky enough to be there.

  3. LFMD

    I loved it all today, but did you see Chief Justice Roberts screw up the oath of office??? Idiot! He had to do just one thing today, and he f-ed it up. Made me so angry! On such an important day, memorize your lines!!!

  4. Anne

    What a day, what a day. I am a roiling combination of awestruck, teary, and scared of what we Americans are dumping on that lovely man’s shoulders. But, at last: a president we can be proud of. This indeed has been a day when HOPE reigns across the land.

  5. flaco

    NICE! looks like Kirsten is on the fast track, behold the future, the immediacy is burning flesh yet manna to the mind and soul! Amen!


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