lingering onward dreamily


A few pics from the summer so far…


Lucy running past the camera

first orange on the tree out front – they’ll be ripe by December

the Libovola (new favorite plant)


Lucy plays scrivener on our walkway


patience for the avocado to sprout


the only pumpkin grown in Venice, CA


a yellow monarch fluttered by, and Lucy wanted a picture, so I quickly snapped the shutter and lucked out


the amazing Tessa


Tessa and Lucy contemplate the sunset in Malibu

0 thoughts on “lingering onward dreamily

  1. anon

    if I were a conspiracy theorist I would begin to think there is something fishy about the cropping and “angle” of the Tessa photographs….hmmmmmmmm

  2. jenx67

    Your wife is absolutely beautiful. And, that butterfly. How you managed to get that in focus while it was flying is amazing. Is that for real!? I have an urban garden. I planted two or three pumpkin seeds and the thing has completely taken over the humble patch (Oklahoma) My 2 year old and bread birds picked the blossoms off the tomato plants. I have four foot tall tomato plants and no tomatoes. This is longer than my usual comment. Don’t you hate that – when people have more to say about pictures I post than my brilliant prose. Ha!

  3. Ian

    I’m not sure how the butterfly got in focus – I think I’d already focused on a nearby tree, and the butterfly happened to be the same distance when I whipped the camera up.
    The first buds on a tomato plant are always a problem, but if you lose some and let the leaves grow, the second batch of flowers/tomatoes are twice as yummy because of the leaf growth. Leaves on plant = more flavor. My 4-year-old keeps picking all the mint and chocolate mint leaves in the garden and chewing on them, like Yemeni soldiers chewing khat. It’s crazy.

  4. Deb

    I’m struck awed by that pic of Tessa. It’s stunning. Composition, subject, all of it. Too bad she’s not acting, because this would be a winning headshot.


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