two dishes, but to one table


Let us continue Random Summer Countdown™ with some good news, shall we? Of course you remember my brother Sean, his wife Jordana and friend Mac and their theater company Gideon Productions from such delights as 2005’s FLEET WEEK (winner, Best Musical, NYC Fringe 2005), 2006’s frenetic AIR GUITAR, 2007’s disturbingly awesome HAIL SATAN, not to mention the universally lauded “UNIVERSAL ROBOTS” and my personal favorite, “THE FIRST ANNUAL ST. IGNATIUS CHANNUKAH PAGEANT”. They have done it again with this year’s entry into the NYC Fringe Festival, “VIRAL”.


Kent Meister, Matthew Trumbell, Rebecca Comtois, and Amy Lynn Stewart in VIRAL

I have not seen the play – it’s the first Fringe show I’ll have missed – but let’s let the reviewers do the talking:

“dynamic, fun, perceptive” –

“unflinching… uncompromising… harrowing… playwright Mac Rogers, thankfully, doesn’t shy away from following through on the promises made in his new play” – Backstage

**** (4 stars) – Time Out New York

“engrossing… its story lingers well after its final moments.” – THEATERMANIA

“Jordana Williams’ direction is taut and effective. From its opening moments, Viral pulls the audience in and doesn’t let go. It is an immediate and fascinating production. Having now seen several of Mac Rogers’ plays, I think he is destined for great things.” – StageBuzz

“Uncompromising, provocative and often bitterly funny” – Show Showdown

“It’s extremely rare to see a play working so well with so much craft in place” – Greenwich Village Examiner

“…the haunting new work by Mac Rogers” – New York Times

If you’re in or around New York City, the last performance is tonight (tickets sold here). It should sell out quickly, but sometimes you can get lucky by showing up. Either way, GREAT JOB, GUYS!

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