flesh is willing, motherboard is weak

Man, what a time for my computer to crap out. We’ve got a huge Rule of Threes Celebrity Deaths (Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett), another utterly bizarre Republican infidelity bombshell, and an entire Middle Eastern country is coming apart at the seams. May I count on you, loyal readers, to make it all make sense?

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  1. Anne

    Maybe I’m getting old and cranky. (Maybe?? Ha ha.) But the spectacle of mass mourning for pop celebrities wearies me. I know people need to do this. It’s just that everyone and his cousin who really never cared about Farah Fawcett or Ed McMahon or Jacko pops up on FB and gossip boards etc. in full black mourning mode. The freakin’ INTERNET nearly crashed last night when the Jackson news broke! I was trying to watch the new Harry Potter trailer online with my kids and a friend, and *whomp* — no nuttin’ for 15-20 minutes. Was this a national emergency?
    That being said, I like the MJ of Thriller and Billie Jean era. Mega talented kid. Too bad he crossed over into lonely freakdom (and god knows what else).

  2. Joanna

    While I generally agree with Anne regarding our celebrity obsession, these losses were ripe with nostalgia for my generation. I loved my Farrah Fawcett head with nearly real hair I could style and a nearly human size gorgeous face I could make-up. I remember the excitement and awkwardness of dancing to Rock with You at a “boy/girl” birthday party in 5th grade and watching the Thriller video with my entire family huddled around the TV.

  3. jje

    Thought of you Ian when I saw this article this morning:
    Jackson, Fawcett deaths: Bad day for Gen X
    I didn’t originate this thought – saw it elsewhere but I think it’s dead-on – it’s a shame that this generation of young people didn’t know Michael when he was truly the King of Pop…and normal.
    That said, even growing up with him, I have to admit that the last 10-15 years color the way I feel about him today. I won’t say much more out of respect for the man and those who truly mourn him. At any rate, the world did lose an undisputed icon in MJ.
    Still a couple of memories…my baby sister was completely in love with MJ as little one. Was going to marry him and everything.
    Rock with You makes me think of skating at the local roller rink. Skates with four wheels. Do they even make those anymore?
    I don’t remember many of my childhood birthday presents, but I do remember getting the Thriller album at my slumber party. I’d be willing to bet I can still sing along to the entire album, and recite Vincent Price’s spooky contribution from memory. I remember watching the video debut of the single on MTV.
    And just this weekend – my mini-reunion weekend in Chapel Hill with two old roommates – I revived a 19 year old MJ inside joke with my pal Diana. On our way up to Chapel Hill, Alien Ant Farm’s version of “Smooth Criminal” came on the radio. We both started laughing because back in the day, for some reason MJ’s version was one of my favorite songs and I used to ask her over and over again if she knew and liked the song (apparently I could never remember I’d already asked her). And every time, without waiting for her answer, I’d sing the only part of the lyrics I knew, “smooooooth crim-in-nal!” (In my defense, it was a fast song and I didn’t have google to look up the lyrics. )To this day, it still cracks us up!

  4. jje

    Kate Gosselin and Gov. Sanford are probably thanking their lucky stars (well, at least Sanford). It’ll be a while before anybody turns the spotlight back on them again.
    If you’ve got crazy on the brain, today is the day to get it out of your system.

  5. Tanya

    OMG – JJE, the first song I ever downloaded off iTunes was Alien Ant Farm’s Smooth Criminal! too funny.
    And Thriller was the first tape I got with my new “boom box” on Christmas Day (whatever year that was)…so I guess MJ sort of ushered me into two major music formats, decades apart.

  6. Bud

    I’m totally with Anne. I just can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm for nostalgia lately. Especially maudlin nostalgia.
    I don’t feel I knew Michael Jackson (the person) AT ALL. Farrah Fawcett, a little; Michael Jackson, zero. Which of course makes him perhaps the ultimate subject of our time for a bio movie. I see Johnny Depp in yet another role-of-a-lifetime.
    That being said… along with “Joy to the World”, “ABC” was one of the first songs I remember kids singing in the neighborhood (summer 1971). I think I even had the record of that song which came on the back of a Honeycomb cereal box (lasted about 1 & 1/2 playings). Like a lot of us, Off the Wall and Thriller were parts of the soundtrack for exciting, emotionally-charged parts of young adulthood.
    And the Alien Ant Farm version of “Smooth Criminal” truly rocks.
    Back to Friday….

  7. CM

    I enjoyed those links people posted. Thank you.
    My college roommate Regina had a famous quote she said in college after Ricky Nelson died and our parents were upset: “It’ll be terrible when soemone from OUR generation dies. Like Michael Jackson. Or Madonna. Or Prince.”

  8. Ian

    jenx and jje, great finds.
    All of us at the Purple House believed “Smooth Criminal” to be the name of a sex act (it involved shaving and humiliation, obviously). Just seems like the sort of day for bizarre fetish humor, doesn’t it?

  9. Sean

    I had a hard time trying to come up with three celebrities who’s coinciding deaths would mean *less* to me, and would still mean something to a lot of people. I came up with Gordon Elliot, Tawny Kitaen and Eddie Vedder, but it took me a while.

  10. Isis

    May I weigh in on Governor Sanford? I know everyone else has moved on, but we in South Carolina are still, what–pissed? reeling? stunned? furious?
    You see, not only was Sanford one of those Republicans who painted himself as a beacon of moral virtue–campaign ads re the importance of his marriage and kids, arguing that other politicians should resign when they break the public trust, etc. (thank goodness the state passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, so that the sanctity of marriage could be upheld by the likes of our guv. . . .) He was also one of those Republicans who fancied himself a fiscal conservative, going on a media blitz to turn down the federal stimulus money–and perhaps thereby secure the Rep nom for 2012–even though our state’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation and our economy flimsy even before the economic downturn.
    Now we find out that he spent state money on the trip where he consummated his affair with a woman who seems, according to the e-mails made public, to have found him equally attractive, God knows why. Personally, I’m pissed because I worked 5 days for free this year, thanks to a mandatory furlough put in my place at my state university, as a means of dealing with a state cut. But less personally, the state’s finances are in the dumper, and he’s pilfering funds?
    I’d insist that the, as a friend of mine says, truculent douchebag resign, but our lieutenant governor is a douchebag even scarier than the guv.
    So where does that leave the state?
    About where we usually are, I guess.

  11. Alan

    Could it be that God noted that Keith Richards kept it to himself and consenting adult? Either that or Keith found the key to human pickling around the time Jack Michaelson was working on “ABC” – you know, I bet he outlives the Queen Mum.

  12. Salem

    Almost every major news and talk show personality read the intimate e-mails of the South Carolina Governor yesterday. I don’t condone his behavior, but he did confess. Isn’t there one major network that would find his private sentiments immaterial?
    I started to wonder if my team was finding a little “mean spirited-ness” in their own new power.
    Then, last night I saw Jesse Jackson on the news, contradicting every documented statement about Micheal Jackson’s health, saying that he looked perfectly healthy. Then, this afternoon I saw a picture of Jesse Jackson on the CNN homepage standing with Micheal Jackson’s abusive father, with the Headline, “Jesse Jackson: Jackson’s want answers”.
    Now I am feeling a little “mean spirited”. Can someone please find a way to to catch Jesse Jackson doing something that will make him go away? How has this man escaped his shameful legacy of exploitation and extortion?
    Sorry. I just had to share.

  13. Schultz

    Agreed Salem. I am waiting for Al “Jack in the Box” Sharpton to emerge from his den and start feeding on the corpse.

  14. wyatt

    W/O MJ, there’d be no Weird Al and “Fat”, or the Lego version of Thriller on YouTube. My kids and I can continue to enjoy those. Yo, ding dong man, ding dong, ding dong yo.


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