dog runs secondary break, film at 11


Okay, so nobody liked my movie from yesterday? FINE. Let’s try another, this time a commercial from AT&T featuring Lucy’s favorite human being not in our family, Tyler Hansborough:


Points of interest:

:01 – All shot in Chapel Hill, I believe. The flyer mentions Poplar St., which is in Carrboro, but since Tyler is from Poplar Bluffs, Missouri…

:08 – guy texting at a information board (set up by the producers, not actually there) just to the side of Old West Dorm. South Building in the background, with Playmakers visible behind stop sign (also probably fake). See here

:11 – and there’s Tyler with “friends” at Time-Out! At first I thought it was Sutton’s, but upon closer inspection, I smelled the chicken bones. Note local girl looking straight at the camera.

:14 – if they actually did all shots in Chapel Hill, I believe that’s the 2nd floor of Chi Omega. Ask me how I know.

:15 – fakest shot of the whole commercial. At first glance looks like Dook, but since they Photoshopped the trademark “five bars” motif into the background, I think it’s the church by the Morehead building, copied and enlarged five times. Notice the sloppy Photoshop job on the roof tiles.

:17 – girl is walking towards downtown, on the school side of Franklin Street, right in front of the President’s House. The sign for Battle Lane is obscured behind her, as is our house at Club 510, where Salem and I GOT ALL OF YOU DRUNK. See here for bird’s-eye view.

:21 – Tyler: “We found the dog? FUCK YEAH!”

:25 – here’s your inside joke, Carolina fans! The house number reads 112, and they’re at the Chi O house on Franklin – and 112 Franklin Street is actually He’s Not Here. The reverse angle on the next shot shows that weird little stone house on the corner of Franklin and Hillsborough.

:27 – That’s our guy! Love the “Basketball” shirt. Kind of like those sweatshirts that say “COLLEGE”.

Best part about this ad? It’s totally believable. I really do think Tyler Hansborough could find Lucy’s dog for her. Huzzah!

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    It is absolutely the Chi-O house! Notice the lined up owls behind Tyler on the porch. The owl is our symbol! Now why would they pick the ugliest house in Chapel Hill for that scene? And I can say that because I was a UNC Chi O.

  2. Anne

    Too much UNC insider stuff for me to appreciate, but I do love that commercial and am glad to have some background on it. :-) I love ads that tell an actual story.

  3. Ian

    Okay, Lucy just made me play this for the twelfth time, and she STILL can’t see the ending without blushing, hiding under my arm, or running out of the room. This video proves EVERYTHING SHE HAS LONG SUSPECTED about him.

  4. Rebecca

    My only complaint is that the dog is named Sarah. That’s my daughter’s name! Otherwise, it’s awesome, and brought tears to my eyes. God, I’m a sap!

  5. kjf

    do you ever wonder what you will do if lucy decides NOT to go to carolina? (not that i think that will happen, but i’m just sayin’)

  6. Zel M.

    Thanks for clearing this up for me. I thought it was Chapel Hill, but the Chapel of the Cross thing threw me.
    Not that you needed independent confirmation of the friends eating at Time Out, but at :10 if you look above the hood on the guy on the left, you can make out a time out gesture in the picture on the booth. And is that Andy Katz hanging out with Tyler and the boys?
    Also, at :25 there is a nice touch with the bars motif with the pottery on the Chi O porch.

  7. ms four

    And here’s the conversation inspired by this commercial:
    4 year old: “Is Dook bad, Mommy?”
    Me: “Yes, Dook is bad, in basketball.”
    4 year old: “Why are they bad, Mommy?”
    Me: “Uh, because they are Republicans.”

  8. Gary

    Thanks for the analysis of the commercial. I spent 11 years in Chapel Hill but still completely missed the AT&T bars on the Chapel of the Cross walkway until you pointed them out. I was betting I could find more. Check out the stack of cups at 0:11. They mostly cropped them out of the picture, but they are unmistakably AT&T!
    Gary – now in Atlanta – UNC 1974


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