the Bearcats ate the Retrievers


Let’s do this again, shall we? I invite each and or every one of you to our NCAA bracket challenge, the conflagration formerly known as The Four Guys Not Named Biff Ice Cream Social. Back in the day, Jon, Chip, Bud and Myself used to deliver our picks via carrier pigeon in rolled parchment, sealed with charmed wax that only the recipient could undo. Now we have the INTERNETTZ.

The winner, as per always, gets a guest blog to talk about whatever, whomever or whyever they want. Always craved a national audience about your disturbingly picayune pet peeve? Want to humiliate an old enemy? Got a theory you want haunting you forever? This is the way to do it, baby.

Oh yes, you lurkers, you’re invited too. I know you’re out there, I can sense the comments you would have made, if only the time were right. Perhaps it’s a dose of l’esprit de l’escalier, oui oui? Here’s your chance to turn that “wit of the staircase” into a full-fledged, disastrously-public, self-shaming of the staircase!

Simply leave a comment below that is oddly off-topic. In the “email” field, leave a real address (nobody else can see it), and I’ll send you the invite. C’mon, SUNY Binghamton!


0 thoughts on “the Bearcats ate the Retrievers

  1. Tanya

    Am I first??off topic: My hair has turned curiously and naturally curly since Grant was born. Everyone thinks I got a perm!

  2. FreshPaul

    I’m not saying he’s unlucky, but if he fell into a barrel full of tits, he’d come up sucking his own thumb.
    that’s mine.

  3. emma

    Not completely off topic, but too good not to share:
    When my 8 year old looked at the pic in today’s post, he said, “Who is that? Coach K?” I immediately grounded him for life. Then, told him who it was and he said, “Don’t tell Daddy what I said.” That second comment will shorten his sentence a little bit, I think.

  4. eric g.

    The answer to the global economic crisis and the real identity of the grassy knoll shooter are in tomorrow’s print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Reserve your copy now.

  5. David

    From the OED
    lurk, v.
    1. a. intr. To hide oneself; to lie in ambush; to remain furtively or unobserved about one spot. (Now only with indication of place.) Also, to live in concealment or retirement.
    b. To shirk work; to idle. Obs.

  6. julie

    My 6-year old chastized me for not having anything green to wear today. I do have on a green necklace, but that doesn’t count in his mind. Happy St. Patty’s day to all!

  7. Big Scott

    Emma, you’re breaking my heart with that story, but I feel your pain. My 6 1/2 year old asked me who those old guys were when she saw a picture of Coach Smith, Michael Jordan, and James Worthy standing together on the court at the Smith Center recently (see below). Proof that I’m old and that my daughter doesn’t know enough about Carolina Basketball. So, the first thing that I thought of when I saw the picture from Ian’s post today was, “I should print out a copy of this picture so that I can add it into the set of Carolina Basketball flash cards that I’m making for my kids.”
    It’s a little extreme, I know, but then again I know a whole lot about beach music because my dad used to pay me a nickel for every song and artist I could name when he was listening to it on the radio. He got to listen to what he wanted on the radio and I generally had a pocket full of change to buy Sweet Tarts and those cool little styrofoam airplanes with propellers. Caroline and Wyatt will soon be able to recognize the all-time Tar Heel greats and I will be poorer (and happier) for it. Old school jerseys all around! They do make Timo throwback jerseys, don’t they?

  8. scruggs

    The Sesame Street band-aid on my finger is a reminder of why I shouldn’t clean the apple slicer sharp side up.
    And ditto on LFMD on FB.

  9. Scott M.

    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    (believe it or not, that’s the first thing that came to mind – I may have just been on though)

  10. LFMD

    SLS and Scruggs – you guys are cute! I am new to FB and am still trying to figure out how to find people and friend them. Plus, we have one computer in a family of three and I have to fight with my daughter for computer time. Believe me, there are few things as embarrassing as hearing my nine-year-old yell: “Daddy, I can’t get on Webkinz because Mama is on Facebook again!”
    If anyone else gets a friend request from a Laurie with a strange last name. . . it is me!

  11. jje

    My Life Would Suck Without You, in no particular order but certainly not limited to:
    Trader Joe’s Cranberry Oatmeal and Gazpacho (but not together)
    the Tar Heels
    PDAWG (playgroup)
    Connor & Graham
    preschool days
    Big Love

  12. Ehren

    If the New York Times Magazine did a big story on an Amish family who joined the Cirque de Soleil, my head would explode.

  13. Brian from the Spanish House

    I was in Chicago this weekend and liked a radio station which billed itself as Rock for the Suburbs. That scares me.

  14. kelsey

    My 8 year old son in the car on the way home:
    Mom, I don’t love Kyndall anymore.
    Me: Why?
    Son: Well, there are just too many other important things at this point in my life.
    Way to go, son!

  15. erica

    My 6-yr-old daughter has a double ear infection, my 4-yr-old son threw up in his bed last night, I have some sort of respiratory bug and my husband is in Chicago for the week. Now THAT’S March Madness folks!

  16. ginat

    I have to find another stick horse and clown wig, two cowboy hats and two bandanas. (For the first grade musical — I will NOT be lead room parent next year — at least we don’t have to sew anything!)

  17. Caroline

    For days, my stomach has been making alarming and loud gurgling noises like the kind that precedes scary explosive diarrhea. But the explosive poo doesn’t come. Not that I’m not grateful, but what’s the deal?

  18. Carolyn

    I wish I was in Austin this week for SXSW but the current dismal state of affairs has me watching every dime.
    Unemployment is becoming a drag. I am forced to think of new ways to eat eggs (coddled with parmesan and black pepper).

  19. kjf

    i just read a story in the nytimes about a guy who was hired to shoot coyotes in an upscale denver neighborhood for $65 a kill.

  20. GFWD

    I’ve got nearly 978 friends but no LFMD. Dammit, woman, send me a friend request.
    I never thought I’d pin my life’s happiness (at least for the next three weeks) on one man’s hallux.
    But I’m not ashamed to admit it now.
    Let’s go TY.
    Patty O’Furniture. Classic.

  21. GFWD

    Did I just get my very own LFMD friend invite on FB? Might you share a name with “he who played the Fonz”? If so, I’m gonna add you today. #979, baby!

  22. kate

    Assuming a person uses the home keys properly, ‘stewardesses’ is the longest word that one can type with only the left hand.

  23. KTS

    OK, I’m game, even though I barely know jack shit about college basketball. Corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, and beer to all!

  24. KTS

    Forgot to mention that I bought an I Ching (Wilhelm edition, of course) from Borders a couple of days ago, to replace by present well-worn one, and the print is overly light. Terribly wrong. Bad. So tomorrow, I’m going to have to return the bastard, and find someplace that sells an edition with the darker, correct print. Beware!

  25. Lindsay

    Seriously? I have to read your blog like some commoner to be in a pool with you? I work at A-EYE-GEE! I deserve better.


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