fifteen five-oh-one


Oooooooooh. I just want to roll around in it, to baste in it, to squirm delightfully in its delicious sauce of vanquished, redemptive giddiness. I want to make a suit out of it, and wear it to the Church of Eat It!

They said the passion would abate, but it hasn’t. They said we would grow complacent, but 8-20 and visions of 2001 have made us eternally vigilant, and eternally thankful. Now, when I drink it, it tastes like carbonation and sugar and alcohol and root beer floats. Oh, to bottle it and bring it out on dark nights of depression!

Everyone gets a pass, sportsmanship rules supreme, and all is forgiven: except for one team. We need that one visceral loathing; it defines us, it is the wall that provides prospective. It is okay to make an exception to civility. I’m fine with batting .999, really.

In this time of the Self, in the era of Me, when we are always asked what we stand for, we’re offered a shorthand when our yang plays our yin: “To know me, look here; for this is what I’m not.”

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  1. Anne

    When I first started reading this entry, before I clicked on the “Oooooh” link, I thought you were talking about Obamamania.

  2. T.J.

    My initial guess was we’d win because our defense wasn’t as bad as their offense. That ended up being true in the second half. Frasor’s and Thompson’s unexpected contributions in the first half opened things up for everyone else, and then Lawson gave me visions of King Rice, but with offense, the way he broke them down and humiliated them time after time in the second half. He can do that out the half-court set when the other team has neither a quick guard nor a shot-blocking presence inside (I’ve heard Plumlee can do that, but K isn’t exactly noted for building up a useful bench).

  3. Salem's Little Sister

    I am proud to say that my dookie husband will be wearing a “I heart Roy’s boys” t-shirt thanks to a bet I came up with before the game. He will be wearing said shirt to dook tomorrow at the MBA student’s weekly Fuqua Friday where they gather to talk about New Jersey, summers at the shore and how they keep their Varney sunglasses still looking like new(it’s all about the sunglass strap worn in front and the glasses worn on the back of their necks).

  4. chm

    Nice gallery of Heel greats at today, which nevertheless manages to skip from 1957 to 1982 thereby missing out on the golden age of UNC unis. (The early ’80s versions are still pretty sweet, though.)

  5. Big Scott

    I have a two and a half year old son named Wyatt. This morning’s conversation with him:
    Wyatt: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”
    Me: “Yes, Wyatt.”
    Wyatt: “Dook lost.”
    Me: “Nope, the Dookies got crushed.”
    Wyatt: “Yeah, cwushed.”
    Me smiling.
    Wyatt: “Daddy, Dookies are evil.”
    Me congratulating myself on a job well done.
    And, by the way, 25 points on only 11 shots from a point guard? You’ve got to be kidding me. For all those people who were down on Ty after the BC and Wake games, take that. BC and Wake can keep Rice and Teague. We’ve got the right guy at the point and he’s the best in the country at what he does.

  6. Tanya

    I’m so glad y’all are willing to write out your thoughts, because all I’m able to muster up right now is:
    *HAPPY DANCE!* happydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydancehappydance

  7. Megan

    Did anyone else lose it when Thomas accidentally kicked Scheyer in the nuts in the first half? Bad sportsmanship, I know, but I just. couldn’t. help. it.

  8. craighill

    “A good 30 minutes after the game ended, Duke senior Greg Paulus’ eyes still showed the red-rimmed evidence of tears”.
    i fkn love it!

  9. econgreg

    I (UNC, ’90) posted a facebook note aimed at my sister (Dook, ’88) that said something snarky about almost starting to feel sorry for Dook. She responded, “It’s not March yet, and at least we got Tyler with an elbow…” I take back my comment. I still despise everything about them and wish nothing but anguish upon the fans and their sorry-ass excuse for a team.

  10. dean

    I think it would be responsible journalism for ESPN to point out the number of consecutive UNC-dook games in which a friggin’ dookie has been whistled for a flagrant foul. ESPN is such a COaCh K sucker though, that it’ll never happen.
    I hate all those dookie bastards.
    God it feels good to be a Heel today.

  11. Bud

    So many things in life are not as good as you want them to be, especially the things you really want.
    You want the thing so much and then you get it — and you don’t feel any better for getting it. Maybe you feel worse, now that the anticipation is over and the realization sets in that you are still the same and the thing you wanted is, well, just another thing.
    But beating dook isn’t like that; the victory satisfies to the core and the joy burns with steady brightness and warmth. At least until the next dook game. Way to go, Heels!

  12. betsy

    not related, but I thought of you, yer tall blond wife, and once newborn redhead when garrison keiler sent me this poem this morning.
    Mary Bly
    by James Wright
    I sit here, doing nothing, alone, worn out by long winter.
    I feel the light breath of the newborn child.
    Her face is smooth as the side of an apricot,
    Eyes quick as her blond mother’s hands.
    She has full, soft, red hair, and as she lies quiet
    In her tall mother’s arms, her delicate hands
    Weave back and forth.
    I feel the seasons changing beneath me,
    Under the floor.
    She is braiding the waters of air into the plaited manes
    Of happy colts.
    They canter, without making a sound, along the shores
    Of melting snow.
    the linebreaks all crazy. wonder if it’ll work.
    Happy VD to you and your gals.

  13. The Other Alan

    Here’s a little excerpt I whipped up to screw with a co-worker who’s a dook grad…
    Financial News for 12 February 2009
    Durham, N.C. – Another sign of the worsening housing credit crash became evident yesterday as it was revealed that Cameron Indoor Stadium, home to the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team, is not actually owned by Duke University. In documents that were revealed last night after the North Carolina Tarheels defeated Duke 101-87, the building is actually owned by The University of North Carolina. Surprisingly, the primary lienholder is listed as Tyler Hansborough, a senior at UNC and reigning National Player of the Year. When asked about this shocking turn of events, Hansborough replied, “I was wondering what that was I signed after we beat Duke in my freshman year. Somebody owes me some money!”
    Apparently, ownership of the building was transferred to UNC following the UNC victory at Cameron in 2006, but no details have come to light as to why ownership was relinquished by Duke. All signs point to a successful hostile takeover that took place. No official response was made by Duke University officials immediately following the revelation, but when asked in his post-game press conference about the situation, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski simply replied, “Damn, that explains the cold water in all the showers. Do you think they’d be willing to add a climate control system to this hunk of bricks?” When asked if this had anything to do with the Tarheels recent domination of the Blue Devils on their home court, Krzyzewski replied, “No comment”.


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