bentornata, kotter


Hi. Um, hey, so, can you excuse me? My wife just got back from ten days in Italy.

[insert studio audience “awwwwww”, or bassline from porn movie here]

0 thoughts on “bentornata, kotter

  1. Salem's Little Sister

    Best songs to listen to while “reuniting”
    Dave Matthews- Say GoodBye
    P.M. Dawn- I’d Die without You
    REM- You are the Everything

  2. caveman

    Living..without you, living alone
    This empty house seems so cold hold you, wanting you near
    How much I wanted you home
    But now that youve come back
    Turned night into day
    I…need you …to stay.
    So now I come….to you…with….

  3. Big Scott

    Four words for . . . umm . . . reuniting: The Reverend Al Green.
    Caveman — do those words still have the same effect now that they’re being sung by Arnel Pinedo?


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