whaddya mean what am i doing


As you might have guessed, I’m in light posting mode until Labor Day, since most of you are off squeezing the last bit of pulp from your summer’s orange. That won’t stop me from putting up some fairly random things each day until we decide to get serious.

Today’s random thing? Click on this image, go to the NYTimes, and then tell me your thoughts. Remember to try all the variables!


0 thoughts on “whaddya mean what am i doing

  1. Ehren

    The older you are, the more tv you watch. But people who have advanced degrees watch less than those with lesser levels of education. So 15 year-olds with PhDs must watch the least amount of tv.

  2. Bud

    When you look at Employed, the Work section looks like a huge gaping mouth, bent on consuming one’s entire life. Yeah, that’s about right… sigh.

  3. craighill

    only 25% of americans over 15 are working @ 4:00? no wonder the average american expects their government to take care of them. no one is willing to work for a fkn living any more. pitiful.


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