pssst… it’s est, not pst


I am writing this at 11:32pm on Wednesday night, and I still do not know the outcome of the UNC/Florida State game. I have not looked at my emails from GFWD, nor any of my Heels listservs, nor any other friends, nor have I checked online. I promised my daughter we’d watch it together in the morning, one of the special things we do together.

I forgot about the 3-hour time difference from NC and didn’t set the TiVo. After beating my head against a tree in rage, I tried to search everywhere on the internet – with our still-disastrously-slow connection – for a place to watch the game, download it, pay $40 for it, ANYTHING.

As if to prove yesterday’s blog, I CANNOT FIND IT.

So I put it to you, fair readers: if any of you can find a place where I can download or stream last night’s game of the North Carolina Tar Heels @ Florida State Seminoles by 5pm PST today, I WILL GIVE YOU THAT FORTY DOLLARS and a personal video thanks posted here from me and Lucy. Even if the solution is burning a DVD and sending to me via my Fedex account. I’m serious.

Please insert a rant here about how modern technology doesn’t give people what they actually want. Or comment below on how it does if you know where to look. Either way, MY OFFER STANDS!

Your most humble servants,

Ian (and Lucy).


0 thoughts on “pssst… it’s est, not pst

  1. Claudia

    I sympathize on so many levels. My children fell in love with a specific episode of Barney (don’t get me started) from our OnDemand offerings, only to have it disappear. I swear, I’m going back to VHS tapes and cassette recorders.
    Good luck getting the game.

  2. kjf

    i would call the athletic office at unc and see if they have any ideas. i am sure someone there has a way to burn it and send it to you.
    or they may have some info on where it is available.

  3. kjf

    and one more thing – you really need to set your tivo to record anything that has the words carolina and basketball in it. you will get a lot of stuff you dont want to watch but at least you wont miss the game.

  4. Ian

    thanks, folks – and aigduke, you’re one of the good ones.
    So this is as good as it gets? Hinton James walks three weeks to school in 1789, but I can’t get the game ANYWHERE?

  5. julie

    I have the last 5 or so minutes of game time (20 or so minutes of air time) on the DVR. If anyone knows how I can get that off mine onto a DVD, Ian I’ll send it to you.

  6. Ian

    Julie, that’s very sweet of you. We went ahead and watched the recap that Zel linked to, but you’re the only one that even had a snippet to offer!


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