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“Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and… the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets.” – Koach K

WOW. Just when you think you’ve heard all you can hear from Koach K’s festering Christ complex, he broadsides you with another doozy like this. It would have been the perfect time for a little joke, or even a “heck, we’ll do our best” moment that might fire up his fan base and elicit a soupcon of sympathy from even the committed Dook-haters, but that would require a momentary relaxation of his draconian ego.

Does Koach K really believe the economy might suffer because President Obama spent a few minutes talking basketball with ESPN? No wonder Dook has such a PR problem; K places zero value on the appearance of being human. By filling out his brackets, Obama actually helps sell his case about the economy and most other items on his agenda, because he is participating in the same awesome ritual the rest of us are – making our President seem like a decent guy (which is something Koach ought to look into). Instead K showed – again – that his personality is stuck on one setting: cock.

I mean, I freely admit to having the “cock” setting on my own personality, as well as many others like “unfathomable snob”, “sarcastic fuck-all” and “pretentious smartyshirts”, but at least I show a little range. Only a driven narcissist like Koach K could perform the mental gymnastics required to make Obama’s brackets about him.

You know what, Koach? You and your Republican friends can eat it. I loath UTexas and Rick Barnes, but you just made me say it: hook ’em, horns!

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  1. Adrienne

    Really, not all Dukies are bad people. Some of us even voted for (and still like) Obama. This would have been a great opportunity for a “no comment,” but Kryzyewski just made things worse for those of us trying to survive in this sea of light blue. Ugh.


    I have zero dog in the UNC-Duke fight (though my uncle did teach at UNC, so that’s not entirely true), but have always hated Duke. That just fleshes out the douchebaggery of their coach.
    Got to love Texas, though. My wife went there, we were married in Austin and I have (very foolishly and blissfully) chosen them to take it all.

  3. caveman

    I almost feel sorry for him (not really). The little rat/electric shock weasel cannot get out of his own way. The mercury from the jet black shoe polish he has been plastering onto his hair for the last 10 years must be seeping into his brain.

  4. Lee

    Last night as I was falling asleep, I said to Suz “Oh man, I sure hope Ian stakes Ratface in the morning. I look forward to it more than my coffee!”
    So thanks, Ian!!

  5. CM

    I know it’s important for Obama to keep showing us that human side in order to show how likeable and folksy and a regular guy he is and all, but Coach K makes a good (albeit funny) point.

  6. scruggs

    I guess K thinks Obama should have taken a 1 month vacation at his Chicago “ranch” to focus on the economy instead of spending 5 minutes on a bracket. Given Obama is such a good delegator, maybe he had his right hand man Reggie Love fill out his bracket and Reggie knows the real deal!

  7. Andy

    Maybe Coack K should have been out recruiting an actual point guard and a center who isn’t constructed out of dead body parts instead of genuflecting at the feet of the almighty LeBron for the last 3 years.
    Eat that cheese, ratface!!!

  8. Ehren

    That anyone thinks the president can best do his job when he takes absolutely zero time to relax is ridiculous. I mean, critics might as well take a picture of him sleeping at night and say “well, it looks like Mr. Hussein Obama has more important things to do than fix our economy!”

  9. wottop

    Kobe has already said that he would have gone to dook if he had gone to college.
    So K has that going for him.
    Still no quality inside game though …

  10. Rebecca

    I read that article in 2 different places on Wednesday, and one mentioned that KK was laughing when he said it, and the other does not. (Huff Post vs. CNN)

  11. cullen

    I imagine Ian harbors some resentment for Rick Barnes going back to his days in the ACC at Clemson when he and Dean Smith were not exactly ‘bro-mantic’ coaching colleagues. That plus the number Mack Brown did on UNC football makes TX. somewhat ‘non grata’, but I say let bygones be bygones and root the cowpie horn-steer over the dookies.

  12. CET3

    As deeply as I hate KK, part of me will be sad to see him go because nobody has ever made me appreaciate Dean, Gut and Roy more than KK.

  13. kate

    Ooh, Dean… I figured someone would mention that today. Had there been a bracket on who it was, I probably would have had you in at least the Final Four. ;)

  14. Scott

    I hate this. I’m actually going to defend Coach K. Apparently his comment was made completely in jest and was followed up by this quote “Why would I care about that? I love the guy and I think he’s going to be great.”
    Drat. Coach K might actually have a different setting than “cock.” It could actually be “Funny and totally with it.”
    This makes hating him so much harder. Again, Drat!

  15. John Bender's Mom (Not Lindsay)

    “I mean, I freely admit to having the ‘cock’ setting on my own personality, as well as many others like ‘unfathomable snob’, ‘sarcastic fuck-all’ and ‘pretentious smartyshirts’, but at least I show a little range.”
    You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.

  16. asd

    I think your comment is offensive (and Ian’s too if he agrees with you.)
    To intentionally make fun of a group of people, who, by no fault of their own, have numerous big challenges in life is cruel and heartless.
    Why you would make fun of them is incomprehensible to me.

  17. Greg T.

    asd, read the news. Dean was referencing an unfortunate comment made by the big O. Though I’m sure Dean secretly hates all special Olympians and kittens for breakfast, he should probably get a pass on this one.

  18. asd

    Greg, I do read the news and I am aware of Obama’s comment re bowling.
    I guess I am the dense one and did not figure out that Dean was referencing Special Olympians in a postive way.

  19. Lindsay

    So, the Special Olympics comment was just awful. Liberals and left wing bloggers should be making more of it. It is hypocritical for them not to, unless they are declaring PC dead. (Which would be great).
    But there are two points that make this debate a little more complicated than people might think.
    (1) It’s not as bad that the mainstream media isn’t having a field day with this. It’s supposed to be part of their job to ignore the clutter. Just like President’s Bush’s comments about the blind reporter weren’t front-page news, this shouldn’t be either. Again, this doesn’t mean that the purveyors of the past 15 years of political correctness get off the hook, because they set this standard. But it ain’t news.
    (2) Not that it affects the stupidity of the comment at all, but I’m surprised not to see it reported in the proper context even once. The President was referring to Leno’s saying “Good, Mr. President, very good” in a false tone as being like the Special Olympics. He was not just referring to his score, as I have read in many places, including the Times. Again, it’s stupid no matter what the context is, but I’m still surprised to see that the media is uniformly getting it wrong when it is easy to get it right.

  20. Ian

    Lindsay is right, but ain’t he always.
    asd, I thought Dean’s comment was funny in the exact meta-milieu in which it was intended. It was a dumb thing for Obama to say regardless of reasoning. “If you’re explaining, you’re losing,” I say, explaining.


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