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Now, I’m writing this at 7:15pm on the West Coast, Thursday night – so we can’t say anything for sure, yet – but it’s looking like our brilliant Congresswoman and friend Kirsten Gillibrand will be the next junior Senator from the Great State of New York. [midnight update: it’s her! -ed.]


our billboard outside the farm for KG’s 2006 campaign

Kirsten is exactly the same age as us, started a family the same year as us, went through the heartache of the early Bush years as we did, and all through it, remained steadfast in her convictions. In 2006, she took our Congressional district – which had voted deeply Republican since Julius Caesar won the Battle of Pharsalus – and turned it blue with a little bit of luck and a lot of plain, open honesty.

Once in office, she started publically publishing her schedule on the Web (unheard of!) and made every decision a matter of easy open record. Because of our district, she has had to make choices I hate – FISA, the NRA, and the like – but she was truly representing her constituency. I have no doubt she’ll move to the center (or even center-left) of the party when she represents the whole of New York.

We picked up our Inaugural tickets from Kirsten on Tuesday, and they took a picture of her with me, Tessa and our friend Kelly. While we’re beyond excited to have Rep. Gillibrand picked for the Senate, I think we can all agree on this: my hair ought to be considered as well.