boy with impaired vision sails above 10K


Today in Crazy News!

1. Boy in Balloon Actually in Attic! – After snooping around online about this particular family, I kind of feel for them… especially the dad, who is a quixotic nut of my own variety. In other words, perfect fodder for those who think the whole thing was a publicity stunt. My verdict? Sometimes a total dork is just a total dork.

2. The Dow is Back Over 10,000 Again! – Yes, I know it can still come crashing down in a big heap, but do I still get credit for my email to Tessa on March 7 saying I “felt bullish” and it was time to buy buy buy?


Or did my momma not pay enough attention to me?

3. LASIK might have screwed you up! Now, this one I absolutely must take issue with. I know lots of people with LASIK, and while my observations are purely anecdotal and unscientific, they all love it. As for me, it might be the best thing I did in the entire 1990s (a pretty low bar, but still…)

Yes, I had dry eyes for some time, and occasionally I still need to buy Refresh™ Tears Brand Eye Drops. And there are halos around some lights at night, especially while driving. But those have largely abated, and you know what I’m left with? 20/15 vision for the last decade, after a lifetime of looking for my glasses and loathing contact lenses to the migraine point. I can read aspirin instructions held by people in their rooms next door.

If you’re thinking of LASIK, sure, do the research, but MAN has it been awesome.

That’s my dispatch on today’s events, and yours?

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  1. LFMD

    On 10/22, my husband and I will have been married for 15 years. 15 years! Whew. I equate it to having run a marathon. Aside from all the Hallmark cliches, marriage can be quite trying at times as life throws its usual bag of challenges into the mix. We have had our highs and our lows together, but we MADE IT, and we have built a strong foundation for our daughter. And we continue to be in love and love each other. I am proud of us.
    Tim and I are going away for the weekend to celebrate.

  2. CL

    Congrats, LFMD!!!!
    Hey, if you are going to Maine, I may see you there!
    Damn fall leaves better not fall off the damn trees.

  3. michelle

    LASIK is the. best. thing I’ve ever done for myself. Period. I mean, other than fall in love with the right guy (finally) and not managing to enjoy cigarettes when I was 13 no matter how much I tried. LASIK transformed my life. I don’t even want to read negative stuff about it. I think the key is going to a superlative doctor, which I did, at UC Berkeley.

  4. Bill

    Unlurking for a moment.
    As I’ve previously noted here, I work for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. I’m not pro or anti LASIK. It is a procedure is that is right for some and not right for others.
    Start your research here:
    Presents what we hope is a balanced view of the surgery, with things to consider, questions to ask, etc.
    Note: the Academy is working with the FDA on this study.

  5. Julie

    Without a shadow of a doubt – LASIK is the best decision I ever made. I wish I had gotten over my fear earlier, but better late than never. And, to Michelle’s point, I chose a premier doc. Never had any dry eyes, and I had halos before, so the reduced version I have now is no big deal.

  6. asd

    will cut and paste url. not hard.
    agree a dork is a dork… but to be on wife swap AND try to pitch your family to TLC for a show???


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