taint nothin’ but a grundle


Wow, thanks for all the comments and emails, guys! Lucy and I will spend the weekend looking through them for our first installment. I also have to make sure I catch her in the right mood, because you know how cheeky little tykes are. The fabulous, frustrating thing about really young children is their constant dreamscape, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to get them into the car, but I will truly miss her completely absurd tangents when she decides it’s time to make sense. I hope it’s a long time until then.

It being Friday, and nobody is on the internet anyway, I’ll try and put down what’s been swirling in my head of late. Those easily bored can find respite over at Cute Overload, where a dove is raising some baby bunnies.

1. Meditation – Who the fuck knew thinking about nothing would be so hard? My teacher is great, though, and you can’t beat the science behind it. It’s the Vedic method, using a mantra, and it is forgiving, lax, and chill. Although I did have the first panic attack of my life in the middle of the night last night… apparently a common side-effect of the first-time meditator. More on that as I learn, if anyone’s interested.

2. Mark and Christine renewed their vows… this time in front of friends and family, and even though I was asked to officiate last year, I was honored to make a repeat appearance. The only problem with surprise weddings is who doesn’t get to come, so this was a wonderful bit of equilibrium – especially for their little boy Jack. Can you say you were at your parents’ wedding?


3. BrĂ¼no… man, you have to give it to Sacha Baron Cohen – nobody has contempt for racists and homophobes like he does. That wrestling match scene? Jesus, did any group of people deserve to see that more than that auditorium full of galoots? That’s performance art, ladies and gents!

4. Boogie-boarding… We’ve been living feet from the ocean for three years, but haven’t acted like it until now. Lucy takes this boogie-board class just down the beach, and it looked so fun that Tessa and I bought wetsuits (or more accurately, “springsuits”) for ourselves. I shall not be posting pictures of myself in the springsuit due to the distracting codpiece, but I assure you, fellow countrymen, this pastime is non-stop delightful.

0 thoughts on “taint nothin’ but a grundle

  1. Anne

    Needz moar codpiece. (ha ha)
    Yours is the first complimentary comment I have read about “Bruno” since its release.
    Sorry about the panic attack. I have suffered them randomly since my mid 20s. Now under control due to meds, years of cognitive therapy, and probably menopause.
    Do you have trouble sitting still and focusing your thoughts during meditation? I am a bit ADD and it’s VERY difficult for me.
    Catch a wave, dude.

  2. jane

    i’m *very* interested in your adventures in meditation. part of it is, of course, that i want to hear if it is as hard for you as it was (is, at times) for me.


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