jinga-jinga unh-nh uh-uh-uhnnn! jinga-jinga



Lucy and I before my band’s gig at the Troubadour on Friday night

Today’s CODE WORD question… please, for the love of god, tell me you’ve found some new music you like.

22 thoughts on “jinga-jinga unh-nh uh-uh-uhnnn! jinga-jinga

  1. kent

    Micachu & The Shapes!
    Click on my name for my blog post about them, with links to video and Micachu’s mix tape.
    Micachu is utterly charming, combining unlikely yet catchy songs with bursts of noisy chaos. It’s not unprecedented, but it’s original. To coin one of those ridiculous record reviewer similes, it’s as though she’s the musical grandchild of Captain Beefheart and Harry Partch. She has a lovely, agile alto and an endearingly thick South London accent.

  2. monheric

    The Decemberists: OK they aren’t new but I just fell in love with them lately and the new CD was released yesterday. If you like tunes haunting and jaunty, lyrics with lots of vocabulary and lots of punch and lots of tragedy, accordion and bouzouki, they deliver. :-)

  3. GFWD

    They’re not new, but the four Irish lads’ newest CD, “No Line on the Horizon”, is pretty good. It’s been keeping my calm during March Madness. I’m also digging on Bon Iver’s “Blindsided”. Not sure if that song is new or old, but it’s pretty good for calming one’s nerves after an especially tense tournament game.
    Yes, I really need to get a life outside of Carolina basketball. Go Heels.

  4. scruggs

    Saw the Ting Tings at the Cradle sat. night.
    The band (kind of) that opened for them was quite sassy and interesting…Hot Tub from Oakland.

  5. kevin from NC

    Listen to Theresa Anderson’s new one Go…
    It is challenging at first but then you really like it…and then you realize she plays all the instruments…

  6. craighill

    my morning jacket will be on my ipod @ the peabody hotel this weekend if anyone wants to watch the ducks and pull the heels through!

  7. xuxE

    i recently warmed up to the black keys. reminds me of shellshag mixed with queens of the stone age.
    easy star all-stars reggae versions of beatles songs (due to come out around mid-april, i think) the track with Luciano is “with a little help from my friends” is awesome, haven’t heard the rest yet. dub side of the moon and radiodread are phenomenal, so i have big expectations.
    lyrics born’s new album just dropped.
    oh and you should also try musiq soulchild.
    i think that’s it for the non-dj-food type stuff you might like.

  8. Joanna

    I’m happy the Triangle finally has a college radio station that plays college radio. Listening to NC State’s WKNC 88.1 on my afternoon carpool is my only exposure to remotely new music.
    The teenage girl in me likes the Black Kids’ I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You(despite obvious Robert Smith rip-off).
    The teenage boy in me likes the song Something Is Not Right With Me from the Cold War Kids.
    And I always likes Andrew Bird. Here’s a new one . . .
    But what I really want to hear is The Strike.

  9. kmeelyon

    Yes, yes, yes!!!
    My SXSW planning got me heavily into School of Seven Bells, The Uglysuit, Secret Life of Sofia, and +/-.
    Here are some folks I discovered there who I’d never heard of before: Drink Up Buttercup, Yearbook Pictures, and Through the Sparks.

  10. Ehren

    Marnie Stern!
    Also, anyone who likes Tom Waits and Cpt. Beefheart should be listening to Man Man, if you aren’t already. Okkervil River continues to get better and better. Fever Ray is the woman from the Knife and makes the spookiest music and videos around.

  11. Big Scott

    A bit late to the party, but for what it’s worth:
    Mates of State — Re-Arrange Us
    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists — Living with the Living
    Tigercity — Pretend Not to Love
    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings — 100 Days, 100 Nights
    Frightened Rabbit — Midnight Organ Fight
    Maybe not the newest of the new, but there’s some good stuff in there that hasn’t collented too much dust.

  12. jersey

    Ian, check out Wormburner. They are great.
    Give their album “A Hero’s Welcome” a listen.
    I’m a fan of Muscle Car, A Hero’s Welcome, and Little Things.


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