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Yes, there are certainly more profound issues in the world (especially today), but ladies and gents, I need your help. Since “The Strike” and various forms of “Strike” already exist on iTunes, OUR BAND NEEDS A NEW NAME. We’re at the end of our rope with this one, having already dealt with it in 2007, and need to trawl your collective forebrains.


Yes, we know there’s plenty of jokey band names. We need one we can actually use, so nothing in the realm of “The Vaguely Creepy Flight Attendants” or “Cap’n Kokk and his Fantazmik Urethra” or “That Wasn’t a Fart That Was The Chair”. Our band is hard to describe (we’ve heard “Aimee Mann meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers” and “XTC meets Tom Petty”) but we’re the kind of group that needs a name that isn’t much longer than two syllables, if’n you know what I mean. We’re twee enough without the name making us tweer.

Try listening to the song below – I happened to write this one, but both our guitarist and lead singer are gifted songwriters – and see if it conjures something. Or just tell me a band name you always wish existed. If yours gets selected, you get a handwritten love note and CD from the four of us!

I’m a Nine.mp3

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  1. FreshPaul

    I’ve always been a fan of inventing band names out of obscure historical references; only one of them have ever been employed (other than “Adult Situations”, which is cinematic, rather than historic).
    to wit:
    Iron Clad Oath
    the Midnight Judges
    Flapper Pinko
    the Anaconda Plan
    Pleasure Beefsteak (a bit of a stretch).
    et cetera

  2. erica

    I always said if I had a band, it would be Tastes Like Chicken, but alas, I have no musical ability whatsoever and plenty of people have already beaten me to that one.
    I am reading Outliers. You definitely fit the description on that one. Or Outliar for variation…

  3. GFWD

    Sounds a little like a younger light-hearted Joni Mitchell meets Ben Folds.
    Call yourselves “Joni Folds”. People will accept it like “Pink Floyd” and will think that it’s the cute lead singer’s name.
    Or, you can call it:
    Synechdoche (because I still don’t think I understand that word)
    Trouser Snakes
    Quartet (and make fans always wonder where the 4th person is when you’re on stage)
    Tripoly (because you’re only three, but you’re also many)
    Tripoli (snag that precious Marines demographic by dropping the y and adding an i)
    Lutessa (for the two lovely ladies in your life)
    Tessalu (because, technically, you’ve known Tessa longer)
    Zed’s Dead
    Secondary Break
    Wednesday’s Child
    Moose Knuckle
    Less Paul
    Venice Menace (don’t you live near that beach)

  4. chip

    Keeping with the Lucy theme:
    I like cheese
    Since I’m on a Mad Men kick, although it
    will probably get you a Cease and Desist order from
    Sterling Cooper

  5. Jill

    A word I just learned: Orogeny. “(Greek for “mountain generating”) refers to natural mountain building, and may be studied as (a) a tectonic structural event, (b) as a geographical event, and (c) a chronological event.”
    Bonus, it sounds completely dirty and isn’t at all.

  6. josie

    Hmm…I like Ask Lucy, although there may be other offspring to honor….
    It’s got to be hard on a band to have to change its name. You could keep “Strike” and add an adjective…Plucky Strike…Fire Strike…Or, add a word….Strike Three…Strike My Fancy.
    Unrelated, I am WOWed by the many definitions of strike (verb/adjective/noun/idiom). DictionaryDOTcom has no fewer than 88. There’s some good inspiration there.

  7. Joanna

    Of course, I don’t have a suggestion. But, after hearing your song, I’m thinking a little more feminine, a little more wholesome than The Strike.

  8. CM

    Love that song! It rocks and it’s not wussy. And it’s completely original, hard to find these days. (Except for the nod to Bette Davis Eyes, ha ha). I love the line:
    Look at what you did
    Anyway…band name? I don’t know. Piggy’s Asthma?

  9. Ehren

    I’ve always liked “Sheepish” for a shoegaze band, and I’ve wanted to see a math rock band named “Cassini Division” for a while. The Cassini Division is the dark gap between the A and B rings of Saturn.

  10. xuxE

    this track reminds me of interplanet janet from schoolhouse rock, so i thought of:
    galaxy girl
    the other tracks have a kind of innocent quality so with the xtc reference how about:
    or maybe:
    dame fortune

  11. jje

    Wow – love that song! Very catchy – think it’s going to be in my head the rest of the day (but in a good way, not an ear worm way!).

  12. Anne

    Unclaimed Assets
    Narrative Ark
    Bowwow Theory
    (“In linguistics, the idea that language began when humans imitated animal noises or other natural sounds.”)
    The Autodidacts
    Noble Savage

  13. Bliss Broyard

    Nico has two names for rock bands that he’s been storing up for just such an occasion. They are:
    Saddest Faction
    The Ragged Claws
    (I vote for the first one… Not that I don’t like Eliot.)
    Hope all is well! Bliss

  14. ken

    I have a Word document brimming with potential band names, most of which I’m saving but I’ll give you a few.
    Visqueen (appeals to your Anglophilic side)
    Fogboy or Fog Boy (Kinda like Foghat but funnier)
    Boots McGoo (another Brit reference)

  15. kent

    Do what the big boys do, add a location to your name, e.g. Charlatans UK, The Verve UK…
    The Venice Strike
    And maybe a bit too hippy dippy but
    Ozone Way

  16. Tammy O.

    The name I’ve coveted for my fantasy, all-girl punk band is Tramp Stamp. But I don’t think that will work for you, Ian.
    Band of Koi popped into my head on the subway, and I quite like it.
    Also, for some reason, The Strike made me think of Elizabeth Bishop, and I’m surprised by how many titles of her poems would make great band names:
    Jeronimo’s House
    The Shampoo
    Filling Station
    Crusoe in England (way too twee, but a great name!)
    The Moose
    Pleasure Seas
    The Wit (I like this one!)

  17. Caitlin

    My brother’s “band” in high school (they could not actually play any instruments, but hung around in the basement anyway) was called Bitter Vengeance. It’s yours if you want it.

  18. jje

    I’ve got it! The Gingersnaps!
    Wait, apparently much like The Mulligrubs, this is already a band – in fact, a central NJ based metal/hardcore band. Go figure…
    How about –
    (gal-li-maw’-free) n. a hodgepodge, jumble; a mixture of diverse things [From French galimafrée “a stew, hash, ragout,” from galer “to make merry” + mafrer “to eat heartily.”]
    Huh. Apparently that’s a band in the UK.
    Okay, what about –
    Scotch Woodcock
    (skoch’ wood’-kok) n. buttered toast spread with anchovy paste with creamy soft-scrambled eggs on top.
    No, forget it – that’s a Candian DJ. NO WAIT, wait, it’s this band:
    *snort* Well, that’s a hard act to follow, isn’t it? Bet you don’t have cool hats like those. And if you don’t like it…well, they kindly ask you go suck a railroad spike.
    Okay, I’m going to keep trying…
    Let’s try The Turophiles:
    (toor’-oh-file, tyoor’-oh-file) n. a connoisseur of cheese; a cheese fancier. [from Greek tyros “cheese” + philos “loving.”]
    Goodness, already claimed as well! I am better at naming bands than I thought. I was going to offer up The Abecedarians, but yes, also a real band. Holds true for The Micawbers and The Chiliad as well.
    Might I offer the Scions of Opprobrium? According to google, this is available. Shocking.
    Or how about Aeolian Foofaraw?
    No thanks necessary. Really. ;-)

  19. Emily B

    You could borrow my kid’s band name (formed in last year’s 2nd grade afterschool care, but now defunct): The Flame

  20. kmeelyon

    Heh. I kid of liked Collective Forebrains.
    Or how many of you are there? Collective Fourbrains? Collective Threebrains?
    I know you wanted two syllables.
    Twee Enough?

  21. MarkC

    When I was at UNC I had a good friend who always talked starting a band and naming it “Vacation Bible School.” I don’t think he ever did that, and that name gives you a ton of free advertising (at least down South).

  22. Bill

    Letters to McClellan
    (inside joke here at work; I can provide the details if requested, but the mystery is better, isn’t it?)


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