0 thoughts on “your handy american political flowchart

  1. Anne

    Yet I still have hope, and I believe millions of other Americans do, too. (Yes, I get that the chart is exaggerated for comic/tragic effect.) ;-)

  2. Ehren

    Listened to part of an interview in the car yesterday with a historian who wrote a book about Clinton as his presidency was winding down. Going back over his notes more recently as he put the book together, he saw that Clinton was complaining about having to deal with a guy named Osama Bin Laden and assassination attempts in the Middle East at the height of the impeachment hearings. I have never felt the full impact of what a waste of time that was until hearing that.

  3. herman

    well, right now the demoralized apathetic &c populace apparently hopes the Polanski catch will make life much better…
    and next month another spectacle…

  4. Tiny Dancer

    Now there are outraged Conservatives who are spending all of their hard earned money on teabags made in China and posterboard made in India. They don’t even see the irony in that.


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