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  1. kent

    Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Maybe it’s just me, but not knowing Denver that well, it always seemed rather charmless the few times I’ve briefly been there.
    And I’d be all over the thrift stores, music shops and pawn shops. If I recall correctly, Denver has a lot of pawns.

  2. monheric

    Get out of town. :-)
    Boulder, Red Rocks, Pike’s Peak, national parks.
    Gosh, if you weren’t Lefty McLeftyPants I’d say have a fresh Coors in Golden (the only place I’ve ever had one).

  3. josie

    I would say take a drive up Mt. Evans, but I see from trying to provide you with a link, that it is closed for 2009. Bummer.
    In all my years of camping/hiking I have never seen more wildlife than I did DRIVING up the paved road on Mt. Evans. Wild.

  4. Hamp

    As an NPS employee, I’d recommend not staying in Denver too long. Drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park, or down to Fossil Beds. If you’ve got more than a day to get out of town, drive down to Mesa Verde, and when you get back in the evening, turn on Ken Burn’s new pbs show on the National Parks.

  5. alyson

    I was in Denver for a few days last summer. Their Natural History Museum is pretty good, and we LOVED going to Red Rocks, which is an easy drive from the city.

  6. Sean M

    My old stomping grounds! I’d definitely hit the Cherry Cricket for a burger and do the Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park drive as others have mentioned. Red Rocks too. There’s a spot nearby there that’s one of the last areas in the country where wild buffalo still roam (oh, a give me a home…), GOogle that and try to check it out.
    There’s also a really neat Butterfly Museum in Westminster that I bet Lucy would love.
    And lots of great little bars/pubs on Colfax between Capitol Hill and City Park.


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