hoppin’ down th’ bunny trail


And here we go with another entry for our far-flung relatives, so we can give them a smattering of images from Lucy’s Easter birthday celebration (and to perhaps bore you to waking drool, our casual blog reader).

First off, the obligatory post-National Championship couch celebration:





After the game, we drove upstate to Columbia County to get ready for Lucy’s birthday and six toddlers over Easter. My present to the Lulubeans was a battery-operated car she could drive around the farm, but I was worried I’d turned into “that parent what gives their kid crazy shit”:





Tessa and Laura made sandwiches cut into duck and kitty shapes. I, of course, scissored up some prunes for eyeballs:





Tessa also found these rad cake pans that made egg-shaped cakes. Since Lucy’s birthday basically fell on Easter, it was perfect:





All the kids showed up – Polly, Esme, Ben, Hank and Barnaby – and the first task was to dye all the eggs without dyeing our entire barn, which was not easy:





Then a jaunt up the hill, where New York screwed us by being UNSPEAKABLY FRICKIN’ COLD:





With all the egg cakes, we had all the kids blow out all kinds of candles:





With an embarrassed disclaimer, I rolled out the Peg Perego rider, and expected everyone to be horrified. Instead, the most bizarre thing happened: the boys were scared of the car, and the girls piled in:





We started shouting “Fort Lauderdale Spring Break 2025!” 24 volts and 2 mph, baby!





As night fell, the kids got into pajamas, and we put on “Happy Feet” to much enthrallment:





As you might know, there are scary bits to “Happy Feet”, and Lucy and Hank sought solace in each others’ arms:





That night, I took Tessa’s Easter baskets and put pictures and some treats inside – kept it low-key, ‘cuz you never know which toddlers are allowed high fructose corn syrup:





Hiding the eggs was treacherous for yours truly. It was goddamn 27 degrees, and my hands were falling off. Finally, I just tossed them around the yard, but you know, kids don’t care about the weather:





We fired up the wood stove, and all Lucy’s friends piled in the barn, where I put cardboard on the walls, and strung up a room-length strip of paper for them to paint. They did three 17-foot murals, and they’re kinda awesome:





The weather threatened to get better, and the cows came out onto the hills, which always makes for nice backdrops (I like this one of Barnaby and Uncle Sean):





I tried to take pics of Lily, but she found the cows very unnerving:





The next day, all the kids bade farewell, and the temperature shot up thirty degrees. So Laura and Lucy went a-bubblin’:





I like kid events, especially with exactly six – the perfect measure of both calm and chaos. These have been Lucy’s best friends since the first days of her life, and I hope she keeps them for a long, long time… but you know how odd that path can be. For now, they are a fantastic little crew.


photos by Ian, Tessa and Laurie Williams Gilmore

0 thoughts on “hoppin’ down th’ bunny trail

  1. CM

    Wow, I always wanted my own little car to ride in when I was a kid. Lucy is a lucky girl!! Love the hidden egg.

  2. Bud

    Wow, truly a storybook Easter.
    Sean, Barnaby’s quite a young man now; have any college football coaches tried to recruit him yet? :-)

  3. Neva

    Wow! I wish I was a kid again and could celebrate Easter with you guys. This looks so wonderful and fun for everyone!!

  4. xuxE

    ok, i swear i can hear TLC’s “no scrubs” pumping from the stereo as lucy and her posse roll by in that jeep.

  5. Rebecca

    Fabulous photos – I love that Lucy and her friend are already sharing clothes! The motorized Jeeps are quite popular in my ‘hood. My neighbor took off a part from the motor that kept it under 5 mph and now his son flies around at about 12-15 mph. Without a helmet. Just don’t do that, and people won’t talk shit about you!

  6. Randy

    Looks like a truly cool birthday celebration was had by all – including those who put it on. Birthday parties can be a lot of work to do, but when they come off like this they are memories that the parents (and the kids through pictures) will remember forever.

  7. LFMD

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. I am so impressed with the amount of thoughtfulness and effort with which you approach events for your family and friends. You are inspiring! And I need to take less naps!


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