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Now, I’m writing this at 7:15pm on the West Coast, Thursday night – so we can’t say anything for sure, yet – but it’s looking like our brilliant Congresswoman and friend Kirsten Gillibrand will be the next junior Senator from the Great State of New York. [midnight update: it’s her! -ed.]


our billboard outside the farm for KG’s 2006 campaign

Kirsten is exactly the same age as us, started a family the same year as us, went through the heartache of the early Bush years as we did, and all through it, remained steadfast in her convictions. In 2006, she took our Congressional district – which had voted deeply Republican since Julius Caesar won the Battle of Pharsalus – and turned it blue with a little bit of luck and a lot of plain, open honesty.

Once in office, she started publically publishing her schedule on the Web (unheard of!) and made every decision a matter of easy open record. Because of our district, she has had to make choices I hate – FISA, the NRA, and the like – but she was truly representing her constituency. I have no doubt she’ll move to the center (or even center-left) of the party when she represents the whole of New York.

We picked up our Inaugural tickets from Kirsten on Tuesday, and they took a picture of her with me, Tessa and our friend Kelly. While we’re beyond excited to have Rep. Gillibrand picked for the Senate, I think we can all agree on this: my hair ought to be considered as well.


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  1. Anne

    You guys know how to pick a winner. Congrats! I’ll follow her Senatorial career with interest from little Rhody.
    The hair: Have you seen pics of the actor Rob Pattinson when he was out flogging the teen vampire movie “Twilight”? You two have something in common. ;-)

  2. hkk

    She’s against gay marriage, a pro-gun (NRA endorsed) candidate. I didn’t think she would line up with your views Ian, or is the personal connection enough?

  3. LFMD

    I just heard on my podcast about KG and headed straight to your blog. How exciting! She is the same age as us and has a family? I feel like a blob in comparison. Go Kirsten!
    As for the hair, from what I have seen, a man your age with a head full of hair still in its natural color is an anomaly. Show it off!

  4. Ehren

    This is great news, Ian. I was really uneasy about Kennedy’s demeanor during this whole process, and was relieved when she dropped out. By contrast, hearing that the person you guys have supported for years is getting a shot after having worked her way up is exactly the sort of story I can buy into.

  5. Piglet

    I’ve admired Gillibrand ever since she kicked Bluto Sweeney’s ass in 2006. She’ll make a great US Senator, hopefully for decades.
    Only thing is, will you be able to hold your Congressional district for the Democrats? It’s gerrymandered pretty Republican…

  6. Rebecca

    I too thought of you both when I read the rumors late last night. It appears to be an excellent choice, and I am happy for Kirsten, and hope that she will represent NY well. Perhaps she can even change her gun control stance now that she represents ALL of NY, rather than just her rural district. We can hope, right?
    Regarding the hair, surely it’s as qualified as Caroline Kennedy!

  7. Carolyn

    On the drudgereport right now they have her picture and underneath it the caption “Star is Born.”
    RE: your hair. It’s rad.


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