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Having internet problems here at the farm in upstate NY, so must resort to CODE WORD question… say… what are you going to be for Halloween this year?

Please say you’re going to be something.

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  1. CM

    Little Orphan Annie. We need a note of optimism in these times.
    I still don’t have anything special to do on Halloween, though. It’s a Saturday! Must think of a way to celebrate.

  2. Sarah

    Chicago’s failed 2016 Olympic bid. (It was either that or Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, but I don’t want to get beaten up).

  3. Paul G

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Box Tortugas!
    At the Las Tortugas Music Festival in Yosemite.
    Cardboard boxes for shells.
    Have fun, Gosselins, and everybody else!

  4. Kevin In Philadelphia

    Don Draper. Essentially I am just going to wear what I would normally wear for work, and constantly have a drink in my hand.

  5. Megan

    I have to work until 7 on the 31st, which bums me out to no end. I’m going to dash home and hand out some candy dressed as a harried librarian.

  6. Piglet

    I’m going to be wearing a grey Cardinals shirt, kakhi shorts, sunglasses, and a dark blue bandana with white stars.
    I will also be carrying two hand-lettered cardboard signs. 10 points and a chance at the prize behind the door to the first person to deduce what the signs say….

  7. Sarah

    Emma — I wasn’t sure, which is partly why I decided on the other, but I don’t even have the details of that one figured out. I suppose one could dress as Obama, make a fake Nobel medal, and wear a sign that says “Not George Bush”. :)

  8. joanna_simoni

    kate, don’t forget your CZ!
    I think I’m going to join the masses of teenage girls and go vampire, after a year that found me reading teen vampire romance by day, watching campy vampire porn by night.

  9. David

    I think Kevin already took my idea, but I’m tempted by Sassy Vampire.
    Since it’s going to be on a Saturday, I will offer Harvest Ale to adults. Kids get tootsie pops and other egg/peanut-free treats.
    If you are near Havertown, I’ll pour you glass.

  10. Ehren

    I’m going to rig up some sort of kid’s little red riding hood outfit with a witch’s mask and a butcher knife to my person, and bank on my own vaguely Donald Sutherlandesque aspect to be the ending of DON’T LOOK NOW. I seem to always go for costumes that are difficult to guess, but at least this one will look macabre even if you’re unfamiliar with the film.


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