keepsakes vs. gravity, round II


Okay, so apparently you can’t “fucking bet on it” that I’ll get that sheet metal onto the door: Tessa forbade it, so I had to come up with another solution to get photographs to stay up without the use of tape. After dealing with the inner fury associated with lacerating my leg for no discernable reason, I landed on an idea Martha Stewart woulda loved.

I took jute twine and criss-crossed a wooden frame, using the nail gun to clamp the twine between door and frame. I stretched the twine taut, then cut off the excess around the frame, leaving you with the door you see at the left:


Also pictured are the other things I put up for Tessa’s birthday: better cork boards, a dry-erase board for all our work goings-on, a mail slot for all the shit I forget, and a little digital picture frame to remind us of those who live far, far away from California. Oh, and that’s Lucy’s “kitchen” where she makes tea for her stuffed frog Thierry.


The twine solution works only for large pictures, but that’s fine, because I like experimenting with the big formats, and there’s cork for everything else. It looks forlorn, all this pinboard and nothing on it yet; can’t wait to fill it with insanity.

Any projects you guys working on?

0 thoughts on “keepsakes vs. gravity, round II

  1. oliver

    “Tessa forbade it”
    I’ve been watching a lot of bad sword and sorcery lately, and I can tell you the story never ends there.

  2. Alan

    My project seems to be avoiding all these sorts of projects so I can watch more 1970s British sci-fi.
    Help: how do I tell my family I bought the complete “SPACE: 1999” DVD set before it shows up? What reason is there that I can possibly put on the table that makes this an educational resource?

  3. Kelly

    Nice work! Yes I’m excited about the collaborative art project my 6 year old and I dreamed up for her birthday party. I have a loathing for “crafts” but I enjoy “Art” so we’re compromising on a Springtime theme. I’m priming and painting a huge flattened cardboard box (from a 52″ TV) with a Pre-Spring picture.. a bare tree with no leaves, stems with no flowers, empty picnic baskets, etc. you get the idea. I am copy & printing on heavier paper flower heads, picnic food, leaves, nest, birds, etc for the girls to cut out and color/paint/sparkle/sticker/feather/bejewel. Then we’ll take turns (12 of them) sticking on the items (tape) to the scene to turn it into Spring, and take a picture of them all in front of it which they’ll be emailed. Then, spray painted rocks Gold and Silver will be hunted for in the yard/field and collected, and when they’re all found, they’ll be decorated with rub on transfers and taken home in little baskets for their own little treasure stash. I hope it will be as as much fun in practice as it sounds in theory!

  4. Joanna

    If they could bottle your energy!
    My new project is my front yard. I’ve planted four different shrubs in the same spot over the past month, dissatisfied with each selection as I learn more about it. Ligustrum is OUT if anyone in your family has allergies!
    Yesterday, I decorated the front porch with hanging ferns and by dusk house sparrows were sizing them up for nests. Lovely, but does this mean I can’t water my new plants?

  5. Sharon

    My daughter is reading Little House in the Big Woods for her first grade book report. We had planned a diorama (building a Lincoln Log cabin, etc.) but now she’s decided she wants to make maple syrup candy. I just ran out at my lunch hour trying to find candy molds in downtown Raleigh – with no luck. I’ve never made any candy beyond fudge, so it may be an adventure. All hints/advice/recipes welcome.

  6. xuxE

    i LOVE space 1999!!!!! i am so buying the box set. plus the old star treks now that i am hopelessly lost in old scifi nostalgia.
    as for projects, i am trying to get around to painting my diningroom chairs blue and covering the seats with gold lame.
    i also have a big secret b-day present in process and it is a nightmare. more about that after 5-26.

  7. Neva

    I suck at projects of any sort.
    I do enjoy those done by others though – including my husband’s amazing flower garden. CH folks – you should come see. It’s really nice.

  8. Kevin In Philadelphia

    In an effort to eat healthy and save a bit of dinero on food at the market, I’ll be building some planters and growing tomatoes, zuccini, peppers, various herbs, and whatever else I can think of that might be tasty.

  9. Tim

    My project is called my house! 1930 Craftsman Bungalow. Seems like there’s always something to fix around here.

  10. eric g.

    I’m attempting to plant a yard, which seems a lot easier in the Scott’s commercials than it actually is. Fucking crabgrass. Fucking dandelions. Anyway, nice job with the door, Ian. Your determination is an inspiration. Gotta go water the “lawn.”

  11. ken

    Two recent ones.
    1) The first was a ‘riser’ for the litter box. We had two minor basement floods last year which resulted in our cats’ litter box floating in the seepage. I built a 8″ riser in the unlikely event we have another flood.
    2) When we had our first child (Abigail, this past St. Patty’s Day), the child seat took up one of the two available rear seats in our Element which forced our dog to have to sit upright instead of sprawling across both seats. We felt bad that she had to sit upright–since she refused to sit on the floor–which was rough on a long three hour trip. So, I built a carpeted platform that spans the gap between the front of the rear seat and the rear of the front seat (with payload space underneath) and now our Bella has an additional 8 square feet of space to stretch out. We haven’t road tested it on a long trip yet but on in-town trips, she loves it.

  12. kmeelyon

    Nice! Uh, my recent project involves unpacking from my move 2.5 years ago. All the boxes are unpacked (and were within a couple of weeks). But I did toss some stuff into paper bags and shove them to the back of a closet. I guess the entire room that belongs to that closet has been my focus this month. It feels so good to recycle, freecycle, and generally eliminate all this crap.

  13. Suzie

    I know it is entirely too late now, but has anyone mentioned to you that there is a paint that you slop on that will make any wall in your house magnetic? Even after you paint your color of choice over it!