Okay, so today’s CODE WORD question, should you choose to engage it, is this: how much caffeine do you ingest per day?


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  1. Ehren

    Currenlty 40mg, but I’m trying to get back to zero. Obviously, getting up at 6am and going to the gym before work isn’t going to help.

  2. josie

    About 500-700 mg and damned proud of it.
    Surprised to see Red Bull with less caffeine than coffee. That stuff works VERY well.

  3. scruggs

    I fall in the ballpark of 150mg. One nice big cup of coffee in the morning and then a half (sweet) and half (unsweet) tea later in the day.
    Now, if we add in dark chocolate, I may have to revise the #.

  4. jje

    Gave up coca cola and sweet tea years ago (both nectars of the gods, sigh), don’t like coffee, so zero.
    Except, of course, a little chocolate now and then.

  5. The Other Lee

    I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet this morning, so the only answer I can give you is the one that doesn’t involve math – not enough yet

  6. Anne

    Coffee, drip, 8 oz.
    I only recently (in the last half-year) began drinking coffee for the first time since my 20s. I find I really need the bit of a boost — and focus — in the morning now that I’m older.
    Sometimes when I’ve been drinking coffee while I’m stressed, I get GI issues from it and have to stop for a few weeks.

  7. Salem

    I am much better now, than in my restaurant life.
    Now, maybe 300 mg in the morning. Who the hell uses an 8oz cup?
    I used to hit the soda gun all day and kill a pot of coffee at the end of the night. (wow, apparently my previous relationship with caffeine was aggressive.)

  8. Sean Marier

    Hmmmmm…how many ounces are in a Starbucks grande cup?
    I’d guess I have somewhere in the 400-500 mg range on an average day.

  9. Megan

    Formerly: 400-600. Currently: 0-40.
    A raging insomniac like myself has no business swilling coffee every day. Too bad it took me decades to figure that out.

  10. kevin from NC

    I think I am just below 130 a day. I usually have two cups of 1/2 or 2/3 decaf and then have a diet soft drink 2-3 times per week. And yes, who drinks only 8 ounces?
    As I have gotten older, my reaction to caffine has grown stronger… I had to cut it down.

  11. cullen

    During school year, 1 travel cup a day plus occasional soda/chocolate. Morning metabolic ‘coffee kicked in’ for summer is prob’ly some higher plus sweet tea plus DDonuts near house plus longer daylite…I do like, but don’t necessarily stock green tea; REd Bull so grosses me out. OJ and red wine excellent am/pm libations.

  12. Neva

    Ooh ?400?. I didn’t know I was so bad. I usually have 1 to 1/2 travel size cups every am and usually a diet coke in the afternoon. Last time I tried to cut back I got killer headache at the end of the day and it was awful. I do think I’m a bit calmer and less reactive when I keep it to one full cup in the am (rather than almost 2) but I truly cannot think straight without some coffee first thing and the risk of me pouring OJ on the cereal or something like that is pretty high.

  13. Mike V.

    400 – 600mg. 5-6 hours of sleep per night. Sort of like driving on bald tires, maybe, but seems to work most of the time…..zzzzzzz……

  14. chip

    I would say 320 mg for me.
    Two 32 ounce Iced Teas a day at 40 mg per 8 ounces.
    Wife is at 500 to 600 mg/day. Two big cups of coffee (16 oz each) plus 3-4 Diet Cokes.

  15. julie

    Let’s see 2-3 20oz bottles of Diet Coke on a good day puts me in the 170-230mg/day range (which as I just found out from wikipedia is just under a 2 liter bottle). Not as bad as I thought. In the winter, when it’s freezing in my office I usually have green tea or hot chocolate instead of that 3rd DC. During exams (it got worse in grad school), I often downed 2 sometimes 3 2-liter bottles. I don’t drink coffee, and I’m one of those weird girls that really doesn’t eat much chocolate. Wine and cheese are my chocolate I guess.

  16. Bud

    Less than I thought – about 60 grams. That’s from about 32 oz of green tea. I thought Whole Foods’ 365 Cola had caffeine, but not (I knock back about 12 oz of that a day).
    Long ago I drank gallons of Diet Coke, but I now believe Aspertame is poison. The fact that it’s not conclusively proven yet does NOT reassure… I was amazed how much better I felt (most notably how much clearer my thinking became) when I switched (“Your mileage may vary”).

  17. emma

    Looks like just under 200 mg. – one latte from Starbucks (150 mg) in the morning and a diet coke at lunch. I try to go without caffeine after lunch.
    Now I’m off to go get my lunch including my DC.

  18. FreshPaul

    pardon my philistine ignorance, but what’s the difference between “drip” and “brewed” coffee? The filter (or lack thereof)?
    almost like clockwork, 12-16oz every day before noon, none after noon, so ~200mg.
    I had to quit for a few weeks last summer, and it wasn’t so bad. the headaches go away after a few days.

  19. GFWD

    Coffee in a 12 oz. 2005 UNC National Championship mug; approx. 2 diet Cokes. We drink Diet Rite, too, which is sugar free and caffeine-free. I need a 2009 UNC National Championship mug. Anyone in NC near a Hardee’s?

  20. Ian

    Oh, Bud – thanks for asking!
    I have a Fast Lane tea (2 bags) in the morning, which is probably 150mg. If the afternoon is dragging, about 1/4 of the time, I’ll throw in another 100mg, so I think I average about 180mg a day. It’d be way more if I were able to drink coffee without my intestines exploding – caffeine is just unbelievably terrific. Better than any antidepressant (but has little staying power).

  21. Bud

    Huh. You use a lot less caffeine than I’d have guessed.
    I didn’t mention my 5 hour energy usage, which is about twice a month lately, specifically anytime I have to drive a long distance after dark.
    Ever try that stuff? It works for me. My side effects are a little heartburn (and chattiness if I’m with others but usually it’s just me and the dog).


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