the Bearcats ate the Retrievers


Let’s do this again, shall we? I invite each and or every one of you to our NCAA bracket challenge, the conflagration formerly known as The Four Guys Not Named Biff Ice Cream Social. Back in the day, Jon, Chip, Bud and Myself used to deliver our picks via carrier pigeon in rolled parchment, sealed with charmed wax that only the recipient could undo. Now we have the INTERNETTZ.

The winner, as per always, gets a guest blog to talk about whatever, whomever or whyever they want. Always craved a national audience about your disturbingly picayune pet peeve? Want to humiliate an old enemy? Got a theory you want haunting you forever? This is the way to do it, baby.

Oh yes, you lurkers, you’re invited too. I know you’re out there, I can sense the comments you would have made, if only the time were right. Perhaps it’s a dose of l’esprit de l’escalier, oui oui? Here’s your chance to turn that “wit of the staircase” into a full-fledged, disastrously-public, self-shaming of the staircase!

Simply leave a comment below that is oddly off-topic. In the “email” field, leave a real address (nobody else can see it), and I’ll send you the invite. C’mon, SUNY Binghamton!