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Yes, there are certainly more profound issues in the world (especially today), but ladies and gents, I need your help. Since “The Strike” and various forms of “Strike” already exist on iTunes, OUR BAND NEEDS A NEW NAME. We’re at the end of our rope with this one, having already dealt with it in 2007, and need to trawl your collective forebrains.


Yes, we know there’s plenty of jokey band names. We need one we can actually use, so nothing in the realm of “The Vaguely Creepy Flight Attendants” or “Cap’n Kokk and his Fantazmik Urethra” or “That Wasn’t a Fart That Was The Chair”. Our band is hard to describe (we’ve heard “Aimee Mann meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers” and “XTC meets Tom Petty”) but we’re the kind of group that needs a name that isn’t much longer than two syllables, if’n you know what I mean. We’re twee enough without the name making us tweer.

Try listening to the song below – I happened to write this one, but both our guitarist and lead singer are gifted songwriters – and see if it conjures something. Or just tell me a band name you always wish existed. If yours gets selected, you get a handwritten love note and CD from the four of us!

I’m a Nine.mp3