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Just back from a sad, emotional and often deeply funny weekend in Norfolk… but two planes, one train and two taxis later, I can barely conjugate verbs. So I’d like to ask you this: if you see something oddly beautiful or inspiring today, can you put it in the comments section?

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  1. kent

    Something Melissa has been calling my attention to: Right now, Iowa is a million shades of green, and in the evening (or morning) the sun through the trees multiplies the shades 1000-fold.

  2. LFMD

    I work from home on Mondays and Wednesdays. In my office, I pushed my desk right against the window that overlooks my backyard. My dear husband spents a lot of time making the yard lovely. It is a nice yard that backs to the woods. It is very peaceful, and there is a birdfeeder close to the window. . . I enjoy watching all the birds and rascally squirrels enjoy some seed or take a bath in the bird bath. Right now, there are lots of cardinals and bluebirds enjoying a lovely June 1 day. Oh, and my dearly departed beagle is buried back near the irises, so I can keep an eye on him as well. : )

  3. Anne

    Bluebirds! I am envious of Laurie.
    I walked our dog at 6:45 this morning. Down our dead-end street to the bike/walking path along the beach… It rained briefly last night and is crisp and cool today; the bay sparkled in the new sun and everything looked scrubbed clean and new. The air is so clear, I could see beyond the Jamestown Bridge way to our south, toward open ocean.
    Beach roses, magenta and pale pink, were jeweled with dewdrops, and in the middle of the bay, a lone quahogger (look it up!) plied his rake from his small white wooden boat. We saw not another soul on our walk to the main beach and back, heard little but gulls mewing and the hum of the local clam shack’s fans.
    That is how I love to start my day: with deep breaths of clean salty air, a clear sky, and views that inspire.

  4. julie

    It was great sleeping weather last night, so we opened up the windows. The beauty of it is the boys sleep so much better too – I had the opportunity to watch each one sleeping this morning. I hated to wake them — so angelic and peaceful, both of them.

  5. Salem's Little Sister

    My Ben and Salem’s Lillie Anne sitting together, quietly reading books. Ben’s is a coloring book and he can’t read, but you get the picture.

  6. caroline

    the giant white clouds over the slickrock this morning were amazing. The sky over this canyon country can take whatever sadness you need to give it.

  7. Joanna

    Walking down a long corridor this morning, my daughter grabbed my son’s hand. He didn’t resist, as sometimes he might. They held hands, swung arms and chatted, while I beamed to myself.

  8. scruggs

    This weekend, my husband decided out of the blue he wanted to plant a garden and do it RIGHT THEN. But now that he has finished, it looks pretty cool back there, and I can’t wait for the first harvest.

  9. Lisa Villiarimo

    The wild Italian parsley growing in my friend’s yard here in Makawao, Maui. The cows are meandering around and the sun is rising over Haleakala. Postcard perfect!

  10. GFWD

    Like Scruggs’ main squeeze, I helped my wife dig out grass and weeds for a garden. I’m not a gardener, but she and my 3 son love it. I even operated heavy equipment (power drill) and was able to hammer rebar into the railroad ties. The planting will commence this evening when I get the kids from daycare. The railroad ties were necessary since I have a penchant for mowing down anything green when it’s in the yard. Anyhoo, the best part of the day, yesterday, was hearing my wife tell my son to, “Go tell daddy what you just said to me.” Prompting my son to come tell me that he thought I was a great dad. And then he gave me a big hug. Scruggs, don’t be surprised if Don “harvests” similar praise from your youngins for his green thumb and gardening expertise.
    Ian, the “sweet” portion of any bittersweet funeral is the de facto reunion of old friends and the telling and re-telling of old stories that brought your gaggle of friends together in the first place. Sorry again that your friend died, but happy that you and others got to unite in her honor and keep her alive in your collective memory. That alone may suffice as your inspiring boost today.

  11. Rebecca

    I find it oddly beautiful and inspiring that you, Ian, dropped what you were doing in your busy life and flew across the country to pay tribute to your friend and attend her funeral. I’m not trying to be an ass-kisser here, seriously, I find it touching that you did that. There are just so few of us who would make that happen.

  12. Bozoette Mary

    The new movie UP is beautiful, especially the first sequence. So beautiful it had me in tears, and as soon as I got home I downloaded the lovely, lovely waltz “Married Life” from the soundtrack.

  13. Anne

    I enjoyed coming back here tonight to see what others had posted. So many nice little moments.
    Coincidentally, some of us who “met” here at Xtcian are participating in a “take a picture from your front porch on June 1” exercise on Facebook this evening. Feel free to stop by and enjoy! We have photos from around the world. Scroll down on the FB page and click on view all photos.

  14. Bud

    I’m a day late… but yesterday afternoon I saw a small herd of bison (buffalo) on a back road in Hunterdon County, NJ. And hundreds of geese and cows and dozens of deer. Lovely green hills, tree-lined roads with no traffic… and my dog, Girlie Wolf, doing fine after her surgery. Lots of beautiful things in the world if you keep your eyes open.

  15. craighill

    jason that is the most beautiful thing i have heard in a long time. happened once to me @ the OTB @ king/varick in ’94. what was the bet/odds?


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