stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before


The debate in the comments section about health care, while lively and interesting, haven’t done much to quell suspicion that lessening suffering among sick Americans isn’t a priority in this country. Every facet of the health care system is a little fiefdom patrolled by either thugs or busybodies doing their level best to keep things from changing, even if the change would ultimately benefit them.

I just wish conservatives would just start saying what they mean – it’d make things so much easier. They should all sign a petition saying “Life sucks. Tough shit. It’s a crazy world, ain’t it? Go fuck yourself.” I would actually applaud that document, as I agree with most of it, and it has the fresh whiff of pure honesty. Then we could begin the debate in earnest, and actually get somewhere.

Zel. M asked “if you’re on a plane and are struck with a life-threatening illness, where do you want the plane to land? If you choose Toronto over New York, you’re lying.” Well, yes, I’d be lying because I have money and I love New York… but back when I didn’t have health care? Roughly 1989-2000? I’d get my ass to Toronto.

You want good health care and a large safety net in case the unspeakable happens? Here’s how to do it:

1. make at least five million dollars

2. make sure nobody takes any of it away from you in taxes

3. buy a shitload of health care, and when they deny your claim, spend $750,000 getting yourself fixed up anyway.

God, it’s so easy! Why haven’t more people thought of this?

Anyway, I don’t give a crap. Today was goddamn miserable. Even though I just flew to Colorado for a wedding (for someone I don’t know), I suffered through the worst migraine of my everfucking life, complete with auras, dizziness, eye splotches and violent nausea. It was so bad that I left my wallet AND keys somewhere at LAX, or on the plane, or wherever, it’s gone. Now I’ve lost my wedding ring, my wallet and my keys over the course of two months. If I felt better, I’d buy an expensive tennis racquet and smash the FUCK out of it against a telephone pole, I’m so pissed off. Of course, I haven’t got a credit card to buy the tennis racquet.