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When we are all in such far-flung places, it’s hard to recreate the ambient, happenstance, joyous community we had at the University of North Carolina. You could walk outside and continue a conversation left off a few weeks back with a random friend, and even the finer details wouldn’t suffer. That’s what I miss most about those days, but when a night like this comes along, it’s wonderful to know all those people – all you people, in many cases – are all doing and thinking the same thing, just like always.

It’s unbelievably late as I write, and we can talk post-mortem in the morrow, but right now I just want to close my eyes and remember warm breezes at night, and the collective experience of a few thousand other like-minded souls, so happy for an irrational reason, but so happy nonetheless. The closest we can come to it now? I clicked on my Facebook friends page, and started swimming in amniotic goodness.

This is only about a quarter of the entries I saw tonight, and I hope folks don’t mind that I’m reposting these here, but this makes me, in an uncomplicated word, happy:


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  1. CET3

    Great post, Ian. Here I am at nearly 4 AM, too keyed up from the win to sleep, thinking about Chapel Hill, and feeling very fortunate to be a part of that place and that it is a part of me. Even though I’m miles away, in my heart I’m walking down a gravel sidewalk in Chapel Hill, with fresh Carolina blue paint spatters from Franklin Street, bumping into you and old friends, and saying “God bless them Tar Heel boys.”

  2. kent

    UNC was unstoppable this season, and it’s hard not to get misty over Tyler and crew forgoing MILLIONS to stay and win one for Coach. That’s the sort of corny sports myth that so rarely comes true.
    And yet, it is VERY important to recognize the incredible hard work, character and sportsmanship of the Michigan State Spartans. In the last 2 minutes of the game, closeups of the Michigan bench were heartbreaking. Not a dry eye. And I don’t think it was about anything is ephemeral as Losing A Big Game; it was about being part of something truly great, playing their hearts out and still getting steamrolled in the final game.
    Michigan State is a class act; they went down with grace and dignity. Who would Coach K be whining about if he’d been in their place?

  3. Anne

    Congrats to all you Heels fans!
    Meanwhile, here in non-hoops-land, “House” was totally irritating and “24” was pretty good. :)
    On to the Frozen Four this weekend! In between Easter stuff.

  4. Bud

    After being in Chapel Hill for the last two, this one was a little sad for me – but of course, also incredibly sweet. This team’s inspiration and focus are inspirational.
    I agree with Kent: kudos to Michigan State. They’re good guys and a helluva good basketball team.
    But it’s good to be from the University of National Champions once more!

  5. Schultz

    I agree with Kent- MSU is all class.
    Izzo’s halftime adjustments were incredible. We lost the second half in my opinion but of course that doesn’t matter now. He deserves so much credit for getting the Spartans into the finals. They are going to be really strong next year- watch out.
    In the meantime- GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sean M

    The best team (by far) won. Kudos, Tarheels…and as Schultz alluded to, watch out for us next year.
    Well done.

  7. d

    hark the sound of tar heel voices
    ringing clear and true
    singing Carolina’s praises
    shouting N-C-U
    N! C! U!
    hail to the brightest star of all
    clear her radiance shine
    carolina priceless gem
    receive all praises thine
    i’m a tar heel born
    i’m a tar heel bred
    and when i die
    i’m a tar heel dead
    so its rah rah carolina-lina
    rah rah carolina-lina
    rah rah carolina
    Go to hell State!

  8. Tim

    Congrats UNC fans!
    I must admit, I’m a little jealous. My alma mater has never won a national championship in ANYTHING, but it just looks and sounds so FUN!


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