don’t marsh my mellow


Since nobody’s on the internet in the summer, how about some pictures? Okay, then. Lucy and I have been on our solo adventure back to the farm, and it has been insanely wonderful, so here’s some images for the folks back home…

“That Buford’s a sly one – he already knows his ABC’s!




A female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak with a male Hairy Woodpecker in the background (but then again, y’all knew those already):




My daughter’s first golf swing – it went 11 feet! Yeah, baby!




My brother Steve drove his 1984 VW Westfalia Camper from California all the way to New York. Of course, Lucy gravitated to the upstairs bed, like all of us do:




I like this shot of Sean walking with Barno and my mom up the hill:




The milk cows at our place are always friendly and curious, but this year’s sorority class is ridiculous – it’s a Guernsey petting zoo. They’re all gorgeous, furry and don’t smell. Please let’s do Guernseys every year, yes?




From one 4-year-old girl to another, let’s be honest, sister…




During the winter, I promised Lucy we would make smores at the top of the hill, and I always keep my promises, especially the ones that involve sugar:




And seriously, what’s better than smores?



0 thoughts on “don’t marsh my mellow

  1. Anne

    Lucy is such a stunningly gorgeous little girl! Also: writing words already? Wow. And lol@ “fart.” Way to bring ’em up, Daddo!
    Those big-eyed Guernseys are my idea of cows. Holsteins may be graphically interesting for artists, but they look stupid, whereas Guernseys at least pretent to be intelligent.
    Glad you’re having such a good time.

  2. Neva

    Those photos are just beautiful. What a wonderful “special time” (that’s what we call it when we get alone time with a kid) you have had with your girlie. The farm looks so great – love those thoughtful looking (and sweet smelling) cows!
    I just spent a brief (36hrs) special time alone with my 8 year old on Bald Head Island and I think those memories will last a lifetime. We just kept looking at each other and saying “this is so fun!”.
    Sharing your life with a child is like entering another universe of experience and feelings you never knew you could have..

  3. Claverack Weekender

    The only thing better than s’mores is s’mores made with digestive biscuits, nutella, and marshmallow.

  4. craighill

    i bought the boys set for my nephew and they’re great little clubs, both in quality and color (caolina blue). even better because both of his parents went to dook!

  5. GFWD

    Vacation, schmacation. Some of us are back at the office and look here for some intellectual stimulation and escapism. Get your ass to writing or code wording or updating photos. Quit sleeping in! Smile. Just kidding, but would like some content. Tap into a guest writer or something.


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