don’t go down to doldrum


We are getting to the part of the summer where you will see a small-yet-notable dip in quality of pretty much everything you enjoy. The sandwiches at the deli are made with mayo that is about five minutes from expiring in the heat, and that word you’re looking for is no longer on the tip of your tongue; it melted away a few hours ago. Local news anchors are wearing their “who gives a fuck” suits, and the kids scooping ice cream are daydreaming, thus skimping on the Oreo bits.

The writing is not quite as sharp on your favorite television shows, even on fantastic programs like “The Daily Show”, which will temporarily dip into being merely “very funny”. At the ballet, the grandes jet├ęs aren’t as high, and the oboe player is unconvinced his reed will work. Every job will either take 33% longer, or seem 33% longer, and usually both.

This is not because of any ennui or depression, it’s just the way people must pace themselves. Nobody wants to unfurl their best work in front of an audience that isn’t paying full attention. These are the days of Good Enough, of Nobody Will Notice, of spackle, duct tape and Half-assedry.

With that in mind, here is my blog entry: is this movie poster supposed to subliminally remind of us of the urban legend that John Dillinger had a 3-foot cock?


0 thoughts on “don’t go down to doldrum

  1. Salem's Little Sister

    It doesn’t take subliminal messages to make me think about sex when I look at Johnny Depp.

  2. CM

    I guess the movie should have been titled “The Longest Yard.”
    I wonder if the evidence stood up in court?
    Thanks. I’ll be here all week.

  3. Ruthy

    I had a similar reaction when I saw that movie poster. If I were Johnny Depp, I’d be embarassed.


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